Walmart is taking bold moves to make their in-store experience better and better.

Not only are they adding mobile cashiers and new digital maps, but now they’re going for the jugular this holiday season with a big addition: Build-A-Bear Workshops.

You ready to stuff a bear in the middle of Walmart? It’s already happening!


Walmart is testing Build-A-Bear Workshops inside some of its stores.

As of Oct. 16, Walmart began a six-store pilot program with Build-A-Bear, putting workshops up at the front of stores in Dallas, Phoenix, Daytona Beach (Fla.) and three locations in California.


The majority of the products from at the mall will be available at Walmart’s Build-A-Bear.

It’s a smaller shop than what you’ll find at the mall, but Build-A-Bear promises that they won’t skimp on the inventory of stuffed animals or accessories.


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Walmart is selling an exclusive $10 Build-A-Bear collection at these workshops.

Build-A-Bear can get expensive, but Walmart did what Walmart does and found a way to bring a discount to bear-building.

The new, full-size “Condo Cubs” line starts at $10 per bear — the same price as BAB’s miniature “Build-A-Bear Buddies” collection.

They also have Condo Cubs accessories/clothes starting at $5.



You can’t use Walmart gift cards or store credit at their Build-A-Bear locations.

Build-A-Bear is treating this like they’ve opened six more mall stores — they’re completely independent from their landlords.

That means you can’t buy your Walmart groceries at the Build-A-Bear, nor can you use Walmart Pay, gift cards or any of that there.

It’s a separate store.


More Build-A-Bear Workshops may be coming to Walmarts.

The six stores are a test for both Walmart and Build-A-Bear, opening the door for additional stores.

Expect to hear more from both parties after they assess the holiday shopping season.

TIP: If you’re looking for the bears, these stores are way convenient. If you’re looking for the full experience, go to a regular Build-A-Bear store. The Walmart versions are pretty plain as far as their decor goes.


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Build-A-Bear Stuffs New Stores Inside Walmart