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If you’ve always sworn you could live on Subway subs, here’s your chance! Subway is selling their own groceries with Subway Grocery and delivering them to customers in select locations (curbside pickup in others). This is happening in California, Connecticut, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington right now, but the chain plans on rolling this out to other stores (locations added daily! they say) so keep checking your local store to see if they’re doing it yet.

Read on for how to make your own Subway sandwiches with Subway Grocery:


Get sandwich basics—meat, cheese, bread—from Subway Grocery.

By leveraging their own supply chain, Subway has figured out how to get customers the basics, like fresh-baked bread, veggies, meat, and cheese.

Just order groceries on their Subway Grocery website, and they will either deliver for free to your porch, or you can pick up your food curbside, and they will put it right into your trunk.

Here are some great deals we found:

Subway Baked Fresh Bread 12-inch loaf (Jalapeno, Italian Herbs and Cheese, etc.) $1.50 each
Compare Vons fresh baked deli bread at $1.99 each


Subway Genoa Sliced Salami 2-pound pack $10.95 ($0.34 ounce)
Compare Vons Galo Salame Dry Sliced Salami $7.49 ($0.49 ounce)


Subway Sliced Provolone Cheese 1-pound pack $6.99 ($0.43 ounce)
Compare at Vons Lucerne Sliced Provolone 8-ounce pack reg. 4.49 ($0.56 ounce)


Sliced Turkey Breast 1.5-pound pack $10.78 ($6.57 pound)
Compare at Vons Primo Taglio Oven Roasted Turkey 1-pound pack $7.99


Subway Grilled Chicken Breast Strips 5-pound pack $30.78 ($6.15 pound)
Compare at Vons Foster Farms Grilled Chicken Breast Strips 6-ounce bag $3.99 ($10.64 pound)


PRO TIP: Buy discounted Subway e-gift cards on Raise to save up to 4.5% on your groceries!


Donate a sub to a first responder when you order from Subway Grocery.

When you’re ordering from the Subway Grocery website, you can also add a “First Responder Sub” to your cart, and Subway will cater local hospitals and fire stations across the U.S. (Follow their Facebook or Instagram to see who is getting all those subs.)

You can also donate sandwiches or cash to First Responder Subs without ordering groceries.

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Subway Is Selling Groceries with Subway Grocery