One of the best ways to get online coupon codes is to abandon your cart. Shopping online and ready to check out? Leave those items in your cart and wait for emails filtering to your inbox with discounts. The caveat: You need to be logged in to your account (so they have your email address). Here are 7 stores that sweeten the deal when you abandon your cart.


1. ProFlowers

We first received a 10% discount from ProFlowers but waited until the next day to see if they would give us a better offer—and they did! We scored 20% off.

General Tip: Don’t take the first discount (unless you really need to). If you wait an extra day or two, they’ll often send an even better discount!


2. Crocs

Crocs sent us two emails reminding us we had stuff waiting in our cart with no added perks, such as free shipping or discounts. The third email, however, gave us 20% off!

General Tip: Check the website a couple of times and and pretend you’re going to checkout. You’ll most likely get your discounted email faster!


3. West Elm

By leaving items in our cart, we landed a 20% off coupon from West Elm! We did receive a free shipping email before this but waited a little longer and received a discount.


4. Kate Spade

Kate Spade first sent us a free shipping coupon for leaving items in our cart. We clicked on the “View Cart” button in the email and pretended to check out again. They sent a 15% off coupon the next day!

General Tip: Instead of going to the website and logging in to your account, try clicking the button they provide in the email so they know you’re itching to buy.


5. GoDaddy

We left items in our cart at GoDaddy, and that very day we got 20% off!


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6. Vitacost

It didn’t take much to get this 10% off with Vitacost. All we did was put items into our cart, leave them there, and the next day we received 10% off!

General Tip: Some companies will only offer cart abandonment incentives if you’re a new customer, so if you’re not seeing any discounts in your inbox, try creating an account with a different email address.


7. Jús by Julie

Juice cleanses can be expensive, but leave one in your cart at Jús by Julie, and get 20% off! We got our discount in 1-2 days and didn’t even have to log back in to our account to receive it!

General Tip: Make sure to read the fine print. Some of these offers expire within a certain time frame, so don’t miss out!


8. Everyday Minerals

Put something in your cart at Everyday Minerals, leave it, and within a couple days you’ll receive a discount. We didn’t have to visit our shopping bag again either.

General Tip: If you only need one item, try putting a couple other things in there for the fun of it—you might get a higher discount for being a ‘big spender’!


9. World Market

We abandoned our cart at World Market and got 10% off our next online order! Similarly to Jús by Julie and Everyday Minerals, we didn’t have to check our cart again. You should get your discount in 1-2 days.

General Tip: You may get unwanted emails with any of the aforementioned retailers. If so, use to unsubscribe from multiple email subscriptions in one click!


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Retailers That Send You Coupons When You Abandon Your Cart