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How to Score Deep Discounts on SheIn Clothing — Every Time You Buy

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SheIn officially took over as the largest fast-fashion retailer in the U.S. in 2021 — beating out Zara, H&M, Forever 21, and Fashion Nova. It’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular; SheIn’s low prices on clothing, flash sales, and coupons make it easy for you to save big whenever your wardrobe needs an update.

But unlike their competitors, SheIn doesn’t have brick-and-mortar stores — it’s all online. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to find all the different ways to save; luckily, we’re here to point you to the biggest savings.

Getting SheIn clothing for 60% – 80% off regular price isn’t just a possibility — it’s an expectation. Here’s exactly how you do it.

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1. SheIn’s Free Trial sends you free clothing in exchange for reviews.

Plastic bags from Shein and Romwe stacked on a wooden table next to some hair clips.

SheIn has a Free Trial program where you can fill out an application to get free SheIn clothing to try out and review. This is a great way to see if you like the fit and quality of SheIn clothing.

Three winners are selected for each item, and you can only submit three applications per week. To increase your chances of winning, we recommend looking at how many people have already applied for each item. The lower the number of applicants, the better your chances are for scoring free clothes.

Winners are chosen randomly, so how much or little you buy on the SheIn website doesn’t affect your chances.

If you’re chosen, items will take about 10 – 12 days to ship. Once you receive your item, you’ll have 10 days to write, photograph, and submit your review.

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2. Get a 10% -15% off SheIn coupon code for joining their email list and a 15% off coupon for downloading the app.

A graphic of two phones, one showing a 15% off offer for new SHEIN users and the other showing a "Registration Successful" page within the SHEIN app.

SheIn throws a lot of coupons at you early on, often with high order minimums. The coupons with the lowest order minimums, though, are the ones that you’ll get when you download the SheIn app (iOS / Android) and sign up for a SheIn account.

As I’m writing this article, I found that when you create a new SheIn account, you’ll get a 10% or 15% off coupon with no order minimum, and a 20% off coupon for orders over $69. Sometimes they’ll even give you another 10% off your first order if you sign up for a new account during one of their seasonal sales.

And you’ll get another 15% off coupon when you download their app for the first time.

These coupons expire one week after you earn them, so try to sign up around the time you’re planning to buy from SheIn.

TIP: You can always change your email preferences in your SheIn account if you’d rather get fewer (or no) emails from them later on.


3. You can always find SheIn coupons for 10% – 20% on the ‘My Coupons’ page.

A screenshot of the my coupons page on shein.com.

Once you have an account, you’ll always have access to SheIn coupons ranging from 10% – 20% off. To find these, go to your account page and click “My Coupons”. There, you’ll see all the coupons you qualify for.

The coupons change every 1 – 2 weeks, and the order minimum will vary. I’ve seen 20% off orders over $79 and 20% off orders over $189 — so check regularly to get the best coupon for your wardrobe needs. Unfortunately, they only allow one coupon per purchase.

I recently used one of these 20% off coupons when overhauling my winter wardrobe and also got to stack a SheIn reference code and my SheIn points to bring the total down even further (see Tip 5 for more about stacking).


4. Stack a SheIn ‘reference code’ to save an extra $2 – $3 on all orders.

A graphic displaying the process of entering a reference code into the SHEIN app for an automatic discount at checkout.

SheIn doesn’t allow shoppers to stack more than one coupon code at a time, but that rule doesn’t apply to their reference codes. Reference codes are something that SheIn ambassadors offer their followers on Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, and YouTube. Of course the brand ambassadors will get a percentage of your order cost as commission, but you’ll pay nothing extra.

All you have to do is search “SheIn reference code” in TikTok (Google works, too!), and the first few results will have some reference codes to choose from. Then just enter the code in the “My Reference” section of your SheIn account.

The code will be automatically stacked on every purchase you make, but you’re limited to one ref code per purchase.


5. SheIn allows you to stack points, coupons, and reference codes.

A graphic of a phone showing the stacked savings with a coupon and points on a cart of items on the SHEIN app.

You’ve earned points, grabbed a coupon, and found a reference code. Great! Now put it all together.

To redeem points, just enter the number you would like to use on the checkout page. For example, redeeming 132 points will get you $1.32 off.

You can use points to deduct up to 70% off the total price of your order (excluding tax, shipping, and insurance). Your points with the earliest expiration date will be used first. Look for the expiration dates to be explained when you receive your points — some will expire in as little as one week, but other points may last up to three months.

I was able to stack a SheIn reference code with $3 of rewards, plus another 10% off code I found through the app when I bought a dress for my niece. That brought my savings to 81%! Here’s how it worked:

Buy 1 Baby Girls’ Sunflower Combo A-line Dress $7, regular price

Use unique code for 10% off

Use $3.04 in rewards

Use reference code for $2 off

Free shipping on Sundays

Final Price: $1.26


6. Earn SheIn points for free by checking in every day using the app.

A graphic of two iPhones displaying the SHEIN app, one showing a pop-up for a daily check-in rewards tracker, and the other showing a pop-up for a confirmed check in earning 1 point.

You’ll always earn 1 SheIn point for every $1 you spend (excluding shipping and insurance), and each point is worth $0.01 (essentially 1% cash back). So redeeming 100 points will get you $1 off your order. You can redeem as little as 1 point ($0.01) at a time.

