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With the holiday shopping season already ramping up, you can look forward to more restocks and deals, including this pretend play cart. These toy shopping carts look just like the real deal, and parents are constantly trying to track them down since they’re almost always sold out.

When it is in stock, you can get the mini Target shopping cart sold online and in-store for $19.99. And while the little toy cart is sold out everywhere online, I’m actually seeing that it’s already available at a couple of Targets near me. For that reason, I highly recommend you check your own Target.

Please note this deal will vary by location. This was last restocked in February 2023.

Target Toy Shopping Cart
As low as $18.99
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What’s included with the Target toy shopping cart?

hand holding target mini food items next to mini toy shopping cart

The cart is 18 inches tall — the perfect size for little shoppers — and has a seat that fits most standard-sized baby dolls. For the kids that want to be just like mom and dad, the buggy even has a cupholder that fits the set’s included toy coffee cup. You also get toy fruits and toy Target-brand food products. Overall, there are 12 pieces, counting the cart.

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Why is the Target toy shopping cart so popular?

The toy cart has gone viral since this summer with well over 11 million views on the tag #targetshoppingcart on TikTok. It’s also trending on Instagram and YouTube with shopping hauls and ASMR videos with hundreds of thousands of views. Besides that, kids love replicating their Target-loving parents with pretend play, and parents just find the whole thing entertaining. That’s most likely why the cart is part of Target’s top toys of 2022.


Where can I buy the Target toy shopping cart besides Target?

This product is, as the name suggests, a Target-exclusive item. To ensure you’re getting the most authentic toy, definitely buy directly from Target. However, if you’re determined to get your hands on a cart ASAP, a few resellers also carry the item.

We don’t really recommend you buy from resellers just because we know they tend to jack up prices (up to 150% in some cases). Plus, you don’t have the best chance of tracking your delivery with resellers. But if you desperately want to, make sure to read up on seller reviews before purchasing.


Get the viral shopping cart ($60, Amazon) for triple the list price of the original. Currently, it’s on sale for 10% off, but the cart is still a whopping $54. It ships with Prime, but there are only five in stock at the moment.



Several eBay sellers are offering the cart, both new and used, for prices between $25 – $65.



The Target toy shopping cart ($50, Poshmark) is available at Poshmark at a 150% price increase.



Typically listed at $45, the shopping cart ($39, Mercari) is currently discounted $14 off. The sale price is still a $20 markup.

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Are there similar Target toy shopping carts in stock now?

While the toy shopping cart with Target’s signature red and bullseye design is the most popular, the brand behind the original cart has a pink variation for the same price of $19.99 that’s in stock now online. This pink option, also by Perfectly Cute, includes a baby doll seat and cupholder. It’s also part of a 12-piece set alongside toy food products.

Target Toy Shopping Cart Restock: UItimate Guide