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It’s fair to say Squishmallows have taken over each corner of the internet, retail stores, and, yes, TikTok. While we’ve been keeping track of all the Squishmallow merchandise and rare Squishmallows available, Jazwares (the maker of Squish) confirmed that Squishmallow Happy Meals are coming to McDonald’s in the U.S.. There will be 24 Squishmallows for kids to collect!

Initially, we predicted a September arrival for these hotly-anticipated Happy Meals. This was based on a confirmed lineup of other branded toys to come before them. However, that prediction was incorrect. McDonald’s zigged when we expected them to zag. We’re sorry for getting anyone’s hopes up for fall. Instead, a Jazwares spokesperson tells KCL the Squishmallow Happy Meals are arriving in December. Unfortunately, they could not provide an exact date just yet.

Why December instead of September? Well, we speculate this is because McDonald’s wants to introduce a Squishmallows McFlurry at the same time. The dessert is already extremely popular in Canada, alongside the Squish Happy Meal. If they expect the same high demand in the U.S. for that McFlurry, it makes sense (to us, at least) that they would want all of their ducks in a row for the release here. Again, this is just us trying to make sense of the whole thing, given the Happy Meals were confirmed months ago.

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A Squishmallows McFlurry debuted in Canada on Aug. 1, but we’re not sure yet if it’ll come to the U.S.

a photo of the Squishmallows McFlurry from McDonald's.

Image: Courtesy of Snackolator

While the U.S. got the new Peanut Butter Crunch McFlurry on Aug. 9, Canada celebrated the release of their Squishmallow Happy Meals with a new Squishmallow McFlurry. This McFlurry is blueberry flavored with popping candy on top. We don’t know if this flavor will be coming to the U.S. in December, but we will update you with all the new information as it comes in!

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A Jazwares spokesperson confirmed the McDonald’s Squishmallows will arrive December 2023.

mcdonalds happy meal box with koala squishmallow toy

As previously mentioned, we initially predicted a release for Sept. 12, 2023, expecting it to run after a collaboration with Nerf set to end on Sept. 11.

However, we now have confirmation from a Jazwares spokesperson that the Squish Happy Meals will now arrive in December. Unfortunately, they did not provide an exact date within that month just yet.

The good news? When they do hit the U.S., each Happy Meal should come with its own Squishmallow (24 options total) and matching box to go with the meal.

Here are the different Happy Meals you can order:

  • Hamburger Happy Meal (reg. $3.69): a hamburger with a side of fries, apple slices, and your choice of drink
  • 4-Piece McNugget Happy Meal (reg. $4.19): a 4-piece nugget with a side of fries, apple slices, and your choice of drink
  • 6-Piece McNugget Happy Meal (reg. $4.59): a 6-piece nugget with a side of fries, apple slices, and your choice of drink


There will be 24 different McDonald’s Squishmallows to collect.

official promo of squishmallow happy meal toys from mcdonalds philippines facebook

According to a press release, there will be 24 different McDonald’s Squishmallows available to collect. Each store will be given 10 to 12 different designs, so if you’re looking to collect them all, you might have to go to a few different McDonald’s locations

These designs range from a blue owl with shudder shakes to an axolotl with disco glasses. Each of them will come with a matching box that has the same design as the Squishmallow.

“In partnering with McDonald’s we are able to bring fans a 360-degree Squishmallows experience that includes exclusive digital playlists, and special edition Squishmallows that will create one of the most elevated Happy Meal programs to date,” says Gerhard Runken, Senior Vice President of Brand & Marketing at Jazwares. “Happy Meals have featured so many iconic brands throughout the years, and this is a tremendous milestone for Squishmallows as we join forces with McDonald’s, one of the world’s most trusted and recognized brands.”



14 McDonald’s Squishmallows will have an exclusive playlist — a first for Happy Meals.

mcdonalds happy meal box with squishmallows toys and music notes

Even though there are 24 different Squishmallow designs, only 14 will have a special QR code that you can scan to take you to an exclusive playlist based on your Squishmallow design. It’s unknown which Squishmallows will come with this digital experience, but you will ned to scan the QR code on the Squishmallows packaging or Happy Meal box to get the playlist.

“This Happy Meal campaign brings the worlds of McDonald’s, Squishmallows and music together to elevate the fan experience and evolve our iconic Happy Meal brand in culture,” says Jennifer DelVecchio, Senior Director Global Campaigns and Alliances at McDonald’s. “Adding exclusive music playlists to our toys is a first for Happy Meal and we are extremely proud to collaborate with Jazwares’ Squishmallows, the #1 plush brand worldwide, and Universal Music Group on this initiative.”


Get a free Happy Meal when you redeem 6,000 McDonald’s Rewards points.

women holding cellphone with mcdonalds app next to happy meal

Members of the McDonald’s Rewards program earn 100 points for every $1 spent. Once you hit 6,000 points (or $60 spent), you can redeem your points for a free Happy Meal.

If you order during the Squishmallow Happy Meal toy promotion, you’ll get a free Squishmallow toy to go with your meal.


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McDonald's Squishmallows Happy Meals Confirmed for December 2023