But, you don’t have to spend a penny in order to start earning rewards at SheIn. The easiest way to rack them up is to check in to their app — and you’ll get even more points if you check in multiple days in a row.

To check in, go to the app home screen and tap the “Check-In” tab near the top of the page — that’s it! You’ll get 1 point per check in, but if you check in once a day for 7 days, you’ll earn around 38 points. Certain days will award you bonus points, but the number of bonus points you’ll earn will vary. I did this for three months and managed to earn $4.94 that I could use on any purchase!


7. Earn SheIn points without making a single clothing purchase by completing simple tasks.

A screenshot of a graphic from the SHEIN website showing an offer of 100 Bonus Points for confirming registration by verifying your email address.

You don’t even need to buy an item of clothing to start earning some SheIn points. Here are other easy ways to earn SheIn points:

  • Verify your email: get 100 points
  • Fill out a short survey: 20 points
  • Submit a review: Every “like” your review gets gives you 1 point
  • Post a review on SheIn: 5 points (an extra 2 points if you include sizing info)
  • Post a review on SheIn with pictures: 10 points (an extra 2 points if you include sizing info)
  • Get your post featured by SheIn: 50 points
  • Win a livestream contest: 50 points
  • Participate in a livestream: points vary, but they’ll max you out at 400 points

Check their app and social media for new daily contests where they randomly award large sums of points.

Most rewards expire three months after you earn them.



8. Do image searches through the SheIn app to save 75% compared to clothes from other retailers.

A person holding a cell phone with a screen displaying blue dresses on the SHEIN app, next to a similar blue dress on a mannequin inside a store.

I saved 75% on a dress when I compared prices using the “Visual Search” function in the SheIn app.

To use it, hit the search button on the bottom of the app and tap the camera icon in the search bar. From there, upload a screenshot (or take a photo) of the piece of clothing you’re looking for.

The SheIn app scans the image and finds something stylistically similar. A dress I really liked at Express was $98 there, but I found a lookalike on SheIn for just $23.

There is one drawback, though. The app has a difficult time matching the clothing material. But it’s still worth a shot for the potential savings.


9. Planning to spend more than $200? Buy a SheIn gift card to save an easy 5%.

A graphic of two SHEIN gift cards overlapping each other.

Normally we recommend shopping for discount gift cards from places like Raise.com, but Raise doesn’t carry SheIn gift cards.

If you buy a SheIn gift card worth $200 or more from their site, they’ll give you a 5% discount. So you’re only going to pay $190 for a $200 gift card. How’s that for easy savings? You’d have to spend $1,000 at SheIn to earn enough rewards points to get that kind of a discount. Take the deal!


10. Get free standard shipping on SheIn clothing whenever you spend more than $49.

A person's hands taking a dress on a hanger out of a cardboard box that is sitting on a desk next to a laptop and a plant.

You can always get free standard shipping if you spend more than $49.

If your total is under $49, standard shipping will cost you $3.99.

Standard shipping takes around 13 – 17 days to arrive, which includes 1 – 3 days of processing time. SheIn also offers express shipping for $12.90, which will take around 9 – 14 days to arrive.


11. During SheIn Black Friday sales, clothing is Buy Two, Get One 99% off.

A SHEIN homepage screenshot of their Cyber Monday 2020 deals like buy one get one 99% off.

Some of the best SheIn discounts of the year are during their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales — which sometimes last way longer than just one day. Here’s what I’ve seen in the past:

SheIn Black Friday

  • 2021: 12-day sale, up to 85% off select styles. Some select styles were Buy 2 Get 1 for 99% off.
  • 2020: 7-day sale, up to 90% off select styles. Some styles were Buy 2 Get 1 for 99% off.

SheIn Cyber Monday

  • 2021: Entire site 50% off, select styles up to 85% off. Some select styles were Buy 2 Get 1 for 99% off. Free shipping sitewide.
  • 2020: Select styles up to 90% off. Of select styles, Buy 1 Get 1 for 99% off.


12. Shop the SheIn Anniversary Sale in October to get dresses and sweaters up to 80% off.

Two smiling women wearing sweaters outside in autumn.

If you’re shopping for dresses and sweaters, you’ll want to hit SheIn’s anniversary sale in October. In 2021 the sale was held Oct. 4 – 10, and we’ve seen 80% discounts on outerwear, sweaters, and dresses — like this sweater dress we found for $3.40 (reg. $17).


13. SheIn return policy gives you 35 days to return clothing.

A UPS package being dropped in a UPS mail box.

The SheIn return policy allows you up to 35 days to return a product.

But beware: they only accept items with the original tags and packaging intact — including their hygiene sticker. If they can tell that clothing has been worn or washed, SheIn won’t accept it.

You’ll also get free return shipping the first time you need to do a return on your items. After that, SheIn leaves you on the hook for the $7.99 return shipping cost, which will be deducted from your refund.


14. Why is SheIn clothing so cheap? Should I be concerned?

A person's hand holding a piece of paper advertising the SHEIN brand.

There are trade-offs with fast fashion’s low prices.

SheIn manufactures most of its products in China, where production costs are low, and they have low overhead costs since they’re an online-only store. Other fast fashion companies like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, and Fashion Nova do the same thing to produce high volumes of products for a low cost.

To make your SheIn clothing last, make sure you follow washing instructions on the tags, or be extra cautious and hand-wash your items.

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What are your hacks for shopping SheIn? Let us know in the comments below!

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