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All the SheIn Return Policy Stuff You Need to Know

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The SheIn return policy is pretty fair and straightforward, but you should always know what you’re getting into before you shop. Since SheIn is an online-only retailer, you don’t get to try anything on before you buy. That’s why knowing their return policy is so important — so you can shop all those trendy, stylish pieces risk-free. Also, their products are usually cheap, so there’s a stronger-than-usual chance that you won’t like something when it arrives.

You’ve probably got some questions, like…how many days do you have to make a return? Can you even make a return if you bought something on SheIn Exchange or used SheIn coupons? What if you already removed the tags? Is SheIn legit in the first place?

We dug through the details and answered all your SheIn return policy questions right here.

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1. How long do I have to return an item to SheIn?

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You can return SheIn items within 35 days of your original purchase date.

They used to give you 45 days, but the policy got shortened to just 35 days. Keep in mind: The 35-day countdown starts the day you place your order, NOT the day your order arrives.

SheIn won’t accept your return after the 35-day window passes, so you must ship and postmark your return packages within 35 days.

TIP: The SheIn return policy doesn’t cover anything you purchase through their resale site, SheIn Exchange. Those resale items are all considered final sale.


2. What do I need to return an item to SheIn?

You WILL need a receipt for all your SheIn returns, but don’t panic — they make it easy to locate your receipt. Since you need to create a SheIn account before you make a purchase, all your orders are tracked in your online account. All you have to do is sign in to your SheIn account to access your receipt and order information.

Your SheIn returns must include the item’s tags and original packaging, so don’t throw anything away (even if it seems unimportant at the time)!


3. Can I return an item that I used or opened?

a blue and white maxi dress from Shein laid across a table with a SheIn card on top of it

Generally speaking, you can’t return a used or opened item to SheIn. That means you should never (and I repeat, NEVER) remove the tags from your SheIn items before you decide what you want to keep. They need to be attached if you want to make a return.

Your returned items also can’t have any stains, rips, or signs of wear, so be extra careful when you try things on for the first time. If your item has a hygiene sticker on it (like swimsuits will), don’t remove that either. SheIn won’t accept your return without it.

TIP: If you bought a wig, SheIn’s gonna be on the lookout for signs of cutting, bleaching, washing or any other alterations to it.


4. Are there exceptions to the SheIn return policy?

Yes, there are exceptions to the SheIn return policy. Here’s the list of items that you can never return to SheIn:

If you aren’t sure whether an item is returnable, always check with SheIn Customer Service BEFORE you make your purchase. If you wait until after your item arrives, it may be too late!


5. What is SheIn’s return policy for damaged or defective items?


If your items arrive damaged or defective, the key is to report it within 24 hours of your package arriving. You’ll also want to take photos before you do anything else.

When you start the return process, SheIn will ask you to submit photos that clearly show the damage or defect.

TIP: If you don’t report that the item was damaged and you try to return it, you may face a $7.99 “rejected-return” fee.



6. Does SheIn do free return shipping?

This is probably the best part of SheIn’s return policy. After you start your first return for an order you made on their website, SheIn will generate a free shipping label for you to print and attach to your package. You’ll need to use the shipping label they provide in order to send your first return back for free.

While your first SheIn return from a single order is free, you’ll have to pay a $7.99 shipping fee for each additional return you make from that same order. SheIn will deduct the $7.99 shipping fee from your refund total once they process and approve your return.

Basically, try to batch all your returns up in one swoop each time you order from SheIn so you don’t face the $7.99 return shipping fee.

TIP: SheIn will give you a full refund for all eligible items you return, but your original shipping fees are always nonrefundable.


7. How do I get a free return label from SheIn?

You can return most SheIn clothing and unopened items within 35 days, and the first return from each order ships back free.


Here’s how to process your SheIn return:

  1. Sign in to your SheIn account online.
  2. Find your order under “My Orders” and select “Return Item.”
  3. Choose the item(s) you want to return, and indicate the reason for your return.
  4. Choose your return method (USPS or UPS). Print the generated return label, and securely attach it to your package.
  5. Drop off your return package at any USPS or UPS location near you.

Keep in mind: The return label SheIn provides you with will only work if you’re shipping within the U.S.


