While I’m loyal to following savings wherever they lead — rather than being loyal to brands or stores — I do recognize that some shopping experiences are better than others!

Every year Market Force conducts a survey of grocery shoppers to find out which stores are the most beloved in America. They found their top 10 for 2018 — is your store included?


1. Wegman’s is the favorite grocer for the third year in a row.

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The Northeast loves Wegman’s. Their cleanliness, checkout speed and product availability earned them top marks for customer loyalty and overall satisfaction.

Get the most out of Wegman’s by learning about their coupon policies.


2. Publix

Right behind Wegman’s (as in, 1% behind them) is Southeastern chain Publix. People love their deli and how clean the stores appear.

We’ve got all the current Publix deals right here.


3. Trader Joe’s

Another 1% behind was Trader Joe’s, the chain that offers low prices, an upbeat vibe and fast checkout.

They’re a solid bargain when it comes to organic produce, milk and its highly rated “two buck Chuck” wine — and plenty of other things, too!

We’ve got a list of the 7 Best and 7 Worst Foods to Buy at Trader Joe’s.



Shoppers voted this chain the best value for the money — which is saying something, since they don’t accept coupons!

From the ALDI Finds section to cheap meat to its ridiculously generous return policy, there’s lots to love.

Check out all of our fantastic ALDI hacks to save even more money there!



5. H-E-B

This Texas chain is well-loved by its locals (and former locals) for its distinct offerings — including sweet tea, Texas-shaped tortilla chips, its signature brand of coffee and more.

Rather than drop a ton of cash at H-E-B, how about making money every time you grocery shop there?


6. Fry’s

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Fry’s does it all — groceries, gas, banks, urgent care, etc. — and its customers love it.

They’re part of The Kroger Co., which works well for nationwide rewards programs and some big-picture initiatives like having self-driving robots bring you groceries.


7. WinCo

Employee-owned WinCo is much loved by the West Coast for its low prices, local produce and bulk items, among other things.

We love it because they have a LOT of great deals all the time (and are from KCL’s hometown of Boise).


8. Costco

Face it: Costco is a powerhouse. You gotta love their food court, bulk items, clothing, electronics and niche things like olive oil, vanilla and free samples.

It’s one of our all-time faves, probably because of the large number of Unbeatable Deals You Can Only Find at Costco.



9. Harris Teeter

If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic region, your probably love your Harris Teeter stores, especially if you’re into their prepared foods and incredible wine selection.

We’re watching Harris Teeter all the time for their great bargains.


10. Sam’s Club (tie)

The only other warehouse store on the list is the Walmart-owned Sam’s Club, which has killer deals on things like baby formula, dog food, brown sugar and more.

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10. Whole Foods Market (tie)

Tied for 10th place is Whole Foods Market, the fresh marketplace with a growing following — which Amazon recently bought. They’re working lots of their Prime deals into the store and doing things like putting Amazon Lockers at every location.

How does Prime factor into the overall Whole Foods money-saving experience? We’ve got it covered.

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