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Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, Hobby Lobby’s senior leadership has indicated its desire to stay open — even in the face of some government orders to close. On Tuesday, police intervened at several stores to make sure they shut down.


Police first showed up to close down a store on Monday.

On Monday, March 30, police closed down the Hobby Lobby in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin suburb, to enforce a statewide order for non-essential businesses to close — and to send a message to all the other Hobby Lobby locations in the area.


Four more stores had to be closed by police on Tuesday.

Despite the police involvement on Monday, Milwaukee-area Hobby Lobby stores reopened on Tuesday, March 31. By the end of the day, police closed down the Brookfield, Franklin, Menomonee Falls and Waukesha locations, too. In all cases, the shutdowns occurred without incident.


Hobby Lobby will fight to stay open if at all possible.

Hobby Lobby has indicated it considers itself an essential business because, among other items, they sell PPE mask supplies, educational products and home office equipment. Internal company memos show that they’ll remain open as long as government orders don’t prohibit it — but, as in the case of the Milwaukee stores, they may push back against those orders.

Locations in states like Georgia, Colorado, Arkansas and Minnesota remain open, and stores in Ohio recently reopened.


They aren’t the only craft store chain staying open.

Other hobby and craft stores remain open with reduced hours in the Milwaukee area. JOANN Fabrics and Crafts had closed some locations, while others remain open. Down the street from the closed Hobby Lobby in Brookfield, the Michaels store is still open, as are three other local stores in that chain.


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Police Close Hobby Lobby Stores That Stayed Open