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20 Best Things to Buy on Wayfair

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When I initially think of Wayfair, I think furniture. Actually, first I sing the former “Wayfair, you’ve got just what I need” jingle, then I think furniture. Sorry, I digress — Wayfair has become pretty synonymous with quick-ship, affordable couches and coffee tables, but they stock a lot more than that. Take bedding, for example. Of the best things to buy on Wayfair, bedding is a popular item.

Then they sell stuff like air conditioners, washing machines, cabinetry — you name it. So if you’re asking if Wayfair is legit, well, by the size of their inventory alone the answer is yes. And when you factor in Wayfair deals and open box pricing, it makes some of the best things to buy on Wayfair even better. 

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Shoe Storage Cabinets, $19.99 and up

Real talk — shoe storage has come a long way. Now it comes in narrow, space-saving options that aren’t an eyesore, which is a gift on its own. But, also, you can find affordable versions that look expensive. While Wayfair has over 3,000 options, some as low as $19.99, the George Oliver 12-Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet ($93.99, Wayfair) is a viral TikTok sensation. And there’s free shipping on it, which means the regular price really is roughly $94, not $94 plus furniture shipping fees.

Patio Conversation Sets, $130 and up

Among the best things to buy on Wayfair include Patio Conversation Sets. These usually include two chairs and a small table (ya know, so you can have a conversation at them). Sometimes they’ll consider a conversation set a larger, cushier situation, still including some type of seating and a table to gather around. Wayfair has more than 23,000 items in this category alone on their site, with starting prices around $130. That breaks down to about $43.30 per piece for a three-piece set. Considering the average person spends $500 on outdoor furniture, I'll take that $130 price instead.

Outdoor Rugs, $22.50 and up

Even when I do my best to maintain the patio rugs in my backyard, they get mucked up. So I never want to pay a lot for them. I’ve had really good luck with Wayfair’s selection of outdoor rugs, which they have in thousands of different sizes and colors. Obviously the bigger the rug you need, the more expensive it will be. But I’ve found options here starting at right around $22 for a small 2’ x 3’ rug. During Wayfair Summer Clearance, you’re likely to find these options even cheaper.

Jill Zarin Rug
$22.88$58.00(61% off)
Shipping: Free on orders of $35+

Sheets, $21.99 and up

I can’t get the five people who live in my house to agree on anything. Yet nearly 59,000 people agree the Wayfair Basics® 1800 Series Sheet Set is five stars. The original price on the six-piece Queen-size set is $43.80, but all of the colors are currently at closeout pricing of $21.99 — which is 50% off. That’s a good deal. Personally, I also like to shop Wayfair sheets not only during Way Day, but also their Anniversary Sale with prices up to 70% off.

Wayfair Basics Sheet Set
$21.99$43.00(49% off)
Shipping: Free on orders of $35+

Extra Pillowcases, $7.70 and up

Here me out — I love the look of white bedding but my pillowcases look pretty ick after a while, even with proper care and regular washings. Extra pillowcases are helpful these are some of the best things to buy on Wayfair. A set of two is almost always on sale for $7.70 (regular price is $17.80 — so 57% off).

Table Linens, $10 and up

You can actually get disposable table cloths at Wayfair, too, but I skip those because they are cheaper at places like Dollar Tree. However their cloth table coverings come in a lot of sizes, designs, and colors — with decent prices to match. I've seen square cotton twill table cloths for as little as $10 each. Coverings to fit larger tables are likely to cost closer to $20. 

George Oliver Tablecloth
$29.99$38.69(22% off)

Glassware, $12.99 (for a set of four) and up

Let me tell you a dirty little secret — Wayfair Open Box glassware may be the best deal of all on the site. Now you can find some cheap glassware deals starting at $12.99 for a set of four during regular Wayfair sales, but always check that Open Box section. That’s where I’ve uncovered a set of four Godinger Dublin Crystal White Wine Glasses for $13.99 — that’s $3.50 a glass!

Safdie & Co. Glass Set
$18.99$18.99(0% off)
Shipping: Free on orders of $35+

Curtains, $8.54 (for a set of two panels) and up

This is a really frivolous thing to complain about — but why are curtains so expensive? Even the most basic styles can cost a small fortune when you’re trying to cover a room’s worth of windows. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the prices of window treatments on Wayfair, and the fact that so many of their offerings include two panels, not just one (because who needs just a single panel?). The lowest prices I’ve found are $8.54 for a set of two panels, however those are sheers. For blackout curtains, prices typically start around $12.99 for a set of two.

Orrin Ellis Curtain Set
$14.99$19.99(25% off)

Ealaf Curtain Set
$26.99$32.99(18% off)
Shipping: Free on orders of $35+

Coffee Tables, $40 and up

Lift-top coffee tables, storage coffee tables, nesting coffee tables — if you’re looking for something to set your coffee on, you’ll find it here…with affordable options. The cheapest styles start at $40 for a small 18” round table. Slightly bigger varieties tend to hover around $50, and then there are hundreds between $150 - $250. In a shocking twist Wayfair does sell a, wait for it, $20,0000 coffee table, but that feels wildly unnecessary.

