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One of the must-have accessory trends right now is surprisingly low-key: a versatile and hands-free belt bag (also called a fanny pack), like the Lululemon Everywhere belt bag that’s meant to be worn basically everywhere. The coveted Lululemon Belt Bag is a top choice — but it’s pricey at $38 — which is why we’re rounding up the best Lululemon belt bag dupes we’ve seen, including Lululemon belt bag dupes on Amazon.

At $38 plus tax, the price of the Lululemon belt bag isn’t nearly as expensive as most of the other products from the brand. Unfortunately, it’s so popular that it’s almost constantly sold out, so consumers who want one are often paying more (up to $100 and sometimes more) on sites like Poshmark. (Looking to save on Poshmark? We’ve got you).

PRO TIP: If you’re wondering when Lululemon belt bags are restocked, check the Lululemon site every Tuesday, where we’ve gotten lucky with availability. We have more Lululemon hacks to make shopping easy.

If the Lulu price tag is out of your budget, the good news is that there are a lot of Lululemon bag dupes out there that are not only readily available but are also cheaper and often come in a slew of different colors. I searched through them to find the best matches at the most inexpensive prices. Here are the best dupes I found:

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Lululemon Belt Bag Dupes

1. Ododos Unisex Mini Belt Bag

One of the most popular Lululemon bag dupes on Amazon, this ODODOS Mini Belt Bag for $18.98 is nearly identical to the Everywhere bag and comes in at a much lower price point. The standard price is $18.98, although it has been known to go on sale. It comes in a huge variety of colors and is the same dimensions as the Everywhere bag, with a similar thick adjustable strap. You’ll save nearly $20 by opting for this Amazon favorite.


2. Pander Everywhere Fanny Pack

The Pander Everywhere Fanny Pack, $21.99 at Amazon, looks almost exactly the same as the Lululemon Everywhere bag — it even features a logo on the lower corner. The prices range from $21.99 to $24.99, depending on which color you go for. It features similar pockets and a thick adjustable strap.


3. Lanul Belt Bag

Almost the same size as the Luluelmon Everywhere bag with a similar pocket setup, the Lanul Belt Bag, $14.99 on Amazon, is another great option. It’s one of the cheaper choices out there, comes in a lot of different colors, and has a clean and minimalist look without a logo.

$14.99 $16.99 (12% Off)

4. Wild Fable Fanny Pack

Lululemon sells belt bags other than the Everywhere option: a similar choice is their Clean Lines Belt Bag ($58, Lululemon). The Wild Fable Fanny Pack ($15, Target) is such a popular dupe for this one that it’s almost completely sold out on the Target website (although you might have more luck in stores). For just $15, this one is nearly 75% off the price of the Lululemon original. It’s made of a different material but is a similar shape and is just as functional with a front and top zipper. Bonus: right now, it’s marked down to $12, making it 20% off.



5. MeyFancy Everywhere Belt Bag

The MeyFancy Everywhere Belt Bag ($15.99, Amazon) is an inexpensive alternative to the Lululemon Everywhere bag. It looks almost identical and is also waterproof with an adjustable strap. It comes in seven colors.



6. Zorfin Fanny Pack with Zipper

With its front zipper and more square shape, the Zorfin Fanny Pack ($21.97, Amazon) is almost a mix of the Lululemon Everywhere bag and the Clean Slate bag. It’s currently on sale from its normal price of $24.99 and is a much cheaper alternative to the Clean Slate bag, which is nearly $60.

$19.98 $24.99 (20% Off)

We can never get enough of Lululemon’s We Made Too Much Deals.


7. Orianu Everywhere Belt Bag

If you really want to save, the Orianu Everywhere Belt Bag ($12.99, Amazon) might be the cheapest alternative to the Lululemon Everywhere bag out there. All five available shades are only $12.99. One reviewer dubbed it “the perfect dupe.”

$12.99 $13.99 (7% Off)

8. UTO Fanny Pack

Another dupe for the Clean Lines bag is the UTO Fanny Pack ($19.99, Amazon). You’ll save about $20 on this one, and the square shape, the size, and the adjustable band are all very similar.


9. Inicat Small Crossbody Sling Bag

For a different shape, opt for the Inicat Small Crossbody Sling Bag ($16.89 – $37.89, Amazon). Prices range with the color you choose: some shades, like light blue, are as low as $23.89, while more basic neutrals, like black, are $26.89.

As low as $26.69

Here are a few more Lululemon knockoffs for your shopping pleasure.


10. WaterFly Fanny Pack Waist Bag

A cheaper alternative to the Lululemon Wunderlust Belt Bag is the WaterFly Fanny Pack Waist Bag ($20.99, Amazon), which is nearly $40 cheaper. It has a similar look with a more narrow shape and zippered front pockets and can be worn multiple ways.

$20.99 $25.59 (18% Off)


11. Universal Thread Zip Closure Fanny Pack

The All Night Micro Festival Bag Zip Top ($68, Lululemon) is a great, roomy bag, but it also comes in at a fairly steep price point of nearly $70. The Universal Thread Fanny Pack ($20, Target) is a less expensive option. It’s about a 70% savings and is a similar U-shape with a front zipper.


12. Zorfin Fanny Pack

A near-perfect dupe for the Lululemon Everywhere bag, this Zorfin Fanny Pack ($17.98, Amazon) is a cheaper option at just under $20. It’s a similar size and shape with the same minimalist look and comes in a wide variety of colors.

$15.98 $16.98 (6% Off)

13. Hiyolala Everywhere Belt Bag

Another great Everywhere bag dupe is the Hiyolala Everywhere Belt Bag ($11.99, Amazon), which looks almost exactly the same and has adjustable straps. It’s a good price, but it only comes in one color (black), so if you want more options, some of the other choices on this list might be better.

$9.99 $11.99 (17% Off)

14. Travelon World Travel Essentials Convertible Sling/Waist Pack

The Travelon World Travel Waist Pack ($20, Amazon) is a fair dupe for the Lululemon Wunderlust Belt Bag. It has a similar shape and front pocket, and it’s almost $40 cheaper. It’s a versatile option, but this one only comes in black.

As low as $15.06 $20.00 (25% Off)

15 Lululemon Belt Bag Dupes at Considerably Cheaper Prices