I have to admit, in addition to being a Krazy Coupon Lady, I’m also a bit of an online shopaholic. I love checking my favorite sites, finding the latest sales and, of course, scoring a deal without having to leave my house! However, as much as I love finding the best deals online, I have to admit that I hate having to search each site individually for the items that I want. And when I do find them, I usually have to place multiple orders and pay shipping costs at each store. In the end, I usually end up wasting time and money and feel guilty for spending too much! Fortunately, I no longer have to deal with any of that because now when I shop online, I turn to the shopping website MySupermarket, which does all of the work for me.

What is MySupermarket?

MySupermarket is an online shopping site that searches eight of the top online retailers to find you the best prices on grocery and household items. The site, which started in the UK in 2006 and launched in the US last year, is similar to the travel sites Kayak and Trivago but is the first of its kind in the grocery arena.

How does it work?

Once you’re on the MySupermarket site, you can start shopping as you normally would. Browse products by category—such as snacks, pets, beverages and household—or simply do a search for the items that you’re looking for. Every time you view an item or category, you’ll be shown all of the choices available at the eight retailers so you can clearly see which item is the best deal. Next, fill up your cart and check out! Your cart can have items from just one or two stores or even from all eight. Either way, you’ll only have to check out one time!

What stores does MySupermarket compare?

The list of stores that they currently compare include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, Walgreens, Soap, Diapers and Drugstore.com. However, MySupermarket is always looking to add new retailers, so new ones may be available in the near future.

Can I still use store coupon codes when shopping through MySupermarket?

As a Krazy Coupon Lady, one of the first questions that I had about MySupermarket was whether or not I could use store coupons. Fortunately, the answer is yes! Once you have reached the "confirm order" page towards the end of the checkout process, you’ll have the option to input any store promo codes, and the discount will be taken off of your total.

Who actually fulfills my order?

You may be wondering how the order process actually works if you have items in your cart from multiple stores—it’s actually quite simple. Once you’ve placed your order, MySupermarket sends all of your information through a secure server to each of the retailers, who actually fulfills and ships your order. You’ll then receive any updates or shipping confirmation emails directly from the retailers, as you normally would.

What about shipping costs?

Although MySupermarket always takes shipping costs into consideration when showing you the best deals, and tries to eliminate those costs when they can, sometimes it just isn’t possible. However, if your cart totals more than $75 and MySupermarket hasn’t found a way to eliminate those shipping costs, they’ll reimburse you for them by giving you cash back.

Does MySupermarket have any other features?

Yes! In addition to simply finding the best available deals, MySupermarket also offers shoppers exclusive cash-back offers! As you’re browsing products, you may notice a cash-back icon on certain items. This cash back is earned once you have completed your order, and it will go into your cash back account, which can then be transferred to you via Paypal. MySupermarket shoppers are eligible to receive up to $40 cash back in one shop and up to $60 in one calendar month. Another perk that the site offers is their swap and save feature, which lets you know how much money you would save if you chose a different product. For example, while shopping for coffee, I selected a bag of Dunkin Donuts ground coffee for $7.28. Once I added it to my cart, MySupermarket’s swap-and-save window popped up, alerting me to the fact that I would save over $2.00 if I chose Gevalia instead! After adding about six items to my cart, and swapping a few of those for less-expensive options, my total came out to be approximately 20% less than if I had purchased all of those same items at one store. Additionally, I earned $3.00 cash back on top of that! The best prices in one place—plus cash back—is definitely online shopping that won’t leave me feeling guilty the next day!

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