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Not only have Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas returned after being pulled from the menu for 17 long months, but they’re multiplying.

That’s right, we’re seeing more varieties of Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas just months after the menu item’s triumphant comeback in September. Taco Bell first tried to bring back the Mexican Pizza in mid-May 2022, and the response was so big that the chain had a hard time keeping it in stock. They had to pull the menu item again so they could keep up with demand. And as of Sept. 13, 2022 — Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas are back for good.

So … is the Mexican Pizza back at Taco Bell? Why did it leave? What’s with the new types of Mexican Pizzas?

Here’s what you need to know:


Taco Bell is releasing a super-sized Mexican Pizza.

person holding a slice from the super sized taco bell mexican pizza

Taco Bell is releasing a new Mexican Pizza, exclusively available to Fire! Reward Tier members in Glendale, AZ on Feb. 12. It’ll come in an custom swag kit that’ll include crispy chicken wings and other treats delivered right to your door. Non-AZ residents can still enjoy a free Mexican Pizza with a minimum $20 purchase through the Taco Bell app delivery on Feb. 11 and 12.

There are plenty of Big Game Freebies that you can get while watching the game.


Taco Bell is testing two new types of Mexican Pizzas.

The return of Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas has been big — big enough that Taco Bell is looking to expand into new varieties of Mexican Pizzas.

An original Mexican Pizza is built with a flat, tostada-like “crust,” an enchilada sauce base, and either beans or ground beef — topped with a tortilla, sauce, cheese, and tomatoes.

As of Dec. 22, Taco Bell says they’re going to start testing two new types of Mexican Pizzas. In Oklahoma City, customers will be able to try a Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza that’s topped with nacho cheese and jalapeno slices for $4.99 – $5.49. In Omaha, Nebraska, the Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza ($5.99) will be a 3-layered version with twice the beef and beans.


Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas were pulled from the menu in 2020.

6 Taco Bell Mexican pizzas on an orange background

Fans of the Mexican Pizza saw it disappear in November 2020, but when it came back in May 2022, demand was unsustainably high.

According to Taco Bell’s Twitter, the need for the beloved Mexican Pizza was seven times higher than when it had left the menu — and they ran out of the supplies they needed. So they stopped selling them while they could better prepare for a full-fledged Taco Bell Mexican Pizza comeback.

Now that it’s back, you’re going to want to brush up on your Taco Bell Happy Hour strategy.



There are even more Taco Bell Mexican Pizza-like items on the menu.

Listings of the new Taco Bell menu item, the Cheesy Chipotle Chicken Flatbread

The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza has a similar menu item making its way into Taco Bell locations. Taco Bell quietly launched a new Mexican Pizza-like menu item: the Cheesy Chipotle Chicken Flatbread.

The new menu treat — last we heard, it was only available in Charlotte, North Carolina — is made up of a flatbread topped with a 3-cheese blend, tortilla strips, onions, creamy chipotle sauce, and grilled chicken. The Cheesy Chipotle Chicken Flatbread is $3.99, or $6.99 if you get the combo with a Crunchy Taco and large drink. (Although if you order it on Grubhub, it’s going to cost a little more.)

While it’s only available in a few limited restaurants right now, in true Taco Bell fashion, it’ll probably launch nationwide in the near future.


You can make your own Mexican Pizzas at home.

A homemade Mexican pizza with a quarter piece being taken from it

Yes, there are lots of them — how else have people survived the 17-month hiatus? You can make the Mexican Pizza at home — here’s one of the better recipes we’ve found:

  • Cook ground beef and taco seasoning
  • Lightly fry two corn tortillas
  • Spread enchilada sauce on one tortilla; then put refried beans and ground beef on top of the enchilada sauce
  • Layer cheese on top of the protein
  • Put second tortilla on top of the protein and cheese layers
  • Put enchilada sauce on top of the second tortilla
  • Add cheese on top of enchilada sauce and sprinkle with tomatoes, green tomatoes, and sour cream
  • Cut the Mexican Pizza dupe into fours



Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas Are Back — and Multiplying