I have a love/hate relationship with app updates.

Sometimes the apps get prettier or more useful, and sometimes the update turns a once-awesome service into a buggy nightmare!

These seven apps changed the way I shop, and they’ve changed from the inside too. So I’ve tracked down all the need-to-know updates on these game-changer apps that’ll save you money.


1. Ibotta’s new design makes earning rebates easier.

Ibotta recently released a major update, making the user experience much simpler.

Now you can redeem rebates without scanning every barcode, and the app learns which stores and deals will likely interest you.

Users already report earning more cash back, faster — making this update a major win!

(In case you missed it, check out my in-depth overview of 15 Things You’re Going to Freaking Love About the New Ibotta App.)


2. The Krazy Coupon Lady App now lets you add Ibotta rebates.

Speaking of Ibotta, our app now integrates with your Ibotta account so you can add rebates from inside the KCL App!

We’re making couponing like a pro easier than ever.


3. Paribus now gives you kickbacks on late Amazon Prime and Walmart.com shipments.

Paribus just took their kickback game to the next level. You probably know they scan your receipts and automatically file claims when they find a lower price, paying you 100% of the difference.

Now, the same applies to late Amazon Prime and Walmart.com shipments. They’ll monitor guaranteed shipping dates from your online orders and automatically file a claim if they’re late.

You’ll reap 100% of these kickbacks, which could be anything from store credit, to full or partial refunds. Woot!

Best part? Paribus is now 100% free.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.


4. Checkout51 is finally rolling out PayPal transfers as an alternative to checks.

I love Checkout51, but requesting a rebate check via snail mail kind of irks me.

So when I saw that they were finally rolling out PayPal cash-outs, I nearly got up and danced for joy!

Receiving my payout still takes longer than with other PayPal integrated apps like Ibotta, but I’m thrilled with their progress!



5. Receipt Hog now lets you earn perks with Amazon, plus at restaurants and gas stations.

As part of their big update earlier this year, Receipt Hog lets you earn rewards by connecting your Amazon account and by uploading receipts from previously non-qualifying vendors like gas stations, restaurants, bars, cafes, and bakeries

They also cleaned up the user experience and expanded redemption options to include magazine subscriptions.


6. Now Key Ring finds you the best local price on specific products.

I always loved Key Ring for being an elegant alternative to carrying around 20+ store loyalty cards in my purse.

But in January, an awesome update made the app even more valuable.

Now I can follow stores (regardless of if I have a loyalty card), easily locate trending and nearby deals, plus search for specific products and locate the best price in my area. (Slow clap. Thank you Key Ring!)


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7. Say goodbye to Target’s Cartwheel app! (But not totally…)

Target is shaking up their app strategy with plans to merge features from the Cartwheel app with the main Target app.

Yes, this means Cartwheel will eventually go away, but hopefully our favorite features will live on after the overhaul!

Plus, Target revealed plans to introduce a mobile pay option in late 2017/early 2018. Fingers crossed for this major pivot!


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New and Improved: These 7 Game-Changer Apps Got Major Updates