8. How long does it take to get my SheIn refund?

After SheIn receives your return at their facility, they’ll issue your refund within about 7 business days (more or less). But that’s after they receive and process your return — so you’ll need to tack on another 3 – 5 days to the timeline to account for shipping times.

Even though SheIn will issue your return within 7 business days of receiving your order, it may take longer to see the money hit your account. This is especially true for credit or debit card purchases, and the timeline will vary depending on your bank.


There are two ways to get a refund for your SheIn return:

  1. Get your refund paid back to your original payment method.
  2. Get your refund paid back as store credit. If you choose store credit, your refund goes to your SheIn Wallet Balance, which you can use to pay for future SheIn purchases.


How do I check the status of my return?

Are you wondering where your return package is and when you’ll get your refund? Here’s how you can find out:

  1. Sign in to your SheIn account.
  2. Go to “My Orders” then “Order Details.”
  3. Click “Return & Refund Record.”

You’ll see one of these three return statuses:

  • Processing: Your return is in the works, but SheIn hasn’t received your package yet.
  • Arrived at Warehouse: SheIn received your return and will issue your refund or exchange as soon as they finish quality checks.
  • Refunded: SheIn processed and issued your refund successfully.


9. How do I get a refund for a purchase I made with a gift card?

two shein gift cards overlapping on hardwood floor

It’s important to note that if you make a purchase with a SheIn gift card and later request a refund, the refund will be issued to that same gift card.

So even if you’ve spent the balance down to $0, don’t delete the email records with the gift card number until the 35-day return window has closed because your refund will still be on the way!



10. Can I cancel an order before it ships?

Yes, in many cases, you can cancel a SheIn order before it ships. You’re gonna have to act fast, though. If you go to “My Orders” and see a “Cancel Order” button, you’re still within the acceptable timeframe to cancel it before it ships.

If you don’t see this button, one of two things likely happened:

  1. Your order already shipped.
  2. You purchased an unreturnable item (see Tip #4) or a nonreturnable item from one of SheIn’s cooperative brand partners.


11. Can I return an item that I bought online?

Considering that most people can only buy SheIn products online, yes, you can totally return your online SheIn purchases!

If you bought an item at one of the rare SheIn pop-up events, there may be a different return policy. For example, we’ve seen the return window end when the pop-up shop closes — and no online returns are allowed for in-person purchases.

Check with the manager of the pop-up event before making an in-person purchase. The rules may change from event to event!

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12. Can I exchange a SheIn item for a bigger or smaller size?

a blue and white dress from SheIn packaged in a bag with the SheIn logo on top of it

Yes — but because processing times can be slow, you might not want to go this route. You might just want to do a return instead and re-buy the size you want.

SheIn inventory moves quickly, which means by the time they receive your exchange and try to grab the product in the right size or color, it’s likely to be out of stock.

Instead, just start your return and separately purchase the replacement item on a new order. Your refund money will be held up for a week or two, but it’s better than getting caught in an exchange for an item that’s no longer in stock.

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13. Can I return SheIn gift cards?

Unfortunately, you can no longer return unused SheIn gift cards. Technically, certain states have laws that require SheIn to give you some money back, but this only applies to relatively low balances after you’ve spent them down a bit.


States where you can get money back from returning gift cards:

  • California: for cards with a balance of $10 or less (and the original balance was above $10).
  • Colorado: for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • Massachusetts: for cards with a balance of $5 or less (or after you’ve redeemed 90% of the gift card’s original value).
  • Maine: for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • Montana: for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • New Jersey: for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • Oregon: for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • Washington: for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • Puerto Rico: for cards with a balance of $5 or less.
  • Texas: for cards with a balance of $2.50 or less (and the original balance was above $5).
  • Rhode Island: for cards with a balance of $1 or less.
  • Vermont: for cards with a balance of $1 or less.


14. How do I get in touch with SheIn customer service?

someone using the SHEIN customer service chat

If you have any problems processing your return, tracking your package, or receiving your refund, contact SheIn Customer Service online. There’s no phone number — you’ll have to do a live chat. And you’ll have to catch them between the hours of 6 a.m. and midnight PT.


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