I didn't really appreciate Toys “R” Us fully until my sister-in-law started popping out my nephews. Four little loves later, I am a huge Toys “R” Us fan! As it turns out, Toys “R” Us really loves their customers too. Read on for six brand-new programs the chain is rolling out just for us this holiday season! By the way, everything applies to both Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us.

1. New Rewards “R” Us rewards program 

I love the new rewards program because I have three nephews and one niece—ages 1 ½, 4, 6 and 8. So I do plenty of shopping at Toys “R” Us—birthdays, holidays and "just because" gifts. Those rewards points add up quickly, and since three of my little loves' birthdays are within two months of each other, I have no trouble redeeming the points within 60 days!

  • Program details: No cost to enroll, Earn 1 rewards point for each $1 spent, 125 points = $5 in rewards points, redeem points in-store or over email, 60 days to redeem your points.

2. New Rewards “R” Us Credit Card 

I am a big fan of rewards credit cards in general. I use my rewards cards for all kinds of savings—and it’s worth it just for the 15% off I will get buying holiday gifts for four kiddos!

  • Program details: Automatically qualify for 15% off your purchase or six months special financing, get 1 point for every $4 spent anywhere that accepts MasterCard, easy online account management, get 10% off at all Toys “R” Us stores every Thursday—plus, get all the benefits of the Toys “R” Us Rewards program.

3. New holiday layaway program

I’m glad Toys “R” Us is one of the few retailers that is waiving the $5 initial layaway fee and offering online layaway. I really prefer to shop online and it makes my holiday shopping so much easier if I can open layaway online, pay online, and even have my gifts delivered!

  • Program details: Put items on layaway in-store or online, more online layaway-eligible items to choose from this year, choose between picking up paid orders in-store or having them home delivered, no initial $5 service fee during the holidays, can cancel your order at any time and receive a full refund (minus a $10 service fee), only special orders, food/formula and clothing are not eligible for layaway.
  • To learn more: http://www.toysrus.com/layaway

4. New in-store (and online) navigation signs 

Since it’s still early, I may go to Toys “R” Us first for research (I just like to see what I'm buying before I make a final choice)—and then I can ask my sister-in-law which gifts the kids might like most. But then I plan to buy them online. So having easy in-store signs (and easy online versions of the same) will really help me do my research quickly!

  • In-store signage: The welcome map at the front of each store shows you exactly where everything is, then use large overhead signs to navigate from there. Aisle and in-aisle signage ensures you find what you want ASAP. The new "Gift Express" section gives you "grab and go" gift options for $30 or less and the new "Top 16 Gifts" showcases top sellers in-aisle. Finally, the new "Here's What's Hot" shop will feature top monthly sellers year-round.

Toys R Us new “Express” section gets busy shoppers (like you and me!) in and out in a hurry!

  • Online “signage.” The online version includes a curated "Gift Finder" feature for every toy category.

The new 2014 online “Hot Toy List” guides you right to what you want online.

5. New, expanded lineup of toys and games

My niece is a huge Barbie fan, and my nephews go mad for anything LEGO. I learn so much about what’s new from talking to them, so I’m planning to check out the Barbie and LEGO selection ASAP!

  • What you will find: Top-licensed products based on movies, books, TV shows, and more (examples: Frozen and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles); exclusive branded products (examples: LEGO/LEGO Fusion, Barbie, Charmazing, Little Live Pets, Journey Girls, Animal Planet, You & Me, EduScience); top games (examples: Skylanders Trap Team, Destiny, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes).

6. New toy experts

I’m kind of averse to asking for directions or help—unless an associate comes right up to me with a friendly smile and asks how they can help me. So I'm very glad to know Toys “R” Us is bringing highly trained toy experts to the floors in a big way starting now!

7. Carrying forward what we already love 

When I learned about all the new Toys “R” US offerings, at first I wondered what they had taken away and replaced with these perks. But as it turns out, all my favorite programs (especially price matching!) are still in place. Yay!

  • Programs we love: Price Matching Guarantee (Toys “R” Us will match competitors' prices, period), online shoppers get free everyday shipping for all purchases of $49+, extended holiday returns allow for returning any item (with receipt) through January 22—even if it was originally purchased more than 90 days ago, and in-store pickup gives shoppers the option to order online and pick it up in-store within the hour.


Toys "R" Us Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Shoppers This Holiday Season