Pizza Hut may have shuttered the bulk of their dine-in restaurants in recent years, but that doesn’t mean Pizza Hut deals are dead.

In fact, it’s just the opposite. With these Pizza Hut hacks, you’ll be able to get discounted pizza basically whenever you want it and a free pizza every now and then, too.

I’m sharing my complete strategy in the name of pizza obsession.


1. Get free pizza with Pizza Hut Rewards.

Free pizza is possible with the Pizza Hut deals Hut Rewards offers.

You can earn two points per $1 you spend at Pizza Hut, and you can redeem them for anything from breadsticks (75 points) to a large pizza (250 points).

Plus, as long as you make a purchase every six months, your points never expire. Surely, you’ll crave pizza at least that often!

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2. Earn points on delivery fees too!

I mean, if you’re going to pay to have your pizza delivered, you may as well earn points for it.

While you can earn two points per $1 you spend on delivery fees, you can’t earn points on taxes or tips.


3. Redeem Pizza Hut Rewards points only when you order online.

No matter how you order, whether online, in-store, or over the phone, you can earn Hut Rewards points towards a free pizza. Just be sure to tell them you’re a Hut Rewards member and give them your phone number so you earn points for every purchase.

But here’s the catch!

You can only spend (redeem) your Hut Rewards points for a free pizza when you order online at


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4. Find the best Pizza Hut deals online.

Pizza Hut has special deals when you order online.

Go to and tap “Deals” to find what’s currently offered.

On “Wing Wednesday,” you can get Bone-Out Wings for 60 cents each, making an 8-piece order $4.80 instead of the regular $8.99 price.

TIP: Deals rotate daily, so always check before you order.


5. Hoard the coupons that come taped to your pizza box!

Sure, some of the coupons are the same as a deal you could get online without using a coupon.

But there are two benefits to these coupons: One, you can get deals when you’re dining in that are typically available for online ordering only, like the Big Dinner Box (two medium, 1-topping pizzas plus a side dish).

Two, they don’t expire for about two months.



6. Get a free birthday treat when you join Pizza Hut Rewards.

Who doesn’t love a free dessert or a side dish on their birthday?

One thing you must know: it’s possible to join Hut Rewards without entering your birthdate. I’ve been missing out on years of birthday treats because I didn’t know this!

After you set up Hut Rewards, go to your profile, scroll down, and make sure to enter your birthdate.

You can also enter it immediately after placing an online order.


7. Jury’s still out on whether the Pizza Hut app is worth your time.


If you just have to have the app, go for it. You’ll be able to order pizza from it and access your Pizza Hut Rewards.

But there are no special incentives for downloading it, making it useless for our purposes.


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8. Add bacon bits from the salad bar to your pizza.

I mean, clearly only if you’re dining in and you’ve paid for the salad bar.

But hey, if so, free bacon on your pizza!


9. Ask for a free undelivered pizza.

This is a low-risk idea that may or may not work. If this doesn’t work for you, please do not call me nasty names in the comments section.

What is “undelivered pizza?” It’s pizza that’s basically orphaned. Someone ordered it but never came to get it, or it couldn’t be delivered to a home for whatever reason.

Chances are Pizza Hut will take a loss on it, especially if it’s been sitting under the heat lamp for a while.

So ask. If you get shut down, start negotiating a discount starting at half off.


10. Buy the largest possible pizza to feed your group.

OK, math nerd alert.

Did you know a 12 inch pizza isn’t just two inches smaller than a 14 inch pizza? Nope.

It takes 1.3 12 inch pizzas to equal the amount of pizza in one 14 inch. A large cheese pizza at Pizza Hut is $11.49 and a medium is $9.49. When I calculate the cost of 1.3 12 inch pizzas, it comes to $12.34, more expensive than the $11.49 14 inch pizza.

Learn more about the math behind why it’s a better deal to get the biggest pizza.



11. Save up to 10% with a Pizza Hut discounted gift card from Cardpool.

Freaking make your own Pizza Hut deal when you can’t find one you like!

While they’re not always in stock, Pizza Hut gift cards will save you more money.

For example, you can buy a $50 value Pizza Hut gift card for $45. That’s a 10% discount!

Sign up for alerts when gift cards are in stock so you’re the first to know when one is available.

TIP: Even though Pizza Hut is owned by Yum! Brands, which also owns KFC and Taco Bell, gift cards are not interchangeable. Meaning, you can’t use a Taco Bell gift card at Pizza Hut. Bummer!


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12. Even if you hate football, pick a favorite NFL team because you love deals.

Pizza Hut is the official sponsor of the NFL, so you can get special deals on game days.

It’s easy to pick a team if you have a fave, but even if you don’t, close your eyes and let your finger land on a team to be your new favorite.

Just select which team you want when you sign up for Hut Rewards.

And then just plan to jump on those glorious Pizza Hut deals on game days!


13. Plan to dine in as a family when your kids have Book-It coupons to spend.

Chances are good you’re well-acquainted with the Book-It program for reading.

It’s a program run through schools (if you homeschool, you can enroll your own kids) where kids can earn a free 1-topping personal pizza and a drink for reading a certain amount of minutes, decided by the teacher.

The real Pizza Hut hack here is to wait until the kids all have current Book-It coupons to go out as a family. When you do this, it’s basically a kids-eat-free experience!

Here are more top restaurants for kids.


14. Go ahead and use your Book-It coupons even if they’re expired.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve straight-up forgotten about my kids’ Book-It coupons. And then they ask me when are we going to Pizza Hut? and I realize, the coupon is expired.

They’re typically good for one month from the date the teacher issues them, but I’ve never had a Pizza Hut employee even look at the expiration date.

I guess nobody wants to be that human who tells a kid they don’t get their hard-earned free pizza.

Obsessed with the Book-It program? Here are a few more summer reading programs for kids.


15. On Tuesdays, kids can get a personal pizza and a drink for $1.49.

No Book-It coupon? No worries.

Just hit up your local restaurant on Tuesdays for a deal on Pizza Hut for your kids.


16. Take the survey on your receipt for a chance to win $1,000.

Your receipt will have a certain code at the bottom that looks similar to this: “hn72ktt0ne5.”

Once you enter the code, you’ll have about a dozen questions to answer and then you’ll be entered to win.

Check out a few more good reasons to stop throwing away your receipts!



17. Get college credits for completing company training courses or get money for college.

A few years ago, Pizza Hut rolled out their “Life Unboxed Edu” program through Excelsior College, which means employees can get college credits for completing Pizza Hut training courses.

This means up to 69 credit hours of on-the-job management-level training courses can be applied toward the student’s chosen degree program.

Plus, salaried employees can get up to $5,250 in tuition per year. Discounts are also available for hourly employees and family members.

New life strategy: sling pizzas to pay for the increasing costs of college.

Psst…here are a couple more companies that’ll pay for you to get your college degree.


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