Calling all back-to-school shoppers!

We rounded up all the Staples shopping tips and tricks you need in order get the absolute most bang for your buck:


1. Use the Amazon app to get a price match plus a 10% discount.

Bring proof of a lower price on a new, identical item from any store that sells both retail and online (along with Amazon and Wayfair).

Not only will Staples match the price — they’ll give you an additional 10% off.

Staples also price matches their own website. So if you find a cheaper price online, just show proof to your cashier, and you’ll get the cheaper online price.


2. Join Staples Rewards
to get 5% cash back and free shipping.

It’s totally free to join, and you can manage your Rewards account from the Staples app

. Here are the perks:

  • Receive up to 5% cash back on all your Staples purchases: You’ll start at 2% cash back. Once you spend $499 within a 12-month period, it jumps to 3%. Spend $1,000, and it goes up to 5% cash back.
  • Get access to free shipping.
  • Earn $2 back for every ink and toner cartridge you recycle: Spend $30 on ink or toner, then exchange your old used cartridges for $2 each (up to 10 per month)!
  • Teachers score an additional 10% back on teaching and art supplies.


3. Take advantage of the $0.25 “penny deals” during Back-to-School season. (That’s NOW!)

Take advantage of all the “loss leaders” at Staples. Loss leaders are products sold at a loss to the company in order to attract customers to the store to buy the full-priced items. But at Staples you can get five loss leaders at a time. So you should totally just do that and skip the full-priced stuff.

4. If Staples runs out of the ink you need, you’ll get $10 off, plus free shipping.

Staples guarantees they’ll have any ink you need in stock at any location.

So, if you can’t find your ink at the store, get it shipped to your home for free, plus $10 off the price.

5. Get discounted gift cards through Gift Card Granny, and save 4% on your purchase.

Always check Gift Card Granny or Raise for discounted gift cards before you purchase anything.

You’ll instantly get an average savings of 4% at Staples.


6. Sign up for Paribus before you shop at Staples to get a refund for price drops.

Once you sign up for Paribus, it will continuously scan online purchase receipts in your inbox.

If Paribus finds a lower price on something you purchased from Staples, they’ll request a refund for the price difference.

Check out how I scored over $130 cash back using Paribus.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.


7. Aim for at least 50-75% savings when you shop.


8. Text SAVINGS to 555444 to get a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase.

You’ll also get deal alerts.


9. Shop online and pick up your order at the store in one hour.

Talk about instant gratification!

Choose the “Pick Up

” option, and select your closest store.

You’ll receive a confirmation email and another email when it’s ready to be picked up.


10. Earn 5% cash back to put toward your student loans when you shop through Upromise.

If you have student loans, shop through the Upromise online shopping portal to get 5% cash back.

That money can either go straight toward student debt, or you can receive it via check.


11. Or earn 2% cash back shopping through Ebates.

Prefer Ebates? Earn 2% cash back when you shop through the Ebates shopping portal.


12. Bring your forgotten coupon back to the store and get a price adjustment.

It happens to even the most seasoned couponers! You straight-up forget your coupon at home.

Luckily, when it comes to Staples, you just bring back your coupon within 48-hours of the purchase, and they’ll happily honor the coupon.


13. Shop the online refurbished center
and clearance for up to 75% off.

Always check the clearance section (both online and in stores), and the online refurbished section

before pulling the trigger on large-ticket items like furniture or devices.

You can find in-store clearance toward the back of the store.

New items are put in the clearance section (usually at the back of the store) several times per week, depending on the store location.

Clearance items are clearly marked with a bright yellow “clearance” tag and list the final price after all markdowns.


14. Get free PC checkups and tech support.

If you buy a computer at Staples, be sure to keep this in mind:

  • PC repair is guaranteed next day or it’s free
  • Get a free PC Health Tune-Up.
  • Get free 30-day tech support with any PC or printer purchase.


15. Exchange your used electronics for Staples gift cards.

Receive a Staples eCash Card

when you trade in your old smartphone, laptop, tablet, eReader, iPod, or MP3 player.

And if Staples won’t buy back your electronics, they’ll recycle up to 7 items per day for you



16. Look for the “Hot Deals” tag in the store for up to 40% off.

Keep an eye out for the red “Hot Deal” tags in stores. Here are two examples of recent in-store hot deals:

  • Staples pencil cup and cell phone holder: $12.99 (regular price), $9.99 (Hot Deal price)
  • Six-pack neon Post-its: $12.49 (regular price), $7 (Hot Deal price)


17. Sunday is the best day to shop in stores.

New sales and promotions start every Sunday. Grab the Sunday paper to find two-day deals, good for Sunday and Monday.


18. Opt to “bundle” products to save an average of 30%.

Some purchases, especially in the electronics department, offer a bundle option to save.

Buy an HP Compaq Hard Drive, and add on a one-year Office 365 subscription to save $20 instead of purchasing both separately.


19. Employees and their household family members get 10% off.

I’m not saying it’s a reason to pursue a career at Staples, but it might be a nice job to have during the holidays if you’ve got some big electronics purchases to make!


20. Skip the Staples credit card.

Unless you’re looking to make a huge Staples purchase (and you’d be interested in a few months of no interest), skip the credit card.

The perks aren’t worth it, and we can recommend other cards that’ll offer you better rewards, like free travel!


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20 Little-Known Staples Shopping Hacks That'll Save You Money