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A Cost Guide to Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch — And How to Get It

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If you’re a Swiftie, you may fall into one of two camps. The first is you saved up or budgeted a lot of money for Taylor Swift’s 2023 tour tickets and, by some miracle, got them. The second is you planned to fork over that hard-earned cash, but couldn’t score seats. In either case, Taylor Swift tour merch is a blank space begging to be filled.

2023 is proving to be difficult for Taylor fans, as Taylor Swift Eras tour merch is almost as hard to get your hands on as tickets themselves. (Bey-hive member, too? Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Beyoncé tickets presale.)

But you can, in fact, scoop up the highly-coveted merch from The Eras Tour, even if you don’t have tickets. Here’s everything to know about buying Taylor Swift 2023 Eras Tour merch — from prices to how to track down the crewcut sweatshirt that every Swiftie is going well, krazy, for.

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Taylor Swift Eras tour merch stand lines are long, but you can shop (some) online.

taylor swift performing on stage at a stadium with large crowd

The Eras Tour kicked off on March 17. Our scouts on the ground report tour merch lines are long. Like, really long. Some fans are waiting up to four hours just to purchase the coveted goods. To add insult to injury, not every truck merch line has the same items. So, if you know that you want something specific, you may have to divide and conquer among your friends for better odds.

Most importantly, however, is that indoor merch will undoubtedly sell out. If you’re waiting to buy something inside so you can “skip the lines” outside, don’t. Buy your merch outside or risk losing out. You can check Taylor Nation’s broadcast channel on Instagram for merch updates, locations, times, and more on your specific tour date.

Finding the elusive gray crewneck is hard — trust us.

The new collection is available online, but we’ve seen some fans complain they could not score exactly what they wanted on the website. Like the gray tour crew neck, for example. Yes, there are gray Taylor sweatshirts on the website, but not the specific trending sweatshirt, which sports a simple font with “Eras” on the front. This coveted gray crewneck sweatshirt on everyone’s list is only available at the tour itself so you won’t be able to find it at the official online merch shop. If you want it, get in line when you see it available at a merch stand. Do not wait thinking you may be able to find it later at another stand, whether you’re outside the venue or in.


The Eras Tour Collection prices start at $10 (for a rain poncho) and run up to $75.

taylor swift eras tour merch official promotion showing crew sweatshirts
Images courtesy of Taylor Nation LLC

Merch isn’t just hard to find, it is also pricy. Shop at shows or online for everything from ball caps and RED-inspired Argyle sweaters to shirts starting at $30. Did we mention the Fearless (Taylor’s Version) Satin Pajamas? They’re $65 and sizes are selling out fast (limit 10 per order). The Eras Tour Collection may be bolstered by its standout Andy Warhol-esque artwork, but a mug will run you $20. And a simple rain poncho is $10. Heck, a coloring book set with pencils is $30.

For the crew fits, there’s the $60 1989 crew neck, the $65 cropped lavender pullover, and this $65 one featuring all the different pics of Swift eras throughout her career.


Eras Tour merch tips and tricks to get what you want.

taylor swift eras tour merch site screenshot on a laptop

Here is some early-ish info on how to get the most from your experience (and how to hopefully score some merch).

You can line up for merch stands outside of most venues without tickets, but get there early.


Further explaination on the merch area, merch truck, how to get in, who can get in, where to go, etc for #theerastour #taylorswift #taylorsversion #theeras #swiftie #swifttok #tswift #taylornation Check your stadiums website for details on what you can bring in. I went to D2 AZ so yoir experience may be different 😃

♬ original sound – Haley Harleman

It may be different at each individual venue, but at most of the ones Taylor has played so far fans have been able to stand in lines for merch (even without tickets). Tickets usually don’t get checked on the merch lines, but you will have your bag checked. So make sure that it’s the right size (even if you aren’t going in) and 100% transparent (clear bags for the win).

