Amazon Layaway is the latest option to spread out payments directly from the retailer.

Have your eye on that new 70-inch Fire TV, but don’t have all the funds right now? Then you’ll jump at the chance to use the new Amazon Layaway program. With plenty of buy-now-pay-later options on the market, it makes sense that Amazon finally joined the club.

Let’s break the new funding option down by starting with the basics.


What is Amazon Layaway?

With the Amazon Layaway program, you can put 20% on the eligible purchase, spread out in five payments on an eight-week plan. When the payment due date hits, charges will automatically withdraw from your credit/debit card. Any taxes or shipping fees are added to the last bill.

If you need to make any changes to your payment plan, you can do so conveniently through your account page. If you’re feeling a little impatient or want your item shipped earlier, you can pay off the balance for it to come quicker.

Don’t worry about feeling stuck if you change your mind about the plan. If you cancel, you will get full refunds on all payments.

Amazon uses Zip (formerly QuadPay), where you can spread out your payments in four on any order. On top of that, your order ships right away as if you paid in full. If you don’t mind a shorter-term payment plan, this may be a better option for cheaper purchases. Research all of the buy-now-pay-later options available.


Does Amazon Layaway require a credit check?

No. Don’t worry about having to pass any kind of credit check. Unlike Amazon’s other buy-pay-later option, Affirm, there is no credit check or credit reporting with the layaway program. You will also not incur any interest fees on late payments.


Amazon accepts all payments for layaway — except gift cards.

All major debit cards and credit cards are accepted when you opt for a layaway plan. However, Amazon will not accept gift cards as payment when starting the layaway plan.


What happens if you miss a layaway payment?

If you miss a payment, there will be no hit to your credit. Amazon will send you a reminder email about the overdue amount. If they do not receive the payment by the time the next one is due, they will cancel the order and refund your previous charges.


Layaway only works for eligible Amazon items (which is great during Prime Day).

Layaway is only available for assorted items sold and shipped directly from Amazon. You can find the exact items available and a list of the categories of items that include furniture, PCs, and exercise equipment.

Want to burn some calories while lounging this summer? Then you can grab a FitNation Core Lounge Ultra Workout Chair on layaway.

You can use Layaway during Prime Day! So keep that in mind as you formulate your Prime Day shopping strategies!



Sale items retain their price when you buy them through layaway.

Find something on sale or a daily deal that you can’t pass up? Don’t fret about your layaway plan changing if the item’s price goes up. Whatever the product’s price is when you start the program is what the cost will stay.

The layaway program is available all year — even on the coveted Prime Day and holidays! You can also return any items with the standard Amazon returns and exchanges policies.

Tip: Go to the category you are most interested in under the layaway program page and filter “Today’s Deals” to find limited-time deals and Lightning Deals eligible for the layaway program for vast savings.


Does Amazon have layaway available in all states?

Currently, the layaway program is not available in all states. If you live in Connecticut, Washington DC, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, then you may have to wait a bit longer for it to roll out in those areas.

It is never too early to start securing gifts from that holiday shopping list, so make it a holiday for the books and start getting the goods with the Amazon layaway program.

If you want to get your gift by December 25 with the layaway plan, make your purchases by October 23.

Amazon Layaway Lets You Buy Now & Pay Later