I have a lot of things on my "fun" list, but budgeting has never been one of them. After a whole day of boring activities like work, cleaning the house, errands and working out—the last thing I feel like doing is my budget.

So my mission going forward is to see if I can find a way to make budgeting more fun. If it’s fun I’ll actually want to do it and then maybe I can achieve my financial goals. Here are four fun apps that I hope will make your budgeting more enjoyable at long last!

1. Pennies

Pennies gives you the flexibility to create and manage multiple budgets. Time said that it’s "as easy to use as a Fisher Price toy.” You won't find any complicated graphs or charts (or instructions) with Pennies—just a simple interface that focuses on entering expenses and charting progress.

For fun—the app uses colors to chart the "health" of each budget—from your monthly expenses to a trip to Italy!


If you have a small or variable monthly income, BUDGT is "the" app for you. BUDGT offers reminders to enter expenses, creates categories without being asked, easily exports to CSV files and shows the amount available to spend day by day.

For me, having a variable budget has been one reason (or excuse) as to why I’ve refrained from budgeting at all. BUDGT changes this by creating a customized budget each month based on each month's spending patterns—so as my life changes, my budget can change too. This (finally) makes budgeting fun for my freelance life!

3. BillGuard

BillGuard works to track your spending, protect you from suspicious transactions, and help you save. A fourth feature—Identity Protection—is in the works now. The "fun" part comes in as you compete with yourself each month to see if you can best last month's budgeting results.

But for all the Krazy Coupon Ladies out there, perhaps the most fun feature is this—BillGuard will find coupons for you that correspond to your spending habits to help you save even more!

4. Toshl

Powerhouse reviewers are raving about Toshl's simplicity, ease and lighthearted approach to budgeting. In fact, "simplicity" could be Toshl's motto—the interface is very user-friendly, and color-coded tags make it incredibly easy to navigate. Features include bill reminders, monthly budget summaries, expense entry from anywhere, secure encryption and an easy export to Excel.

Best of all, Toshl scores high on the "fun" meter because of its colorful and uplifting "visualizations"—complete with cute cartoon characters to deliver important messages.

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