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Who Still Has Layaway in 2023? We Found 10 Stores

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Layaway may seem like a relic from the past, but it’s actually still around in one form or another. The more modern form of layaway is buy now, pay later services, which are more widely available (and appealing) since you can take the item home with you on the first day. Compare this to layaway, which is more of an exercise in patience.

Not familiar with layaway? These types of programs first appeared after the Great Depression, according to Investopedia. But when credit cards and store charge cards showed up, the number of stores with layaway began to dwindle. That is until 2008, when the economic recession revived the concept of layaway altogether. It suddenly became more attractive to use layaway rather than make a purchase with a credit card.

In case you need to stretch your holiday shopping budget a little further this season, we’ve rounded up the most popular retailers who still have layaway programs in 2023.

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Quick list of stores with layaway in 2023:


Stores that don’t have layaway anymore:

  • GameStop
  • Guitar Center
  • Kmart
  • Marshalls
  • Sears
  • T.J.Maxx
  • Walmart


1. What is layaway, anyway?

a sign for layaway offering a bonus card

Basically, layaway is an agreement between a customer and a store that allows a customer to reserve an item before they’ve fully paid for it.

Customers pay a deposit, and stores hold the merchandise until the balance gets paid in full.

There are no interest payments or credit checks with layaway, but service fees and cancellation fees are sometimes involved.


Why would I want to try layaway?

Layaway is a great option if you don’t want to spend a big chunk of your budget in one trip, or when you can’t pay for an item outright. It’s also perfect for shoppers who want to avoid using (or overusing) their credit cards.


Will layaway affect my credit?

Nope. No credit or income checks are needed to start a layaway account in a physical store, and no interest is charged for the payments you’ll make to purchase the item.


2. Does Walmart have layaway? Not anymore.

Unfortunately, Walmart layaway 2023 is not a thing. While the Walmart layaway program used to be popular with holiday shoppers for many years, that program is officially gone.

Now that Walmart Layaway is gone, they direct you to their buy now, pay later program, which lets you finance purchases through Affirm with a series of monthly payments. You can use Affirm as a payment method when you’re shopping on If you’re shopping in-store, you’ll scan a special barcode at checkout to pay with Affirm.

A few things to know:

  • Affirm does charge interest, but you can spread your payments out between three and 24 months.
  • Unlike with layaway, you’ll receive your items immediately when using Affirm, even before payment is received in full.

While there’s no more Walmart layaway, they do accept other buy now, pay later services, such as PayPal and Klarna. While these aren’t traditional layaway options, they still offer an option to pay installments to receive merchandise. The payment amounts depend on your credit score.


3. Amazon layaway requires 20% down, but it’s not available for all items.

person on laptop looking at amazon layaway landing page

Amazon does have a layaway program, but it might not be an option available to all customers (due to the type of product you’re looking at, its price, availability, or your delivery address). To find out if layaway is an option for you, look for the “Reserve with Layaway” label or Payment plans (under Purchase options and add-ons) on the product page (or during checkout once you’ve added the item(s) to your cart).

A few things to know:

  • With the Amazon Layaway program, a credit check is not required.
  • You have to put 20% down on the eligible purchase, then spread out the remaining balance in four payments on an eight-week plan.
  • When the payment due date hits, charges will automatically be withdrawn from your credit or debit card.
  • Any taxes or shipping fees are added to the last bill.

TIP: You can also shop on Amazon with Zip.


4. Burlington layaway requires 20% down and has a $5 service fee (but you’ll get a $5 bonus card).

burlington gift cards with a burlington store sign in the background

Burlington layaway gives you bonus cash just for signing up! Check to see if your local store offers layaway. Loyalty members will get a $5 bonus card for all completed layaways, and the program is offered year-round.

A few things to know:

  • There’s a $5 service fee.
  • You have to pay $10 or make a 20% down payment on the first day, and pay an additional 20% 14 days after your purchase.
  • Layaway items will be held for 30 days.
  • The last day to start a new holiday layaway is Dec. 10, last day to pick up a holiday layaway is Dec. 17.

If you don’t complete your layaway on time or cancel at any time, all items will get returned to stock, and you’ll be charged an additional $10 fee.


5. Does Target have layaway? Nope.

Target doesn’t offer a layaway program. Target does accept buy now, pay later with Sezzle and Affirm. You can also shop with the credit card version of the Target RedCard, which also takes 5% off your purchase. But be aware of the hefty APR that comes with the credit version of the RedCard (compared to the debit or reloadable versions).



