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The Nugget foam couch set is one of those holy grail kids’ products that’s talked about so much that you start to wonder if it could really be as good as it seems. At $249, it’s also not the cheapest kids’ item you’ll ever buy. But that’s when the best Nugget alternative options come in to save the day and your bank account.

We rounded up the best Nugget couch alternatives to help you save some money. These lesser-known brands are just as well reviewed as well as in stock right now.


Two kids playing on a Nugget foam play couch

What is the Nugget Play Couch?

The Nugget comes with four foam pieces: a base, a cushion, and two triangular pillows. These are meant to be used to create any kind of play structure your kids want. However, four pieces isn’t a lot, and many parents say that in order to really make fun structures, you actually need to purchase two Nugget sets, which comes out to a total price of $500. Of course, you don’t have to buy two Nugget sets, but a lot of parents say one set isn’t enough.

Since $500 (or even $249) is quite a bit of money to spend on foam cushions that your kids will inevitably destroy as best they can, here’s a look at some Nugget alternatives that are either a lot cheaper or offer more for the money.


1. Yourigami Folding Convertible Kids and Toddler Play Couch

The first Nugget alternative is this Yourigami Folding Convertible Kids and Toddler Play Couch, ($199.99, Kohl’s). It comes in three colors, blue, gray and green — and similar to the original Nugget, features four modular pieces, four squares and two triangle cushions. Did we mention this Nugget alternative also has removable zip covers that are machine washable and dryable? Plus, at Kohl’s, you get free shipping.

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2. Huddle Customizable Kids Play Foam Couch

Another favorite Nugget alternative is this Huddle Customizable Kids Play Foam Couch ($129, Walmart) which can be customized into so many different styles making it an ultimate playroom must have. With this priced as low as $129 for the Pink color, but you can also grab it in Blue or Gray for just $139. This one is sure to be a hit and with this low price would also make a great option to give as a special gift idea for any little one.

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3. The Sam’s Club Nugget Alternative: Members’ Mark Kids’ Explorer Sofa

The Sam’s Club version of the Nugget is the Members’ Mark Kids’ Explorer Sofa ($189.98, Sam’s Club). With this priced at $190, you’ll save about $60. This one is a pretty in-demand alternative, as it’s often out of stock in several colors, but it’s a great choice. It’s extremely similar to the Nugget, and the covers can be removed and washed just like the Nugget covers.

Shipping: Free for Plus Members

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4. Foamnasium Blocksy Kids’ 4-Piece Couch

The Foamnasium Blocksy ($249.99, Amazon) is admittedly the same price as the Nugget. Still, it’s one of the best Nugget subsitutes out there if you’re looking for an item that looks exactly the same as the Nugget and the Nugget itself is either out of stock or has too long of a wait time to ship. Made up of two wedge cushions and two folding bases, it’s almost identical to the Nugget. It’s also made of washable vinyl that’s easy to clean.


5. FDP Softscape Toddler Playtime Corner Climber

If you’re looking for something fun that takes up a lot less space than the Nugget, the FDP Softscape Toddler Playtime Corner Climber ($159.99, Amazon) is currently on sale for $127.14. That’s over a $120 savings from the Nugget. It comes with four small foam pieces that allow little ones to climb and play and can be snugly tucked into a corner when not in use.



6. The Foamnasium Blocksy Mini

Another smaller option for parents who are trying to save money is the Foamnasium Blocksy Mini, White $95.59 ($121.28, Amazon). Three colors come in at about $125, while some of the other colors cost $180. Both are still cheaper than the Nugget. They come with four pieces, and the difference is that they’re smaller than the original Foamnasium and the Nugget. This makes them ideal for younger toddlers or anyone who doesn’t have a ton of room.


7. Jaxx Zipline Modular Loveseat and Ottomans

For parents who want something their kids can actually sit and relax on, this Jaxx Zipline set, $129.99 ($169.99, Amazon) is perfect. Instead of a set of foldable cushions and triangular wedges, this one comes with a little loveseat that can be used for sitting or can be folded down to look like more of a flat cushion. It also has two smaller square cushions as well to turn the loveseat into a resting nap spot.


8. Children’s Factory The Whatsit Kids Couch

A popular couch option is the Children’s Factory Whatsit Kids Couch, in on sale for $248.36 ($398.18, Amazon), that’s 38% off! While it’s a few dollars more expensive than the Nugget, it does come with six pieces instead of four, allowing for a little bit more building versatile. You can use the cushions to create two chairs, a loveseat, or something else entirely. It’s also a good option if the Nugget is out of stock.

$248.36 $398.18 (38% Off)

9. Brentwood Home Play Couch Sofa for Kids

If you’re concerned about what’s being used to make your kid’s foam cushions, then opt for the Brentwood Homes Play Couch Sofa ($349, Brentwood Home). It’s a greener option made with BioFoam and recycled plastics and no flame retardants, which can explain why it costs more than the Nugget. It also comes with six pieces instead of four. Like the Nugget, the covers are removable and washable.


