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Macy's Holiday Toy List: Save Up to 26% on Magic Mixies, Pokemon, & More

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The Toys R Us & Macy’s Hot Toy List is here for 2023. It dropped on Sept. 26, bringing back all the nostalgia of the old-school catalog we used to flip through as kids, even if the list is online now. However if you long for the feel of print, the Amazon toy catalog, Target Toy Book, and Walmart toy catalog all have paper versions for your perusal.

If you were a Toys R Us kid who shed a tear when the retailer closed the last of its stores in 2021, we feel you. Fortunately, Macy’s has been breathing new life into the brand, installing Toys R Us departments in their stores as of 2022. Plus, selling their wares online. It’s still good to be a Toys R Us kid, folks.

Below you’ll find our favorites from the Toys R Us Hottest Toys List, along with pricing information and how it compares with rival toy retailers. While Macy’s might not have the lowest prices right now, we expect them to drop during Macy’s Black Friday, as well as during Macy’s upcoming One Day Sales (which we predict in October, November, and December).

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Now, onto the (toy) show…


Fingerlings, $14.99

These little monkeys have been around since 2017 and yet Fingerlings ($14.99, Macy’s) always seem to find a way to reinvent themselves. The going rate for Fingerlings hovers right around $15 each at most of the major retailers, so when you spot a lower price, snap ’em up.


Magic Mixies Genie Lamp, on sale $57.99 (reg. $64.99)

Last year it was the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball, this year the hot commodity is a Magic Mixies Genie Lamp which is currently on sale for $57.99 (reg. $64.99, Macy’s). Across the board of major players in the toy retail game, that $65 price point is what you’ll typically see. In Oct. 2023, price dropped briefly to $57.99 on Amazon as well.


Polly Pocket Sparkle Cove Adventure Narwhal Adventurer Boat, on sale for $29.99 (reg. $39.99)

Macy’s has this Polly Pocket Sparkle Cove Adventure Narwhal Adventurer Boat ($29.99, Macy’s) listed as a sale price, down 25% from it’s regular $39.99. However, it’s not the best deal you can get. Target has this toy on sale for $23.79 and Amazon has it for $22.49. Of course if you have a Target RedCard, you can get an addition 5% off which would bring your cost down to $22.60, only slightly higher than Amazon.


Barbie Signature 2023 Holiday Collector Doll, on sale for $39.99 (reg. $45)

We’re currently seeing the Barbie Signature 2023 Holiday Collector Doll ($39.99, Macy’s) hover around it’s typical $45 price point at multiple retailers, give or take $0.50. It briefly dropped to its lowest price of $37.99 at Amazon in mid-September.


Pokémon Scarlet Violet S3 Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box, on sale for $40.99 (reg. $54.99)

Again, we’d like to get excited about this sale price at Macy’s for the Pokémon Scarlet Violet S3 Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box ($40.99, Macy’s), but it pales in comparison to current prices elsewhere. Amazon has the exact same box for $36.99. That’s a 32.8% discount rather than the 25.5% off at Macy’s.

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Play Doh Kitchen Creations Ice Cream Truck, on sale for $70.99 (reg. $94.99)

We’re starting to see the typical price of $94.99 price for the Play Doh Kitchen Creations Ice Cream Truck ($70.99, Macy’s) drop at multiple retailers. It’s currently at the same sale price on Amazon. Looking at historical data, the lowest listed price on Amazon for the truck was $70.00 on Dec. 27. 2022, so two days after Christmas. It’s likely this toy won’t go lower than $70.99 before Christmas.


Furby Interactive Toy, on sale $58.99 (reg. $69.99)

Point blank, you can get Furby ($69.99, Macy’s) cheaper at retailers other than Macy’s. Right now, look to Amazon for Furby at a $49 price point right now, plus there’s a 10% off coupon to bring the little buddy down to $44.10, the lowest price we’ve seen anywhere so far.


MEGA Pokémon Holiday Train Building Set, on sale for $29.99 (reg. $39.99)

Yes, the MEGA Pokémon Holiday Train Building Set ($29.99, Macy’s) is currently marked down from it’s MSRP of $39.99. And Amazon has it at the same price $29.99. That’s Amazon’s lowest price for the toy in 30 days, so it’s a good price to snag it at.



LEGO Harry Potter Dobby Build and Display Set, $34.99

Here’s something Macy’s has in common with other toy retailers. The LEGO Harry Potter Dobby Build and Display Set ($34.99, Macy’s) is the same price at Target, Amazon, and Best Buy. It has not seen a significant price drop at Amazon, other than by $0.05 here and there.


Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity Dance Mickey, on sale for $29.99 (reg. $39.99)

You’ll find the Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity Dance Mickey ($29.99, Macy’s) is the same price at Amazon. In fact, this is the lowest price we’ve seen it everywhere so far. We’ll keep an eye on this to see if price competition heats up as the holidays near.


LEGO Disney 100 Years of Disney Animation Icons Set, $59.99

We’re sensing a trend here: When it comes to Legos, like this 100 Years of Disney Animation Icons Set ($59.99, Macy’s), prices are pretty darn similar everywhere. You can find this set at Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, and even JOANN for the same price. And because we always check — it has only dipped on Amazon by $0.04 so far to $59.95.


ILY DIY 3D Sticker Maker, $16.99

The ILY DIY 3D Sticker Maker ($16.99, Macy’s) is listed at $2 more as a regular price than toy rivals Kohl’s and Target, who each list the kit for only $14.99 (and they don’t consider that a sale price).


Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Bow Liner Jet Toy Figures & Playset, $24.99

Currently it’s Macy’s for the win on this set. The Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Bow Liner Jet Toy Figures & Playset ($24.99, Macy’s) is sitting higher at Amazon to the tune of $27.99. That’s a 10% difference. This is what we like to see, Macy’s — get in the game! Now that being said, it did drop to a low of $19.99 on Amazon in Nov. 2022. So watch your back, Macy’s.


Sesame Street Elmo Slide Plush, $49.99

Is it even the holidays without a popular Elmo toy? The Sesame Street Elmo Slide Plush ($49.99, Macy’s) is still a hot commodity. It’s essentially the same price at Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Yet, somehow, some way, it’s $58.99 at Kohl’s. For why, Kohl’s? Anyway, looking at Amazon’s price history, Elmo Slide has stayed even at the $49.99 (or sometimes $49.97) mark.


Disney 100 Princess Ready to Play Train Set, on sale for $73.99 (reg. $99.95)

So this toy is a bit tricky because the Disney 100 Princess Ready to Play Train Set ($73.95, Macy’s) is a Macy’s exclusive. However it is currently 26% off during this Macy’s sale.

While there are other Disney 100 train sets made by Lionel, they’re different variations. That said, this one is considered “low stock” at So, if you have a princess-loving train enthusiast on your hands, it’s worth grabbing now. And for what it’s worth, a similar Disney Frozen Train Set is going for about the same price at $77.49 on Amazon.


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