Springboard America is a veritable treasure trove of survey goodness, the greatest reason being that I earn as much as $5 on a quick, 3-minute survey. What whaaaat!


In a Nutshell: Springboard America pays the most for surveys per hour, but with the longest cash-out time.

When Springboard America sends me surveys about once a week via email, I earn up to $5 per survey (most surveys I’ve received pay from $0.75 – $3.50), and, minimally, a sweepstakes entry. When I save up $50, I qualify for payout with a check, Paylution or an Amazon gift card.


The Good: Since Springboard America pre-screens, I enjoy 100% survey completion.

Unlike with other sites, where I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to qualify for surveys, with Springboard America, I automatically qualify and get up to $5 for each survey. Over about 4 months, one of my besties completed roughly 18 surveys and cashed out with $50. Other benefits:

Springboard America pays the most for a single survey ($5). These $5 surveys aren’t a rare event, either. I’ve only ever received a higher payout ($10) for a survey on Toluna following a pet food trial, and those opportunities are pretty rare.

You’re awarded in dollar amounts, not points. For those who can’t math, I spend no time trying to convert complicated points systems into dollar amounts. You always know precisely what’s in your account. Right now I’ve got $11.75. Bam. Thank you, SA.

Surveys are short and to the point. Some sites’ surveys take so long, I almost have to plan for pee breaks. With Springboard America surveys, the longest survey I ever took required about 17 minutes of my time.

Reputable, culturally relevant companies. Surveys I’ve received span popular music, movies, high tech, and fashion.

Cash and Amazon rewards. As a member, I can redeem Survey Dollars for an Amazon gift e-card or Paylution cash deposited into a direct bank deposit or virtual prepaid VISA card. (For the uninitiated, Paylution, like PayPal, is a secure, online pay portal that sends payments electronically and transfers them into your bank account.)

Simple, clean website. The site is the most user-friendly one I’ve used yet. There are literally only 6 tabs. It’s just simple.

No email spam. I only receive an email from Springboard America maybe every other day, but that’s all. No crazy hair cream offers, and no one trying to sell me anything. It’s pretty Zen.

Highest payout opportunity for a poll. I recently completed a fairly short $5 poll.



The Bad: I wish there were more survey opportunities.

If you love the idea of cashing out in a week for taking surveys, you can totally do it—but it likely won’t be with Springboard America since they only send out roughly 1 – 4 surveys per month. Their surveys are worth more points generally, but I don’t receive as many of them. Also:

The $50 minimum cash-out is the highest threshold I’ve seen yet… Considering how infrequently surveys arrive (maybe once a week), it’s a little depressing. It took my friend Melissa about 4 months to cash out because surveys don’t arrive that often. I still haven’t quite cashed out yet.

…And payment via check can take 4 – 6 weeks. Unlike instant goodness in the form of PayPal, when I cash out, I’ll receive a Paylution-issued check or a direct deposit to my checking account from Paylution, but I’ve gotta wait 4 – 6 weeks. Want a faster return? You can opt for a direct deposit to your bank account if you’re comfortable with that.

Participate once every 3 months or you lose out. As a member, if I don’t participate in one survey at least once every 3 months, Springboard America states they have the right to terminate my account (including cancelling my Survey Dollars).

Worst opportunity: Occasional surveys pay only in sweepstakes entries.


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My Springboard America Strategy

My secret is capitalizing on every opportunity. The more I participate, the more likely I am to be chosen for future surveys. These are my other best tips for Springboard success:

Live in a desirable zip code. Some areas are just better than others for surveys. As an example, my friend Melissa has a swanky Orange County zip code, so she gets way more opportunities than I do in Boise. #CalifornYEAH #IdaNO

Take Springboard America’s monthly “Mosaic” survey. These 10-minute surveys are basically a once-a-month version of pre-qualifying surveys other sites require before each and every survey. I like that SA only sends me surveys I’m pre-screened for based on that Mosaic survey.

Refer-a-Friend. For every friend I refer who takes at least 2 surveys their first month with Springboard America, I’ll earn $2. That money usually takes 2-3 months to show up in my account.

Check the website for new opportunities. While the vast majority of surveys come via email, special surveys are sometimes shared only to my member page (and not to my email).

Keep a separate bank account for direct deposits. In order to protect my banking accounts and to receive quicker payments from survey sites and others who send me money (via direct deposit or PayPal), I keep a separate, free checking account only for this purpose. Then I transfer the money to my main checking account as soon as the funds clear.


At the end of the survey day, I’m solidly “in like” with Springboard America. I wouldn’t totally take it home to meet my mom, but I’d totally consider changing my relationship status on Facebook to reflect our jovial relationship. Why? Because Springboard America, even for its less frequent surveys, at least prescreens me for surveys only once a month, so my time is spent taking targeted, higher paying surveys. While the payout takes more time to achieve than other survey sites, at up to $5 payment per survey, I’ll take it.

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Springboard America: Earn $1 - $5 for Taking Surveys