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I hope the question in our title earns a loud and resounding YES from each of you! Because I know I would absolutely eat their new pie immediately after rushing back from my Costco trip. I’ve got a serious sweet tooth, and I think this Costco peanut butter pie might come close to satisfying my sugar cravings.

I’m also an absolute sucker for Costco’s prepared meals. They are filling, big enough for my entire family, and I love knowing dinner has been taken care of. And now I know that a Costco dessert is also waiting in the wings! I can’t wait to get my hands on this fluffy peanut butter pie. Here’s everything I’ve learned about it so far.

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This creamy, dreamy 12-inch pie weighs in at an impressive 4.75 pounds.

Several peanut butter pies stocked at Costco

A fellow Costco pie fan on TikTok @costcohotfinds shared her discovery of the nearly 5-pound pie on her most recent trip to the warehouse store. It’s a brand-new dessert from the Costco bakery, and apparently, it’s everything you imagine it would be.

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This new item is also so hot that they’re having trouble keeping it in stock! I talked to my Costco’s bakery manager, who said that most stores put a hold on making them because they realized they didn’t have enough ingredients company-wide to meet demand. He said they’ll have them in stock soon, though!

The Costco bakery is known for producing some pretty stellar desserts, particularly their pies. Costco’s pumpkin pie is another fan favorite. You should probably take a stroll through your local Costco bakery section to at least get a good look at their massive treats.



Peanut butter and chocolate lovers will be thrilled.

person looking at the costco bakery section

Peanut butter and chocolate have that sweet and slightly salty combo that I crave in a dessert. The Costco peanut butter pie comes with a buttery graham cracker crust, fluffy peanut butter filling, and a creamy chocolate mousse. It’s rich and smooth, and I, for one, will keep mine perfectly chilled in the refrigerator, just like I do with my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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Prepare to shell out $19.99 for the coveted Costco peanut butter pie.

Penuat Butter pies at Costco

After seeing photos and videos of this pie, $19.99 seems fair to me. These pies are baked in house, and the pie’s large size fits the price tag.

Some of my Costco peanut butter pie-hunting peers have confirmed that it’s not available in all stores just yet. And Costco has not commented on whether or not it will be (or when). So if you want to avoid being sorely disappointed on your next Costco trip, be sure to call ahead and ask if your bakery has this particular dessert in stock.

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Would You Eat This 5-Pound Costco Peanut Butter Pie?