6. Best Buy layaway is nonexistent, too.

someone holding a my Best Buy credit card inside a Best Buy store

Unfortunately, Best Buy doesn’t have a layaway program. Instead, they promote their credit card. If you qualify, the Best Buy credit card does have special offers for interest-free periods.

Best Buy also accepts buy now, pay later with Affirm.


7. Big Lots layaway is called “price hold,” and it’s only in stores that carry furniture.

Hand pushing an orange Big Lots shopping cart into the store

Big Lots doesn’t have traditional layaway, but what they do have is “Price Hold,” which has similarities and is worth mentioning, especially if you’re in the market for layaway furniture.

The Price Hold program is only available in Big Lots stores that carry furniture. When you do a Price Hold, they will lock you in at the current selling price of an item. (You can also request a Price Hold if an item is out of stock.) Big Lots will hold that price until the item is either restocked and delivered to the store or until you’ve paid the full amount in order to purchase it. Once you’re within two weeks of paying off the Price Hold, contact the store to verify that the merchandise will be available when you plan to pick it up.

Big Lots also has a lease-to-own program with Progressive Leasing.


8. Kmart & Sears layaway was discontinued — they’ve shifted to a “buy now, pay later” model.

someone looking at the Zip app on their phone

Sears and Kmart have offered layaway since what feels like the dawn of time. But recently, they switched to the “buy now, pay later” program, utilizing Zip.


9. T.J.Maxx layaway is no more.

Way back in 2011, T.J.Maxx shared on their Facebook page that half of their locations offered layaway, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. At the time they posted about it, they said you could identify where to find T.J.Maxx layaway stores by looking for a clothes hanger icon on their store locator page.

But we looked and couldn’t find any of those icons anymore. And all mentions of the layaway program seem to have been removed from their site. Womp, womp.


10. Certain Hallmark stores offer layaway July through December, with a 20% down payment.

Hallmark Crown Store retail store location, store front.

Each Hallmark Gold Crown store is independently owned, but certain stores offer layaway programs from July to December. They’ll hold your items for up to 90 days, and you’ll pay a minimum of 20% of the total cost upfront.

When you check out at a participating store, ask a store associate to initiate the layaway process.

TIP: If you’re a member of their Crown Rewards program, you’ll still earn rewards on layaway purchases of in-stock items, including Keepsake Ornaments.



11. Jewelry stores often have layaway programs for big purchases.

people shopping at a Day's Jewelers counter

I found a few different jewelry stores who still offer layaway as a payment option. Here’s a brief summary of a few, plus their major differences:

  • Day’s Jewelers: Online or in-store; 10% due upfront, and you’ll need to pay at least 10% every month. If you cancel after 30 days, they will keep 20% of the total as a restock fee.
  • The Jewelry Exchange: Online or in-store; 25% due upfront, and you’ll have six months to pay in full. If no payment is received after 90 days, your layaway gets canceled and any payments you already made will be returned to you as in-store credit.
  • Reeds: In-store only; 10% or $25 (whichever is greater) is due upfront, and you’ll have up to six months to make payments.
  • Shane Co.: Online; 20% due upfront, and you’ll pay once a month, twice a month, or every two weeks. Your order will ship once you’ve paid in full.


12. Buckle stores offer layaway plans for up to 60 days (with at least 20% down).

someone holding a bag from Buckle

If you shop at Buckle in-store, you can use their layaway program to reserve items with a minimum 20% down payment. You’ll need to make payments at least every two weeks, but your balance must be paid in full within 60 days. After that date, the merchandise will be put back on the sales floor.


13. Gabe’s layaway has a $10 service fee, but they give you a $10 gift card with a $50 minimum purchase.

a tall stack of toys at Gabe's

The company that recently took over Old Time Pottery stores — Gabe’s — offers a seasonal layaway program at their 160 stores in 20 states. You’ll need to be a member of their rewards program in order to use layaway, and the program is only offered for purchases of at least $50 (maximum $500).

A $10 deposit is required, as well as a non-refundable service fee of $10. Minimum payments of 20% are due every two weeks. You get 60 days to pay your balance in full (or by Dec. 20, whichever comes first). If your layaway is canceled, you’ll lose the service fee and a $10 cancellation fee will apply.

TIP: You can’t apply any coupons to a Gabe’s layaway purchase, but you may still earn them depending on the offers available.


14. Conn’s HomePlus Layway lets you pay $50 or 5% of the item’s cost as a deposit.

Conn’s HomePlus, a retail chain with nearly 150 stores in Southeastern and Southwestern states, lets you buy appliances, electronics, furniture, or mattresses via Layaway. You start with a small deposit, either $50 or 5% of the item’s cost, and then pay the rest over 12 weeks in five equal payments. No credit required.


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