Counter and Bar Stools, $49.99 and up for a set of 2 or more

Yep, you can get a lot of bar stool for your money on Wayfair. Many come in sets including two to four pieces, but you can also buy individual bar stools here, too. Frankly, I think you get the better deal when you purchase a set. The cost per stool tends to be lower than if you purchase them individually. For example, the four-stool set from Andeworld below retails for $119.99, which breaks down to $30 per stool. Whereas a single, 18” folding stool (which doesn’t reach counter height, by the way) is $34.99.

Hanging Planters, $16.99 (for a set of three) and up

Wayfair actually has a pretty expansive array of planters at decent price points, but it’s hard for them to compete with the prices you’ll find at Home Depot and Lowe’s. However their hanging planters look like those you find at West Elm and Crate & Barrel but at a lower price point. You can find sets of three on for as low as $16.99.

Garage Storage, $57.99 and up

Let’s face it, garage storage isn’t exactly “pretty” — but it can be expensive. It’s more utilitarian than anything else, corralling your cra-…stuff in an easy-to-find way. Of the best things to buy on Wayfair, I like their garage storage cabinet options. First, there are a lot of them. But, more importantly, they are more affordable than options at competing stores. Hanging wall cabinets start around $58, and the larger the piece, of course the larger the price.

WFX Wall Cabinet
$83.99$135.00(38% off)

Decorative Objects, $15 and up

I know, I know — decorative objects is such a random category. But I file these under the small accent pieces you see in Pinterest posts where an influencer is teaching you how to style a bookshelf or credenza. They come in all shapes and sizes and, for some reason, can be priced higher than they look like they ought to be. Wayfair is a treasure trove of these and a lot start at $15. Also look for Wayfair Open Box options for decorative objects to bring the price down even more. For all you know a home stager could have used one for a quick photo shoot and returned it. That return is your gain.

Steelside Haiden Sculpture
$17.50$56.88(69% off)

Wall Sconces, $34.99 and up for a set of two

You can walk the lighting aisles of big box stores all the live-long day looking at wall sconces, but personally I prefer to favorite the ones I like best on Wayfair, then compare them later. It’s just an easier way to comparison shop, in my humble opinion. Better than that, there are good prices on sconces at Wayfair on top of the style selection. So you can get some simple, clean styles starting at $34.99 for a set of two. That ends up breaking down to around $17.50 apiece.

Latitude Run Sconce Set
$42.99$57.99(26% off)

Storage Ottomans, $22.99 and up

Truthfully, you can find some affordable storage ottoman options in a few places, like Target and QVC. But Wayfair prices are comparable, if not cheaper, than those stores. For example, I've seen a set of two square storage ottomans on sale for $30.99 at Wayfair, which breaks down to less than $16 per ottoman. I like those numbers.

Cabinet Storage, $11 and up

Home organization influencers have made me think that my pantry should look like a work of art. It doesn’t, but cheap cabinet storage can at least help make my kitchen functional. From over-the-cabinet lid organizers to compact divided bins, these are among the best things to buy on Wayfair because they are priced well (as in you don’t have to pay a fortune at, say, The Container Store).

Rebrilliant Door Organizer
$11.99$19.99(40% off)
Shipping: Free on orders of $35+

Gallery Frames, $0.31 and up for a set of two or more

So I was pretty shocked when I found a set of two gallery picture frames for $0.31 on Wayfair. Yes, that means each frame is essentially $0.16. And they’re size 10” x 12” so not crazy small either. Now most gallery frame sets aren’t that inexpensive on Wayfair, but you can find collections of 10 for $30 or less, which is kind of wild.

East Urban Frame Set
Shipping: Free on orders of $35+

Sectional Sofas

If you try to buy a modular sectional sofa at West Elm, Crate & Barrel, or Pottery Barn, you’re looking at a price point of at least $2400 (and even then it’s probably on sale). I’ve found dozens of options on Wayfair for $1500 or less, like the TikTok-loved Corduroy sectional below. And, yes, there are also plenty of sectionals that are less than $700, but those are much smaller in size.

Note: Please, please, please measure your space to see what you have to work with before ordering a big piece of furniture like a sofa. And double check the dimensions on the product listing to make sure everything matches up.

Outdoor Playhouses, $115 and up

There’s an entire kids section on filled with products from cribs to backyard play. It’s hard to find outdoor playhouses that are considered “cheap,” but there are a lot of options on Wayfair that start at around $115. These consist of mostly Little Tikes plastic playhouses. You can find wood playhouses beginning at the $189 price point.

Live Plants, $13.49 and up 

I feel like I’ve saved the best for last. Yes, you can actually order live plants from Wayfair. Many come from Costa Farms, which supplies a lot of other retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s, but there are other brands as well. The size of the plant you want will likely determine how much you spend. For example a small succulent is just $13.49 while the Lemon Lime Prayer Plant (shown below) runs around $20.

Prayer Plant
Shipping: Free on orders of $35+

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