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We all want Zulily free shipping — even with all the deeply discounted items they have to offer. Shipping and handling fees used to be the norm. But now if you were to ask me the last time I paid for shipping, I’d be hard-pressed to have an answer. After racking my brain for a moment, I’d probably tell you the last purchase I made where I didn’t get free shipping was from Zulily.com.

If you’re wondering what Zulily is and why I would pay to shop there, it’s like an online-exclusive TJMaxx and I’m a sucker for saving at TJMaxx. With all the ways to save at Zulily, their discounts are hard to resist. But when you’re riding the high of up to 80% off your favorite clothing, paying that $6.99+ shipping fee just feels wrong. And it shouldn’t.

So if you’re like me, wondering and searching for any way to avoid paying for shipping at Zulily, here’s all I know.

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1. Zulily shipping is free on orders of $89 or more.

A Zulily box sitting on a front porch in front of someone's front door.

Zulily rarely drops their minimum free shipping threshold down from the standard $89. Even for sales like Zulily Black Friday or their annual Birthday Sale, you’ll still have to pay that $89 minimum to unlock free shipping on your purchase. But don’t panic — there are still ways you can avoid overpaying for Zulily shipping.


2. After your first Zulily order, shipping is free on additional purchases for the rest of the day, no matter how small.

A person opening a Zulily box while sitting on a couch

Place an order for just one item to open up free shipping for the rest of the day. Each additional item will ship free until 11:59 p.m. PT that same night.

For example, I recently needed shoes for myself and my kids for an upcoming wedding. Instead of ordering them all together, I ordered my own shoes and paid $6.99 for shipping.

Then I went back the same day and purchased three more pairs of shoes for my kids and got free shipping for all three.

Normally, each additional pair of shoes would have cost $2 each to ship. But since I made a second order the same day I placed my first order, I saved $2 shipping per item — a total of $6 savings.


3. For Zulily orders placed on Fridays, shipping is free on additional orders through the weekend.

person browsing nike shoes on zulily website

You can forget about spending a minimum of $89 to get free shipping from Zulily.

Instead, order just one small item on a Friday and pay the standard $6.99 to ship your item. That order will unlock Zulily’s free shipping for anything else you buy for the rest of the weekend.

Free shipping on additional orders will last until 11:59 p.m. PT Sunday night, according to their policy.

TIP: Make sure your additional items qualify for the standard $6.99 shipping rate. Bulkier items like strollers, furniture, or rugs may include additional shipping surcharge fees no matter when you order them, so plan accordingly!



4. Refer a friend and receive $15 off your next order to offset Zulily’s shipping costs.

Someone looking at the Zulily refer a friend information webpage

Once your friend places their first order with Zulily, you’ll get a $15 credit in your account.

That $15 referral credit will cover two Zulily orders’ worth of standard shipping at $6.99 per order!


5. Get $15 off your purchase to cover the cost of shipping if you sign up for the Zulily credit card.

Someone looking at the Zulily credit card information page on their phone

It’s not exactly the same as free shipping, but the onetime $15 account credit will more than cover the cost of your $6.99 shipping fee, with $8 to spare.

After getting approved through Zulily’s credit card application process using your personal information, the card has zero annual fee. But it’s important to note that this is a true credit card with over 30% APR, so definitely be sure to pay it off each month if you sign up for one.

Maximize your savings by also taking advantage of those extended free shipping windows we already talked about.

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Want Zulily Free Shipping? Use These 5 Easy Ways