Have you been hungry for the Hunger Games? Drunk on laughter from the Hangover 2? Humming that newest hit on the radio? Now, did you pay to see, read, or listen to any of these items?  Let me tell you about this amazing place where they let you borrow everything for free.  I'll bet you already have this place, right next door. The library!

I'll admit, before I started to work at the library, I had the same misconceptions most people have.  My eyes have now been opened, and I can't possibly pay a monthly subscription for movies anymore! After all, you already pay for your libraries through your taxes; make use of them! Plus, library cards are free!


  • Libraries don't have anything I want to read/see: All I can say is WRONG! Most libraries get new releases the same time as stores, especially if you're in a bigger city. I can't count how many people have said to me "Oh well, the library just has old movies that nobody wants to watch anyways."  Your tax dollars are going somewhere, and that's to buy new materials!
  • You can still get fines:  I can't argue with that, but most libraries have a 3-7 day loan on videos and 3 weeks for books, depending on what library you go to. For most, that is more than enough time to watch movies or read books. Also, depending on your library, they may max out the fines you can get on an item. Don’t be afraid to ask a library about their policy towards fines. My advice is to just return your things on time. Either way, it will end up cheaper for you in the long run.
  • All the good items are always checked out or on hold: It's true that popular items don't stay on the shelves, but hold lists really don't take that long.  Waiting a little longer for that new release or best seller will be worth it in the long run because you won’t have to pay for it!
  • I have an e-reader, so why would I get a book from the library?  Most libraries now have books that you can borrow through your e-reader! You may find that there are more holds on these items since libraries tend to buy less of them, but you can still find a lot of great books available to read.

In summary, whether you use the library to get all things in entertainment, that classic you've been dying to read, or that funny movie you love to see, you'll be saving yourself loads of money in the long run. No discounts or coupons needed!

This has been a guest post by Lauren from Milwaukee, WI
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The Secret to Getting Books and Movies for Free