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With school starting up again, I find myself looking for quick, portable, and easy-to-stash snacks. In the past, I never thought about joining a wholesale club because the idea of paying to go grocery shopping seemed crazy to me. But then I was introduced to Sam’s Club and I quickly realized how much I could save on my family’s staples, like Goldfish® and Lance® Sandwich Crackers.

Here’s why I’m stocking up on all the back-to-school snacks at Sam’s Club.

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1. I’ll save 38% buying Goldfish® in bulk at Sam’s Club.

Stack of Goldfish crackers

A 45-pack box of Goldfish®️ variety packs costs $15.82 at Sam’s Club. That comes out to 35 cents per single-serving package. At Target, you’ll pay $6.69 for a 12-pack, which translates to 56 cents per bag. That means a single-serving package of Goldfish®️ costs 38% less when you buy in bulk.

In other words, if you bought 4, 45-pack boxes of Goldfish®️ variety packs at Sam’s Club, you’d spend $63.28. If you bought 15, 12-ct boxes of Goldfish®️ instead, you’d pay $100.35. Either way, you’ll get 180 single-serving bags of Goldfish®️, but buying them in bulk at Sam’s Club will save you $37.


2. Ounce per ounce, buying Goldfish® in bulk at Sam’s Club costs less than buying a regular-sized bag at the grocery store.

Box of 45 count goldfish snacks in a shopping cart

As a way to cut costs, I would buy a 6.6 oz bag of Goldfish at the grocery store instead of the single-serve packages. Then, I’d portion individual servings from it into Ziploc bags. But I did the math and realized that buying a 45-pack of single-serve bags at Sam’s Club is actually cheaper than getting a bag and dividing it into individual portions: The 6.6 oz bag costs $2.99 at the grocery store, which makes it 40 cents per serving. That’s actually more than what each single-serving package costs at Sam’s Club. Plus, I’m saving on Ziploc bags, too.


3. By the sleeve, Lance® Sandwich Crackers cost 35% less at Sam’s Club than at the supermarket.

Hand holding lance sandwich crackers

The 40-count Variety Pack of Lance®️ Sandwich Crackers at Sam’s Club comes in four different flavors and costs $11.98, which comes out to 30 cents per sleeve. At the grocery store, I pay $3.69 for an 8-pack, making each one 46 cents. That makes them 35% cheaper per sleeve if I buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club. Since I usually buy two boxes at the grocery store every week, I’ll end up saving $123.84 this year by buying them at Sam’s Club instead.


4. Buying these snacks at Sam’s Club doesn’t just save me money; it also saves me time.

lance crackers and goldfish snacks with lunch boxes

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been totally exhausted on a weeknight and had to run out to the store because we were out of snacks for school lunches. Knowing that I’ll be able to avoid snack emergencies by stocking up and buying in bulk – while saving money at the same time – is a good feeling. Now that I think about it, it’ll save me money on gas, too.


5. From gas discounts to free flat tire repair, Sam’s Club memberships offer value beyond just in-store savings.

Someone holding up a phone displaying the Sam's Club app in front of the Sam's Club Scan and Go Fast Lane sign

Saving hundreds on snacks alone makes paying $50 for a Sam’s Club annual membership worth it for me. But Sam’s Club also offers a ton of other perks with their memberships, like Same-Day Delivery and Members-only fuel savings at their gas pumps. The annual club membership also gets you free flat tire repair, battery testing & wiper blade installation at Sam’s Club Tire & Battery Centers.

And at $110 a year, the Sam’s Club Plus membership offers even more value. You’ll get free shipping on most items online & in the Sam’s Club app, free curbside pickup (a huge timesaver!) and extra savings in their pharmacy and optical center. Plus, Sam’s Club offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you’re not happy with your membership, they’ll refund the amount you paid.

Finally, Sam’s Club is always running great deals on new memberships. For example, they’ll often offer a $50 gift card if you sign up for an annual membership. You can also sign up for a free, 24-hour guest membership to shop online without a membership card. Do note that a 10% service fee will apply to your order, and you will miss out on member-only pricing. Click here to find out everything you need to know about Sam’s Club memberships and see all of the latest deals they’re offering.

5 Ways You Save Big When You Buy Goldfish® and Lance® Snacks in Bulk