Ever since text messaging became popular a few years back, it’s pretty much all I use when I just need to send a quick message. After all, it’s convenient, easy and you don’t have to listen to your mom go on and on about making sure you’re dressed properly for the cold weather! Unfortunately, with unlimited plans costing as much as $20 or more each month, text messages can be quite expensive. If you don’t have unlimited texts and you go over your allotted amount, you could be looking at as much as 25 cents for one text message! Fortunately, you can forget about SMS charges and stay in touch with all of your friends with the new, messaging app, WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free, mobile app that allows users to send messages to one another through a 3G or Wi-Fi Internet connection, allowing users to avoid traditional SMS fees.

How does WhatsApp work?

Once you and your friends have downloaded the app, you can create a personal profile, which includes your name and photo, then begin sending messages to one another! WhatsApp allows users to send videos, photos, voice notes and your current location to any other WhatsApp user as well as participate in group chats. One of the most innovative features of WhatsApp is its voice messaging. This feature allows you to record a spoken message and send it to a contact, making it easy to message friends when you don’t have two hands available to text!

What devices does it work on?

WhatsApp is available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phones. Users can message other WhatsApp users with any of those devices.

How much does WhatsApp cost?

The app, which is free to download, is free of charge for the first year and costs 99 cents each year after. That comes out to less than 10 cents a month for unlimited text messaging! But before you go crazy texting everyone on your contact list, remember to actually dial every now and then–your mom will thank you.

Text for Free with WhatsApp!