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New Starbucks Spring Cups Are in Stock, Including Starbucks Disney Tumblers

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Coffee-lovers, rejoice! Starbucks locations have released the next round of Starbucks Spring Cups. Check your local Starbucks to see if they have them in stock. Just like the Starbucks Fall Cups and Starbucks Winter Cups, people are running to their Starbucks to collect as many as they can.

On April 10 Starbucks and Disney released a new set of red cups that are exclusive to ShopDisney and Disney parks, and Starbucks Stores released a new set of Mother’s Day Starbucks Spring Cups on April 11.

Here’s what you can expect on store shelfs for spring 2023 (plus ways to use your Starbucks Rewards account to get a discount on your new cups)!


Ruby Bling Cold Cup (24 oz): $24.95

hand holding the spring 2023 ruby bling cold cup tumbler in starbucks restaurant

This studded Starbucks cold cup is a dark red color with a straw of the same color.


Iris Gradient Tumbler (12 oz): $19.95

hand holding the spring 2023 starbucks iris gradient tumbler in restaurant

This tumbler has a tropical design that fades from blue to pink.


Color-Change Blue & Green Cold Cup (24 oz): $24.95

This blue and green striped tumbler comes with a two-shaded blue straw.


Pink Holographic Cup (24 oz): $22.95

Perfect for Mother’s Day, this cup is colors of pink, yellow, and purple.


Color-Change Blue & Yellow Cold Cup (24 oz): $24.95

This color-changing cup comes with a pink straw as well.


Red Starbucks Disney Designs were released on April 10.

The new Disney Starbucks Coffeehouse Collection

Disney and Starbucks released a new set of cups, tumblers, bags, and keychains for us to enjoy for the spring season. You can get these cups from either the ShopDisney website or directly at Disney Parks starting on April 10. Here are the cups that you can get:

Shipping: Free on orders of $75+ with code SHIPMAGIC
Shipping: Free on orders of $75+ with code SHIPMAGIC
Shipping: Free on orders of $75+ with code SHIPMAGIC
Shipping: Free on orders of $75+ with code SHIPMAGIC
Shipping: Free on orders of $75+ with code SHIPMAGIC

Blue Ombre Grid Cup (16 oz / 24 oz): $19.95 / $22.95

two sizes of starbucks spring 2023 teal ombre tumblers on display

This cold cup comes in two different sizes and fades from a light blue at the bottom to a darker blue towards the top.


Purple Faded Mermaid Cold Cup (24 oz): $22.95

hand holding starbucks spring 2023 spring blue and purple mermaid scales stainless cold cup tumbler

This cold cup has a mermaid scale design around the cup. The colors fade from purple to blue with a purple cup and lid.

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White Mermaid Textured Cup (14 oz / 16 oz / 24 oz): $14.95 / $19.95 / $22.95

starbucks 2023 spring white pearl cold tumblers and mugs

This mermaid scale pattern is added to all their mugs and both cold cup sizes. It’s a white design with a textured pattern you can feel.


Blue Mermaid Metallic Cold Cup (24 oz): $22.95

starbucks spring 2023 mermaid scales cold cup tumblers

This cold cup has a blue, metallic background with a blue mermaid surrounding it.


Blue Mermaid Metallic Tumbler (12 oz): $19.95

hand holding holographic mermaid spring 2023 hot cup

This tumbler is a lighter blue than its cold cup cousin. It gives off a metallic sheen with a mermaid surrounding it.


Starbucks Earth Day 2023 Cups (16 oz & 24 oz): $2.95

Starbucks has released a new Earth Day cup design to help encourage the use of reusable cups to grab your new cup of coffee.


Green & Pink Grid Cold Cup (24 oz): $22.95

Geometric green cup next to a brown leather lounge chair at starbucks

This exclusive Starbucks spring cup is a green grid cup and comes with a pink lid and green straw.


Bluebell Soft Touch Cold Cup (24 oz): $19.95

Frosted blue cup from stabucks

This dark blue Starbucks cold cup is soft to the touch. It comes with an all blue color, including the lid and straw.


Multicolor Glass Water Bottle (20 oz): $24.95

Green yellow and pink gradient tumbler

This glass water bottle incorporates green, yellow, pink, and dark green.


Citrus Mug (14 oz): $14.95

Illustative flower mug from Starbucks

This ceramic white mug is decorated with a citrus design and green leaves.


Green Stainless Steel Tumbler (16 oz): $22.95

Bright green tumbler from Starbucks

This is a light green tumbler that keeps a consistent color throughout the cup. It has a pop of pink on the lid.

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Petunia Tumbler (12 oz): $19.95

3-d molded gradient cup from starbucks

This is a textured Starbucks tumbler that fades from green at the top to a dark pink at the bottom.


Triangular Glass Cup (16 oz): $19.95

Glass resuable cup

This is a clear glass cup that’s circular at the top and slowly transitions to a triangle shape towards the bottom.


Pink Floral Cold Cup (24 oz): $19.95

Pink Starbucks cup

This pink, floral cup has different layers to accent its design.


Floral Cold Cup (16 oz): $19.95

Flower design cup from starbucks

This cold cup is clear with a hint of pink. It has several flowers designed on the cup.


Checkered Cold Cups (24 oz): $19.95

Starbucks Checkered Cold Cup

This checkered cold cup has a checkered design that incorporates pink, green, and orange.


Pink & Orange Gradient Tumbler (12 oz): $22.95

Pink and orange Starbuck Cup

This tumbler has a soft orange to pink fade and a dark blue cup.


Pastel Ombre Tumbler (12 oz): $19.95

Starbucks pastel Ombre

This pastel tumbler has yellow, purple, and pink blending with each other.


Pink Bunny Tumbler (16 oz): $14.95

This tumbler has cherry blossoms and bunnies covering it.


Earn ‘Stars’ and get a discount when you use a reusable cup at Starbucks.

Person holding starbucks cup

Even with the recent Starbucks Rewards changes, you’ll still get 25 “Stars” and a $0.10 discount on your coffee purchases when you bring your own reusable cup to Starbucks — including the Starbucks spring cups.

Those Stars will get you closer to your free Starbucks, which is 200 Stars.



Use your ‘Stars’ to get a discount on your Starbucks spring cups.

Starbucks cups placed on a coffee table around stars program signage

When you earn 400 Stars ($400 spent), you can use your Starbucks Rewards account to redeem $20 worth of Starbucks merchandise, including Starbucks spring cups. If the cup you want is over $20, you’ll just have to pay the difference.


Get a free Starbucks reusable cup when you spend $100 with your Starbucks Rewards account.

A person's hand holding up a reuasble Starbucks tumbler cup in front of a shelf of more cups.

For only 100 Stars (or $100 spent), you can get a free reusable cup worth up to $3. These cups can be used to claim your 25 free Stars and a $0.10 discount. Each cup is designed like a regular Starbucks cup and can also be purchased at any Starbucks location.


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