I recently had my baby (about a month ago) and am having a blast! Being a mom is so much fun, but there are a few things I miss—sleep is definitely one of them. Another is my BBB (Before Baby Body). So what's a new mom to do?  You look at the huge postpartum, baby-body industry, of course! To be honest, it's rather intimidating because there are just so many options. From my poll of both rookie and veteran moms, the most popular brands are Bellefit and My Body After Baby. After looking over both sites, I’m loving the dual closure girdle from Bellefit ($108.75) and the Angelica from My Body After Baby ($99.99). What I'm not loving are the price tags.

A smart solution

That got me thinking about how there's got to be more affordable options! Well, there is. A good friend and talented plastic surgeon was the one who actually made me think about postpartum garments in an entirely different way. I was hung up on buying pieces from companies specifically targeting new mothers who wanted their bodies back. It wasn't until my friend said, "Why spend so much money, Bonnie?  Why not just get Spanx? It’s more affordable, and you can still wear it even after you get your body back!"

Mind. Blown. I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner!  It made sense now that she mentioned it and now that I have seen the light, I can't dismiss it. Spanx is a great option if you've got a little money to splurge, as their pieces can still be costly. The key is compression, and you don't need to spend a whole lot of money for it.

Inexpensive alternatives

Walmart has some great pieces from Cupid, like this one for less than $15! It's also rated very well by people who've purchased it. Walmart also carries several from Maidenform’s Flexees line for around $22.

If you need a bit of back support, the super expensive way to go would be the Belly Bandit Bamboo support belt. It's pretty pricey at $70, but I've actually tried this on and, man, does it hold you in! An added bonus is the back support which is so nice because core abdominal muscles are stretched out during pregnancy. Here are more affordable options if $70 is out of your budget:

Additional options

  • Get reimbursed: The pieces by My Body After Baby resemble the Spanxs and Flexees by Maidenform, but they’re a bit rich for my blood. They do, however, offer an interesting option. If you buy My Body After Baby pieces, you could potentially get reimbursed. Read more about it here and check with your insurance company.
  • Abdominal binder: While you’re still in the hospital, ask your OBGYN to order you an abdominal binder—this is basically what the Belly Bandit support belt is.


This is a guest post by Bonnie from California.

How to Deal with Your Postpartum Body Blues Inexpensively