The bag policy for all of Taylor’s shows is that fans may bring “one bag that is clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC no larger than 12 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches, or a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag.” A small clutch purse no larger than 4.5″ x 6.5″ is also allowed.

Fans who’ve already been to a show suggest everyone get to the concert early — like, really early. Lines will be long, spaces will be crowded, and you should expect “supplies” (also know as “merch”) to go fast. The merch truck should open hours before the concert itself, allowing fans time to shop there during the day, then come back later.

Plenty of TikTokers recommend getting to the merch truck when it opens (check your local venue prior to see when times are released, but so far it’s usually been around 10 a.m.). Try to grab merch by 12 p.m., then head back home to get ready before the show. Again, this is different everywhere, so check your venue’s online FAQ for more specific information and keep up-to-date with the merch info using Taylor Nation’s IG broadcast channel.

Shop clear bags beforehand to make things go faster:


Seriously, don’t wait to buy merch inside.

I get it, you see a long line and you’re all, “No, thanks.” But do not wait to buy something you really, really want inside the venue. Everything on the inside of the venue has been selling out quickly, too, and they may not even have that item you’re obsessing over. So if you have your heart set on something specific, try to get it outside first.

You can also order certain merch online before (or after) the concert. If your concert date is later on in the tour, you’ll probably want to purchase it online now instead of risking losing it altogether. If you do have tickets, you can scan your light-up bracelet for a direct link to merch for your specific show. It even includes exclusive merch not on the website.

Nope, you can’t get the same merch everywhere.

Plenty of fans have waited hours and hours in line, only to get up there to realize certain items and sizes are unavailable, or not even sold there. Fans attending the concert with other friends and family members have, so far, had luck splitting up when it comes to merch. One person hops in one line, another person on another. You might have more luck getting what you want that way.

Most of the merch you can find in person at the shows is a little different than what’s online. Fans have also reported that hoodies seem to only be outside the venue—not inside.

Sizing is all over the place.

The sizing is confusing at best. We’re crowdsourcing information here, but plenty of fans are saying that the sweater sizes are not TTS (true to size); in fact, sweater sizes seem to run about two sizes too big.

Also, note that fans who have ordered merch online have been complaining that sizes are really off. For the most part, it looks like the online merch tends to run big.



Avoid the stress completely and consider unofficial Taylor Swift merch alternatives.

All of this being said, tickets and merch prices are higher than anything we’ve seen in our wildest dreams. The overpricing can start to feel like the death of a thousand cuts (or, you know, a thousand dollars). Truth be told, there are plenty of alternative options. Some of our favorites include:

$18.99$44.99(58% off)
Shipping: Free
$19.99$31.99(38% off)
Shipping: Free
$19.99$40.00(50% off)
Shipping: Free
$19.99$40.00(50% off)
Shipping: Free
$19.99$40.00(50% off)
Shipping: Free
$21.99$48.99(55% off)
Shipping: Free

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Resellers are peddling Taylor Swift tour merch at a steep price.

Just like tour tickets, you may have noticed that a lot of the Taylor Swift merch has been snatched up quickly. Then, like clockwork, it makes its way to the secondary market… at prices marked up the wazoo.

Here’s one Midnights Eras Navy Crewneck that’s currently selling on Poshmark for $157 (marked down from $999, which is ridiculous), a single Eras Tour sticker up-charged to $35, and a cropped pullover (unopened, allegedly) for $125 over at eBay.

And that infamous $65 crewneck everyone’s trying to scoop up before it sells out? Well, it’s found on Mercari (here’s one for $320 and another for $315, plus, a $10 shipping fee).

It’s causing quite a stir, to say the least, with what are presumably fans ripping apart such resellers online. “Gross to resell this,” one Poshmark user commented. Another added, “I’m so glad resellers could buy merch instead of fans.”

Despite the online outrage, not much seems to be changing resellers’ prices. In fact, lots of the sellers seem to be doing well, making plenty of sales (according to their profiles). Heck, they’re even earning the “Items like this usually sell fast” sticker that encourages buyers to be the first to get the deal.

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