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Kroger Fuel Points: How They Work (And How To Earn Bonus Points)

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You know how some store loyalty programs are just not worth the effort of joining? Well, I’m here to tell you that the Kroger Fuel Points program is definitely not one of those.

Not only is Kroger’s Fuel Points program totally worth it, but it’s also wildly easy to use. You just swipe your Shoppers Card when making a purchase at any Kroger Family store to start earning instant discounts on fuel. That’s it.

You’ll earn 1 “Fuel Point” for every $1 you spend, but you can earn up to 4x Fuel Points on every dollar spent during special bonus Fuel Events — like the 4x Kroger Fuel Points offer happening right now!

If the Kroger Fuel Points program sounds at all intimidating to you, use these tips I laid out below and you’ll start saving money at the gas pump in no time.

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How Kroger Fuel Points Work:

1. Sign up for a free Kroger Rewards membership to start earning Fuel Points.

person entering phone number at card reader in kroger checkout

If you shop at any Kroger store, you’ll definitely want to sign up for a free Kroger Rewards membership anyway.

You can sign up on their website or at any checkout line in the store. Once you’re set up, you’ll scan your Shoppers Card at checkout (or enter your 10-digit Alt ID) to start accumulating Fuel Points and apply other Kroger discounts to your order.

Your membership will be linked to your email address, so be sure to use the same email address when shopping online to earn Fuel Points.

TIP: Downloading the Kroger app (iOS / Android) is the easiest way to keep track of your money-saving Fuel Points.


2. Earn 1 Fuel Point for every $1 spent at any store owned by Kroger.

U.S. map showing the grocery stores Kroger owns.

Scan your Kroger Shoppers Card to earn 1 point for every $1 spent at any store that’s part of the whole Kroger family of stores.

It doesn’t matter how you shop (online or in-store), as long as you scan that Shoppers Card or enter the Alt ID you created when you first signed up for Kroger Rewards.

Remember that you can also use your Shoppers Card for purchases you make at Kroger pharmacies and Fred Meyer Jewelers. And you can even earn Fuel Points when buying gift cards or making online purchases. We’ll get to more info regarding those special purchases below.

TIP: Fuel Points are based on the pre-tax total, before any additional fees are applied. So Kroger pickup and delivery fees won’t earn you Fuel Points.


3. Redeem your Kroger Fuel Points for up to $1 off per gallon at certain gas stations.

So how do Kroger Fuel Points work once you earn them, you ask?

Once you’ve earned at least 100 Fuel Points, you can exchange them for savings at the gas pump — specifically, at Kroger Family gas stations or participating Shell stations. For every 100 Fuel Points you redeem, you’ll get $0.10 off per gallon of gas during a single fill-up.

There’s no limit to how many points you can earn, but you can only redeem up to 1,000 points at one time (and up to 35 total gallons in a single fill-up). That means the most savings you can get during a single fill-up is $1 off per gallon, or $35 off.

See which gas stations near you participate.

TIP: If you only want to use a portion of your Fuel Points during a fill-up, follow the prompts on the gas pump screen to choose the amount you want to use.


4. But you’ll get a discount of $0.03/gallon even if you don’t have any Fuel Points.

You don’t need current Fuel Points to get a discount on gas.

Anyone with a Kroger Shoppers Card can swipe it at any participating fuel station to get an automatic $0.03/gallon discount.


5. Look for 4x Fuel Points offers and promotions with digital coupons.

A sign for 4x fuel points on gift card purchases at Kroger

Look for additional promotions via digital coupons to earn up to 4x Fuel Points, or 4 Fuel Points for every $1 spent. These special savings periods usually last two to four weeks, depending on the exact offer. You’ll frequently see the offers apply to gift card purchases, which include gift cards for stores like Marshalls, T.J.Maxx, and American Eagle.

Just remember to clip the 4x Fuel Points digital coupon online or in your Kroger app before making eligible purchases in-store.