10. Delta Children Serta Perfect Sleeper

The most budget-friendly option we found was the Delta Children Serta Perfect Sleeper ($69.99, Amazon) now on sale for just $59.99, that’s an easy 10% savings. Although not quite the same as the Nugget, this little loveseat is a good way to get your toddler comfortable. They can sit on it, climb on it, or pull it out to turn it into a sleeper bed. It’s cute and inexpensive, and you’ll save about $180 compared to buying the Nugget.

$59.99 $69.99 (14% Off)


11. Yourigami Play Couch

The Yourigami Play Couch ($199.99, Amazon) is a great inexpensive alternative for the Nugget. You’ll save about $50 and get something that looks almost identical to the Nugget. The zippered covers are removable and machine washable, and they’re made of soft, CertiPUR-US-certified materials.


12. Jela Kids’ Couch

If four pieces just isn’t going to do it, opt for the Jela Kids’ Couch ($248, Amazon). This set comes with eight pieces: two base pieces, two cushions, two wedges, and two rectangles. This is the same amount of pieces as you would get buying two Nuggets, and you’ll save over $250 with the Jela. The different-shaped pieces offer versatility and can create a large loveseat if your kids just need a place to relax.


13. Milliard Kids’ Couch

The Milliard Kids Couch, $129.99 ($198.00, Amazon) comes with three pieces: a large base cushion that folds and two square cushions. These can be used to create a couch or an area for kids to lay on, or they can do whatever they want with them. You’ll save over $100 purchasing this one, and it’s a great alternative to the Nugget. It also comes with removable and machine-washable covers.

$129.99 $198.00 (34% Off)

14. The Figgy Play Couch

Right now, you can get the Figgy Play Couch for the same price as the Nugget, ($269, Figgy Play), when you use the $15 off coupon for signing up for their email and text alerts. The Figgy includes four base cushions, two rectangles, and the option to add an extra wedge and separate waterproof liners. One big difference between the Figgy and other Nugget alternatives, is this one has Velcro connectors that help keep the couch together! You can also purchase the Figgy through their Amazon store. This version comes with a wedge and a waterproof liner ($379 Amazon).


15. Betterhood Play Couch Sofa

The Betterhood Play Couch Sofa $170.99 ($197.99, Amazon) is a great deal because you’ll save over $70 buying this one over the Nugget, and it comes with six pieces instead of four. Like the Nugget, it comes with two cushions and two wedges, but it also comes with two bolster cushions that can add support to your play structures.

$186.99 $197.99 (6% Off)


16. Delta Children Convertible Sofa and Play Set

The Delta Children Convertible Sofa and Play Set $169.49 ($179.99, Amazon) is sort of like a larger version of the budget-friendly Delta seat mentioned above. It comes with a flip-open sofa base and two ottoman cushions, as well as a handy storage pocket to stash toys and accessories. The size of the cushions will help your kids get really creative. This is a savings of about $70 for a really great set.


17. M Hi-Mat Soft Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set

This couch set is suitable for younger toddlers and babies is the M Hi-Mat Soft Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set is on sale for ($129.99, Amazon). It’s about $100 less than the Nugget and comes with five to six blocks of different foam shapes that come together to create a little play structure. These pieces are smaller and more manageable, and while they don’t turn into a couch, they’re still a lot of fun.


18. Delta Children Foam Convert Sofa Play Set Space

Right now, you can get the Delta Children Foam Convert Sofa Play Set Space ($179.99, Kohl’s). This set includes two ottomans, and a storage pocket on the side to keep toys organized.

Shipping: Free on orders of $35+
Pickup: Free

19. Modular Foam Montessori Play Couch

The Modular Foam Montessori Play Couch ($230, Etsy). It has a 4.8 star rating on Etsy with over 1K reviews. This couch set includes four pieces: Foldable base (two cushions), foldable topper (two Cushions), and two triangle pillows.

Shipping: Free

20. Costzon Climb and Crawl Foam Playset

The Costzon Climb and Crawl Foam Playset $159.99 ($199.99, Amazon) comes with eight pieces and costs less than $200. While some of the pieces are smaller than what you would get for two Nuggets, it’s still a great deal. You can easily build a lot of different structures with this one without taking up as much space. These are easy to wipe clean and have a nonslip surface.

$159.99 $199.99 (20% Off)

21. Costway 4-Piece Convertible Kids Couch or 2 Chairs Toddler to Teen Sofa and Play Set

This couch is on sale right now for $162.99 (reg. $359.99) at Target, that’s a 55% savings. It comes with two folding mats and two triangular pillows, and can be used for endless imagination building. The covers are removable but be advised — hand wash only! Use your Target RedCard and save an additonal 5%.


22. Foamnasium Mini Blocksy, Pewter

The Foamnasium Mini Blocksy comes with one folding base and two wedge cushions. Right now you can scoop up this Nugget lookalike in the color Pewter for $120.14, 33% off ($179.99, Amazon). The covers are removable and washable — a win in any parent’s book. This couch set is comparable to the Nugget: the dimensions of the Blocksy Mini are 16″ tall x 23″ wide x 23″ deep.



22 Nugget Alternatives That Offer a Better Deal Than the Original