Listen up, friends: Walmart’s Savings Spotter is everything for us frugal-minded, comparison shoppers. It’s the ultimate way to shop and save. What’s more, I’m sorta crushing on it, and here’s why.

1. Walmart comparison shops itself against sites like Amazon, Target, and Best Buy to match or beat their prices.

These Clorox wipes at less than half off (only $11.31 at Walmart vs. $23.80 on Amazon) are the perfect example. By simply installing Walmart’s Savings Spotter plug-in, I easily view Walmart’s price on pretty much everything I’m looking for.

What’s more: Walmart meets Amazon’s price on everything I’ve searched (and I’m a little obsessed when it comes to price comparison shopping). In many cases, Walmart’s even killing Amazon’s prices, and at less than half the cost, I can pick my Walmart items up the same day.


2. Walmart also sends the latest Rollback deals straight to my browser tab.

This is a major shortcut to finding the latest, greatest deals at Walmart. Just click the little “spark” icon in the upper right corner of your browser tab, and instantly see everything on Rollback from Intex air mattresses (for houseguest emergencies) to a refurbished HP laptop in fire engine red.


3. Walmart’s Rollback prices pretty much slaughter Amazon’s everyday pricing.

Amazon’s prices are pretty phenomenal, but Walmart’s Rollback prices are phenomenal-er. Ready to tackle summer? Check out this pool ($187 at Walmart vs. $262.55 on Amazon). For those who can’t math, that’s about $75 off. Bam. How you like me now, August summer heat index!


4. And Walmart lets me pick up many items within 24 hours.

Yeah, Amazon, with your 2-day shipping. That’s so 2015. Okay, okay, so you’re going to pay taxes when you shop locally at Walmart, but in most cases, you can pick up what you’re jonesing for the same day. And trust me. When you need diapers, you need diapers.


5. And if for some reason someone else sells it cheaper locally, Walmart’s still got me covered.

Walmart’s pricing wizards are working their hardest to keep their prices as low as they possibly can. But when, for some reason, Walmart’s isn’t the cheapest price, I just use their Savings Catcher app, scan my receipt, and Walmart puts that money right back into my account. Then I just print out a Walmart gift card as credit and apply it to anything Walmart sells.


Bonus: The plug-in doesn’t slow down my computer. At all.


My take:

Walmart’s Savings Spotter doesn’t comparison shop all online sites (I couldn’t compare on Ebay or Cabelas, as an example). It does, however, compare competing retail giants like Target, Best Buy, and Amazon. Now I can pretty much save enough money to buy everything and anything from the Peanuts Movie to a new Nerf gun to a Samsung TV. Oh, Walmart, you’re like my savings spirit animal. Install now on either Firefox or Chrome!

Walmart's Savings Spotter Is a Cost Comparison Game Changer