Today’s hottest celebrities are eager to use their influence to promote products they believe in. One outcome has been a new wealth of celebrity-curated subscription boxes—each containing some pretty awesome items hand-picked by a famous influencer, and I like them. I like them a lot. If you want a monthly taste of super-star standards, try out one of these decently priced boxes. They’re fun to receive every month and make you feel a little closer to living a VIP lifestyle without the super high-end costs!

Like everyone else, I have my personal favorites—six of which are listed here.

1. The Honest Co. (Jessica Alba)

Jessica Alba is a Golden Globe-nominated celebrity, but she states unequivocally that she is a mom first and foremost. As co-founder of The Honest Co. and author of “The Honest Life,” Alba’s intention is to offer other busy moms a wealth of products she trusts to use with her own two daughters.

Get a free trial for each bundle first (just pay $5.95 for shipping) to see if you like the products, then choose your preferred bundle (choose from Essentials, Diapers + Wipes, Organic Infant Formula + DHA, and Health & Wellness bundles). You can then customize your bundle within each category.


  • Costs: Bundle prices start at $35. Save up to 40% when you order multiple bundles. Pay as you go.
  • Cancellation policy: Cancel at any time without penalty.
  • What users say: My Subscription Addiction rates Alba’s box as one of their top six faves, praises Alba for her work ethic and hands-on leadership of The Honest Co., and happy moms rave about the bundles!



2. Fabletics (Kate Hudson)

Celeb Kate Hudson is wild about working out, and she has turned her passion into an affordable line of high-quality athletic wear called Fabletics. Take a very quick lifestyle quiz to start, then shop curated separates and outfits based on your responses. I love how I can save up to 40% on same-quality athletic wear.


  • Costs: Get your first outfit for $25 (a 50% discount) and free shipping, then shop as you like by the piece or sign up for VIP membership at $49.95 per month (includes free shipping and rewards points—accrue 1,000 points and get a free outfit!).
  • Cancellation policy: Skip any VIP month and there is no charge; cancel at any time without penalty.
  • What users say: AFoodieStaysFit praises Fabletics for clear, fair policies and great outfits; RamblingsofanUrbanMom is similarly happy with the service; and VIP members love it!



3. JustFab (Kimorra Lee Simmons)

Kimorra Lee Simmons is the President of JustFabulous (or “JustFab” for short). Her stated goal is to bring red carpet couture into the mainstream with affordable, trendy styles. Along with Simmons, JustFab boasts a panel of style experts that collaborates to curate the site’s outfits.

Take a short style quiz and begin shopping from a selection of curated outfits tailored to your preferences. You’ll get a personally curated selection of shoes, accessories, and separates in your own curated “boutique.”


  • Costs: New VIP members save 50% off your first purchase. JustFab items are always $39.95 and shipping is free for orders of $39+. Exchanges are free (one of my favorite features!).
  • Cancellation policy: Skip any VIP month and there is no charge; cancel at any time without penalty.
  • What users say: ShoeClubReviews reviewers and users alike give the site top marks; VIP members love it!



4. FabKids (Christina Applegate)

Celebrity mom Christina Applegate is one of the parent-founders for FabKids, a company chartered to give kids the chance to dress in styles unique to their personalities. The clothes are darling, and the process to shop and order is super-simple (essential for busy moms!).

Get started by completing a very short style quiz for your child, then shop from your own curated outfits. You’ll get full outfits and individual pieces curated towards your child’s preferences—I love how this saves me both time and money.


  • Costs: Shop by the outfit (each outfit costs $42), or join the VIP Membership club and get your first outfit for just $15 + free shipping, and reduced monthly outfit pricing of $29.95.
  • Cancellation policy: Skip any VIP month and there is no charge; cancel at any time without penalty.
  • What users say: MissFrugalMommy loves FabKids, as does TickledPinkintheRain; plus the site is getting rave reviews from major media.



5. Shoedazzle (Kim Kardashian)

If there is one thing Shoedazzle co-founder Kim Kardashian is known for (besides her curvy bod), it is her personal sense of style. She knows how to rock what she’s got, from head to toe. Shoedazzle focuses on her toes—and yours—with a selection of footwear curated by Kim and chief stylist, Rachel Zoe!

First, complete a short style quiz to generate your personally curated online store. Then, shop as a regular customer or join the VIP member club and get 75% off your first order, plus up to 25% off all items each month with free shipping and exchanges.


  • Costs: Shop by the shoes (or handbags) or become a VIP member and pay $39.95 a month.
  • Cancellation policy: Skip any VIP month and there is no charge; cancel at any time without penalty.
  • What users say: com Style gives ShoeDazzle a positive review—plus, 1.5 million shoppers LOVE IT!



5 Awesome Subscription Boxes Hand-Picked by Famous Celebrities