They say the New Year’s gym rush can last until March. But a crowded gym shouldn’t matter to KCLs, because they would never spend $30 a month to exercise at a gym when it can be done at home for much less, right?

It’s easy to get a full-body workout at home using resources that will cost less than $30 each. And that isn’t a monthly cost, either! Here’s how to get fit for less:

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are great because they’re super versatile. They can be used in yoga, pilates, or even in weight training and offer a greater range of motion than traditional hand weights because resistance can be worked in all directions.

They’re also super portable! Don’t pay to use a hotel gym. Pack a band to take along on the next business trip or vacation to stay on track.

Get a resistance tube for $12.99 at Target, or find a set of three resistance bands for $11.45 at Amazon.

Check out Fitness Magazine’s online resistance band workout and learn how to get fit fast!

Hand weights

The benefits of hand weights are many. They work stabilizing muscles because they require more balance and coordination than traditional weight machines. Don’t believe the myth about weights causing bulk: Strength training helps build lean muscle mass. Weight training causes the body to burn calories faster and for a longer period of time than aerobic exercise. To maximize benefits of weight training, choose a slightly heavier weight rather than light weights.

A five-pound dumbbell is less than $8 at Amazon.


Kettlebells are balls of cast iron with a handle, and they are a hot item for trainers and fitness buffs. But this isn’t just a trend. Kettlebell training is a major calorie burner. A recent study from the American Council on Exercise revealed Kettlebell workouts burn 20 calories per minute! Because of their round shape and weight, they stabilize and strengthen. They can be carried to do walking lunges (a favorite for personal trainers). Want abs of steel? Kettlebells will get you there!

Get a full body kettlebell workout for free at Women’s Health online.

Buy a 10-pound kettlebell for $13.10 at Walmart.

Jump rope

Spend 30 minutes jumping rope and torch 300 calories. There’s a reason boxers jump rope as part of their training routines. It’s a major aerobic workout and does wonders to boost endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Get a jump rope for $6.12 at Overstock.

There are many other affordable resources to get fit. Read this KCL article to learn about sites that feature free workouts.

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How to Get Fit for Less than $30