Prior 4x Fuel Points offer dates:

  • July 26 – Aug. 8, 2023: Get 4 Fuel Points for every $1 spent on gift cards in-store at Kroger (excluded Kroger gift cards).



6. Get 2x the Fuel Points every day with a Boost membership.

Someone looking at the Boost trial page on Kroger's website

If you frequently pay for Kroger delivery, sign up for Kroger’s Boost membership to get free shipping and delivery. With the paid membership, you’ll enjoy 2x the Fuel Points every time you shop.

Choose from two Boost membership options:

  • $59/year or $7.99/month to include next-day delivery
  • $99/year or $12.99/month to include same-day delivery in under two hours

TIP: Not ready to commit? Sign up for a free 30-day Boost trial and you’ll still rack up 2x the Fuel Points during your trial period.


7. Earn Fuel Points at participating Kroger Pharmacies.

Be sure to scan your Shoppers Card when making participating pharmacy purchases to earn Fuel Points there, too.

Pharmacy Fuel Points work a bit differently, though. Check it out:

  • Earn 25 Fuel Points for non-federally funded prescriptions
  • Earn 1 Fuel Point for every $1 out-of-pocket cost for federally funded prescriptions
  • Earn 75 Fuel points for a 90-day prescription


8. Earn 2x Fuel Points on everyday gift card purchases.

Swipe that Shoppers Card to earn 2 Fuel Points for every $1 spent on gift cards at Kroger Family Stores.

Certain prepaid, reloadable products are excluded, though, including Kroger Family gift cards or Green Dot prepaid reloadable products. Other gift card products like prepaid Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards are also excluded from the everyday savings, but we do see digital offers pop up for these occasionally.

TIP: Look for additional Fuel Point promotions on gift cards, like 4x Fuel Points this summer. To get the deal, each week you’ll need to clip the digital coupon online before you purchase in-store gift cards for retailers like Ulta, Kohl’s, or Uber Eats.


9. Save an additional $0.55/gallon for a year when you sign up for a Kroger Mastercard.

Depending on how much you fill up at the gas station, the additional savings may be worth it to sign up for a Kroger Mastercard. With their credit card, you’ll save an additional $0.55/gallon for a whole year.

It’s a credit card, so be sure to use it like a debit card and pay it off each month to avoid the steep interest rates.


10. Remember to use your Fuel Points before they expire.

Points expire on the last day of the month after your points were earned, so don’t wait too long to use them. For example, any Fuel Points earned in the month of July will expire on Aug. 31.


11. Check your Fuel Point balance at the bottom of a Kroger receipt or in the Kroger app.

To see your current Fuel Point balance, check the bottom of your Kroger Family store receipt. You can also log in on the Kroger website, or use the Kroger app to check your balance.


Frequently Asked Questions About Kroger Fuel Points

How many fuel points per dollar do you get at Kroger?

For every $1 you spend at Kroger stores, you’ll earn 1 Fuel Point.


How many Kroger Fuel Points do you need to get a discount?

Even without any Fuel Points, you’ll get a discount of $0.03 per gallon when you fill up at Kroger gas stations and swipe your Shopper’s Card.

To cash in your Fuel Points for additional savings, you’ll need a minimum of 100 Fuel Points to get a discount of $0.10 off per gallon in a single fill-up.


How much is 200 fuel points at Kroger worth?

You can redeem 200 Fuel Points for $0.20 off per gallon of gas in a single fill-up.

A balance of 200 Fuel Points means you spent $200 worth at Kroger stores.


What is the cash back percentage of Kroger fuel points?

Since you can redeem a maximum of 1,000 points at one time (and get up to a maximum of 35 total gallons of gas in a single fill-up), that means the most savings you can get during a single fill-up is $1 off per gallon, or $35 off. You’ll need to spent $1,000 to earn 1,000 points, so you’re getting a $35 reward for every $1,000 you spend.

This makes the cash back percentage come out to 3.5% with the Kroger Fuel Points program.


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