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When you head into the warehouse, Costco flowers are hard to ignore. Those fragrant scents and colorful varieties make you want to scoop up a bouquet “just because.” But it’s always smart to know whether you’re getting a good deal before you give in to temptation — because not all Costco flower deals are worth the price.

There are plenty of ways to make the most of your Costco membership, and flowers are no exception. From buying flowers in bulk on Costco.com to scoring huge mums and hanging flower baskets for less, this guide will show you which Costco flower deals to snag (and which ones to skip).

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1. Buy Costco flowers in bulk online and pay $0.53 – $0.75 per stem.

Someone shopping for bulk flowers on Costco.com

If you’re ordering flowers from Costco.com, buying in bulk is always the way to go. And Costco’s definition of “bulk” doesn’t always mean multiple bouquets. You can buy a 100-stem bouquet of carnations for just $0.60 per stem from Costco’s bulk flowers section online.

Bulk flowers usually don’t include a vase, but you’ll get to choose from a variety of colors, select your arrival date, and add personalized gift messaging at checkout. Delivery is also free for most bulk flower orders.

Pay $0.60 per stem
Pay $0.75 per stem

Planning a bridal shower? Or need budget-friendly flowers for your wedding day? You can buy multiple bouquets for under $100 each from Costco.com:

15 stems per bouquet, pay $0.53 per stem
16 stems per bouquet, pay $0.69 per stem

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2. Costco offers the cheapest roses in store — two dozen for $18.99 ($0.79 per stem).

a variety of red and pink rose bouquets in the Costco flowers display in the warehouse

Not even Costco’s online bulk price beats their warehouse deals on rose bouquets. When you shop in store at Costco, you can buy two dozen roses for $18.99 and pay just $0.79 per stem.

Costco’s online bulk price for a 50-stem rose bouquet is $59.99, or $49.99 when they go on sale. This comes out to $1.20 per stem (or $1 per stem on sale). So you’ll save at least $0.21 per stem by picking up your Costco roses in the warehouse.


3. Don’t buy individual flower bouquets from Costco.com — get them on FromYouFlowers.com, instead.

someone picking up a bouquet of pink Costco flowers in the warehouse

The cheapest bouquet you can get from Costco.com among their vase arrangements is $46.99.

But you can buy a florist-designed bouquet on FromYouFlowers.com for just $19.99. You can even get a Deluxe size for $10 less than the cheapest Costco.com bouquet and a Premium size for the same exact price. Plus, FromYouFlowers.com has a wide selection of bouquets available for same-day delivery, depending on your recipient’s location.

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4. You can buy premium bouquets of Costco flowers for $16.99 each, but you’ll find better deals at Trader Joe’s.

A close up on some bouquets of flowers on a shelf in Costco

Costco’s premium bouquets come in at $16.99 each, and they’re slightly larger than the biggest bouquet from Trader Joe’s.

But you can score an even better deal from Trader Joe’s if you buy two medium bouquets and put them together. In the end, you’ll get a bigger bouquet than Costco’s and pay less money — $13.98 versus $16.99.


5. Costco sells BIG fall mums — and they’re cheaper than smaller mums from other stores.

yellow mums and a purse in a costco cart

Last fall Costco sold 4.45-gallon mums for just $15.99 — lower than the normal price for smaller mums at other stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Compare that to these prices for mums, and you’ve got yourself a great deal:

  • 1.5-Gallon Tricolor Mums from Walmart, $13.97
  • 3.10-Gallon Garden Mums from Home Depot, $24.98
  • 2-Gallon Garden Mums from Lowe’s, $18.98



6. Costco has the largest hanging flower baskets, but you’ll pay slightly more per gallon.

Costco flower basket sitting in a cart with a sign that says $16.99 next to it

Costco’s hanging flower baskets are 2.3 gallons, which is nearly twice as big as the standard basket. They’ll cost you $16.99 each, and you can only buy them in the warehouse.

When you compare the price per gallon to those at Home Depot and Lowe’s, you’ll see Costco’s price is just slightly more:

  • Costco: 2.3-Gallon Basket, $16.99 (or $7.39 per gallon).
  • Lowe’s or Home Depot: 1.5-Gallon Basket, $10 (or $6.67 per gallon).

But if a larger basket is what you’re after, Costco is the best place to buy.

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7. Look for deals on Costco flowers right before Mother’s Day.

a woman pulling out a pack of purple/pink petunia flowers at Costco

In early May, Costco drops some great deals on spring flowers, which make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Here are some of the Mother’s Day flower deals we saw at Costco in 2022:

  • 18-Pack Wave Petunias, $14.99
  • Orchids in a Ceramic Pot, $15.99
  • 9.1-Liter Hydrangeas in a Pot, $19.99
  • 16″ Combo Planters with Assorted Mixed Flowers, $32.99


Buying Costco Flowers? Here's How to Pay Under $1 per Stem