Taco Bell is taking a cue from their sister company Pizza Hut, and is moving away from dining rooms. But you probably weren’t dining in anyway.

In a post-COVID world, there’s going to be lots more emphasis on takeout and drive-thru, and Taco Bell is redesigning their future stores accordingly.

This isn’t your typical drive-thru vibe. Here’s what you need to know:

There will be two drive-thru lanes at the new Taco Bells.

The new “Go Mobile” Taco Bell format will have one standard drive-thru lane, plus a “priority pick-up lane.” Basically, if you ordered ahead, you can go in the fast lane. Otherwise, order as usual in the regular lane.


Taco Bell will be adding contactless curbside pickup — but no dining rooms.

The average Taco Bell is about 2,500 square feet in size. The new Go Mobile format will only be 1,325 square feet.

There’s no room for dining rooms with Go Mobile, but there is a small pickup area inside the building. (Just think of the carryout options at Pizza Hut and similar places.)


You’ll order Taco Bell with the help of “bellhops.”

Taco Bell wants to speed up the ordering process with the help of tablet-wielding “bellhops.” Chick-fil-A already does this now, and it’s pretty effective for moving things along.



Smart technology will make sure your food is ready at just the right time.

Don’t you hate it when you place an order, only to have to wait for them to make it once you get to the restaurant? Or, just as bad, when they’ve made it too early and the food’s cold?

Taco Bell says the Go Mobile stores will have “smart kitchen technology” that will use the app and geolocation features to detect when guests have arrived at the restaurant and suggest the quickest pickup option.

It’s basically a taco-inspired air traffic control system.

Taco Bell’s “Go Mobile” stores are opening in early 2021.

No word yet as to how many of these Go Mobile locations will open, but Taco Bell says the first of these will roll out in the first quarter of 2021.

In the meantime, Taco Bell is trying to improve existing restaurants’ efficiency. They said that since early 2020, the average time spent in the drive-thru is 15 seconds shorter.

You could always get Taco Bell delivered for free.

As exciting as Go Mobile is, it’s even more exciting to get Taco Bell brought to your doorstep — for free. Here’s how to find free food delivery near you.


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