Sometimes my mom and I, or my friends and I, will "shop out of each other's closet." These "swap parties" are economical, make good sense (since often my mom, my friends and I share similar tastes), and (best of all) they are lots of fun! Recently I've been delighted to see more swap/trade websites and apps springing up. The two I share here are two of the most innovative I've seen—the first combines bartering (or swapping) with green living, and the second does the same with a goal to reduce food waste. Awesome! I hope you enjoy these two apps as well!

Note: If you think hosting a “swap party” sounds like fun, check out this great KCL post!

1. Yerdle

Yerdle is still relatively new on the app market. Its premise is simple: "Why shop when you can share?"

When you use Yerdle, you join a community of folks who believe in bartering to help everyone save money…and save the planet too by keeping useful goods out of landfills. Today, the young startup is already being touted as a consumerism game changer. Categories are extensive: you can find camping gear, kids' toys, books, coffee makers, electronics, appliances, gadgets, clothing and much more. Everything is free and users exchange Yerdle credits, earning credits when they give and using credits when they take.


  • Technorati says Yerdle is "changing the way people shop."
  • Thrive-365 says, "You can get things you need and things you like, but without paying retail and you can get rid of stuff that you don't use anymore."
  • Molly Berg says, "I only joined this month but so far I've sold over 10 items and have picked up about five. Yerdle is perfect for giving away things you planned on throwing out or taking to Goodwill. You'll send each item to a loving home. In return, you'll be able to use your Yerdle credits for a new French press, CD or set of tea cups."

2. Leftover Swap

Leftover Swap is so new it still has that "new app smell." The app launched August 2013, and the dual concept behind it is simple: reduce food waste and world hunger. Users post pictures of their leftovers, and hungry folks opt in or out based on the pics. Then pickup arrangements are made between giver and taker. It’s that simple!


  • NY Daily News gives the app a positive review.
  • Hot Air calls the app "an exciting breakthrough for technology."
  • Delish calls the app a great way of "avoiding excess calories."
  • The Huffington Post says, "While the idea may sound a bit crazy, it might actually be contributing to the greater good: LeftoverSwap will start as a donation-only model.”


Swap or Trade Your Way to Savings with These 2 Handy Apps