How many times do you think you unlock your phone every day? I’m pretty sure I move my finger across my phone’s glass screen at least 50 times to unlock it…and now I get paid for each swipe! All I had to do was download a free app called Fronto. Fronto’s goal is to have each of their users earn a minimum of $20 per month. If this sounds good—great, even!—read on and give it a try. It’s literally one of the easiest ways to earn we’ve ever seen!

Fronto’s earnings explained

Because “swipe and earn” seem almost too good to be true, I was initially wary of Fronto. Could I really earn enough to make downloading and using the app worth my time? Happily, so far I have found that with Fronto, my time really is money—I'm earning every day. With some swipes, I only earn a few pennies, but with others, I can earn a few dollars!

Earnings in a nutshell:

  • The app is designed to earn daily users $15 – $20 per month.
  • Current users report this is accurate (the app has a 4/5 stars rating from 3,000+ users).
  • When you earn a minimum of 13,275 rewards points, you can cash out for $5 to Amazon. Earning 15,000 allows you to cash out for PayPal, and there are coupons, gift cards, and other options.
  • Whenever you refer a friend to Fronto using a personalized link, you—and your friend—both earn $0.50!
  • Cash-out is instant—like right now, as soon as you click the button. No waiting around like other apps!

Get it now for FREE!

If you have an Android smart phone, you can get started with Fronto immediately. Download it now!  The very next time you swipe open your phone's lock screen, you’ll get your first chance to earn!

The basics

  • A swipe right will take you to your phone's home screen.
  • A swipe left will take you to sponsored content and more chances to earn.
  • Scrolling up and down will reveal additional earning opportunities.

How you earn

  • Read curated news articles about interesting topics.
  • Engage with advertisements and content.
  • Visit a sponsored website.
  • Download a new sponsored app you see on your home screen.
  • Refer friends!



What users say

I was impressed when I saw that 2,270 app users rated Fronto 5 out of 5 stars (and 555 more rated it 4 out of 5 stars). I say this because I tend to be a bit app-happy, and I've seen a lot of new ones where reading the user reviews talked me right out of trying a new app instead of into trying it!

But, of course, I wanted to surf around and see what others have said before taking the time to download it.

What do we like most about this setup? Most assuredly, it's the fact that you can earn a little extra money every month by doing something you're already doing…. We don't say this about every application we review, so listen up: Fronto is one of the coolest new ideas we've seen on the Google Play Store in a while.

With personalized content, users can have fun and enjoy discovering interactive advertisements, promotions and informative news stories most relevant to them. Fronto has partnerships with some of the world's top retailers to offer users the best prizes and incentives available.

Earn $240 extra per year!

In summary, what I've discovered thus far—both by trying Fronto myself and by reading what other users have to share—is that Fronto is worth the minimal setup time in spades! It’s super easy to earn, the content is interesting to me, and most of all, I'm motivated by the chance to earn $20 extra dollars per month—that's $240 extra dollars per year!




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