Major League Baseball is back as of July 23, and the shortened season will primarily be broadcast on two cable channels — ESPN and TBS.

If you’re wanting to root, root, root for the home team, but don’t want to shell out any cash to do so, we’ve got you. Using nothing but free streaming TV trials, we can get you more than half of the way through the 66-day season without paying anything.

You’re going to have to keep tabs on the baseball game schedule to maximize these trials, and more importantly, set some alarms to make sure you’re not paying for services after the free periods — because, be warned, they all require your credit card info. But you can DO this!

Here’s what you do:


T-Mobile & Sprint subscribers get a free MLB.TV subscription by Aug. 4.

Sprint recently merged with T-Mobile, and for the first time, customers of both carriers get to benefit from T-Mobile’s annual free subscription to MLB.TV — giving them access to all the games of the 2020 season.

To get the deal, you have to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, sign in with your account, and follow the instructions to activate your MLB.TV subscription by August 4.


Days 1-3: Open the season with Sling TV for 3 days free.

Sling TV doesn’t quite have the long free trial period they used to, but it’s easy to sign up for 3 free days of Sling Orange, which includes ESPN and TBS. Enter your email, personal info and payment info, and then select your plan to start watching immediately.

While MLB.TV has to wait 90 minutes after Opening Day games end to watch them, you’ll be all set, watching live on ESPN.

AVOID A $30 PAYMENT: Hit the gear icon, click “Manage Account,” and select “Change Subscription” within three days of starting your subscription to make sure you’re not charged.


Days 4-10: Sign up for a weeklong trial of AT&T TV Now.

AT&T TV Now offers a 7-day free trial for their AT&T TV Now Plus subscription, which offers almost 50 channels, including TBS and ESPN. Make sure you select “Plus” on the Select Plan page, enter your personal/billing info, and start watching on just about any device.

AVOID A $55 PAYMENT: Visit the Account Details section of AT&T TV Now (accessible via the gear icon on mobile), choose “Manage Subscription,” and select “I want to cancel” before your 7 days ends.


Days 11-13: Watch Vidgo TV for 3 days, free.

Never heard of Vidgo? Neither had we. But this relatively new streamer offers 60 of the most popular channels. The Vidgo sign-up form is pretty simple, and after you fill it out you’ll have access to not only the entire ESPN family of channels, but Fox Sports, the NFL Network, and college football channels, too. Unfortunately, TBS isn’t part of this.

Oh, and bonus — Vidgo has a Watch Party feature where you can chat with friends while watching TV.

AVOID A $30 PAYMENT: In the Vidgo account dashboard, click change/edit credit card and turn off autopay as soon as you sign up. Once your 3-day trial is over, the subscription will automatically end.


Days 14-20: Try out YouTube TV for 7 days.

It’s a good thing YouTube’s streaming TV service is a week long, because it’s one of the more expensive streaming options out there, and it’ll give you ample breathing room to make sure you cancel. But in the meantime you can enjoy ESPN, TBS, and a ton of other networks.

Click the Try It Free button at, sign in with your Google account (and add payment info), and start watching.

AVOID A $65 PAYMENT: Cancel your subscription by clicking your profile in the top right corner, clicking “Settings,” and selecting “Deactivate membership” in the Membership tab to avoid one of the highest per-month fees in the biz.



Days 21-23: Watch MLB.TV free for 3 days.

For everyone else who doesn’t have T-Mobile or Sprint, MLB.TV is available for a 3-day free trial. Sign up for an account, enter your credit card information, and then start watching.

Opening-day games won’t be available live; they appear on the service 90 minutes after the games end.

AVOID A $25 PAYMENT: Visit the Account page to unsubscribe from MLB.TV within 3 days to keep your credit card from being charged.


Days 24-30: Get the free 7-day trial of Hulu+ Live TV.

ESPN and TBS are among the more than 65 networks available through Hulu+ Live TV. Sign up for your Hulu account, enter payment info, and start watching on pretty much any device.

AVOID A $55 PAYMENT: Click on your name, then “Account.” Scroll down and select “Cancel your subscription” on the bottom left. On the bottom right, select “Continue to Cancel” — you’ll have to click that at least three times. Ignore their offer for 1 month of free Hulu (unless you want it. . . it won’t help you with the Live TV part of the service), and then select “Cancel Subscription.”


Days 31-37: Watch baseball with Fubo for a week.

While there are more than 100 channels as part of Fubo (nearly 180 in my area), TBS isn’t one of them. The channel JUST dropped off Fubo’s offerings. But ESPN is there, as is the MLB Network, MLB Strike Zone, and TONS of other sports-centered channels.

AVOID A $55 PAYMENT: Click “My Account” on the top right of the fuboTV site, scroll down to the “Your Account” section, and under the Subscription header click “Cancel your subscription.”


The cheapest way to finish the season is ESPN+ at $4.99/month.

You can make it the final 28 days by signing up for ESPN+, which gives you access to the ESPN family of channels. There’s no trial and you’ll miss the TBS-broadcast games, but this is by far the cheapest option to end the season.

You’ll only need to pay one $4.99 payment, since a month will cover the remaining games.

AVOID ADDITIONAL $5 PAYMENTS: Log in, click “Manage,” select “Cancel Subscription,” and confirm after you watch the final game of the season on Sept. 27.


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Stream the 2020 Baseball Season for Just $5