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For years now, whenever I got a scratchy throat, I always ordered a Starbucks Medicine ball from the Starbucks secret menu. Eventually it was so popular that Starbucks added it to the official menu as the “Honey Citrus Mint Tea” on their Green Tea menu.

We’ve dug deep and found everything you need to know about the Medicine Ball Starbucks drink, including how to order it, how you can make it at home, and the benefits of drinking it.

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What is the Medicine Ball Starbucks drink?

person holding a large starbucks hot beverage in store

The Medicine Ball Starbucks drink was a Starbucks secret menu item that was added to the official menu in 2017. It has also been called the Starbucks Coldbuster, since the mint in the tea has been said to open the nasal passage and clear sinuses.

This drink is made up of Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea, steamed lemonade, and honey. You can also ask for a pump of peppermint for even more mint flavor.

Although prices vary by region, you’ll generally pay $3.15 for a short, $3.25 for a tall, $3.95 for a grande, and $4.45 for a venti.


How do I order a Starbucks Medicine Ball?

a person holding a cellphone with the starbucks app with honey citrus mint drink order on screen

Ordering a Medicine Ball on the Starbucks app is easy. All you need to do is go to the “Hot Tea” section of the app, hit “Green Tea,” and click on the “Honey Citrus Mint.”

If you want to order the Medicine Ball in person, just ask for a “Honey Citrus Mint” by name.


How do I make the Medicine Ball recipe at home?

diy starbucks medicine ball drink with tea, honey, and lemonade on counter

You could save money (and fight the rising Starbucks prices) by making a Medicine Ball at home. Just buy a few ingredients from Amazon! Here’s the recipe:

Just make your Jade Citrus Mint and Peach Tranquility tea in the same cup, add a packet of lemonade and a teaspoon of honey, and you’ll have your own Coldbuster at home.

With this amount of ingredients, you can make around 15 Medicine Balls at home (with extra lemonade packets left over), so each one will cost you about $2.59/drink. That’s 18% cheaper than the short-size price at Starbucks.


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What are the benefits of the Medicine Ball drink?

holding a starbucks drink near a box of cold medicine and tissues on nightstand

While the Medicine Ball is not the healthiest drink on the Starbucks menu because of all the sugar (30 grams), lots of people who suffer from cold, flu, or allergy symptoms swear by it, and for good reason. The ingredients of the Medicine Ball at Starbucks provide some health benefits.

  • Lemonade: Contains immune-system-supporting Vitamin C
  • Honey: Cough suppressant that’s rich in antioxidants
  • Jade Citrus Mint: Increases immunity, aids in weight loss, and improves heart health
  • Peach Tranquility: Improves the integrity of your blood vessels, aids in weight loss, and has anti-inflammatory properties




How to Order the Starbucks Medicine Ball Drink (& Why You Should)