I’m a J.Crew sale shopping enthusiast/fanatic (depending on who you ask). I shared my first round of tips with you in the previously published KCL article, 4 Ways to Save at J.Crew: Part 1. Once you’ve read that article, check out my second round of tips for saving big at J.Crew below!

1. Use the J.Crew credit card

The J.Crew credit card can only be used for your J.Crew purchases (in-store, online or catalog purchases). If you’re a frequent J.Crew shopper, you may want to consider using this credit card as it does offer the following benefits to cardholders:

  • Get a discount: Receive 10% off your first purchase. (Discount may not be combined with any other promotion.)
  • Earn gift cards: As part of the J.Crew Card Rewards Program, you can earn a $25 J.Crew gift card for every $500 you spend on your J.Crew credit card (that’s the equivalent of receiving a 5% discount on purchases you make with your store credit card).
  • Free alterations: Receive complimentary, standard alterations on purchases made in retail stores.
  • Receive special promotions: Receive other special cardholder promotions and discounts. For example, as a cardholder, I once received a coupon for a free nail polish change at the fancy spa in the same mall as my local J.Crew store.

If you’re unsure whether you’ll be able to pay your J.Crew credit card balance in full and on time every month, then it’s not financially wise to open one since it has a very high APR of 24.99% and also charges a considerable monthly late payment fee of $25.

2. Earn cash back when you shop online using Ebates and ShopAtHome

  • Ebates: Earn 2% cash back when you shop at JCrew.com and 1.5% cash back at JCrewFactory.com when you use Ebates.
  • Shop at Home: Earn 3% cash back at JCrew.com and 2% back at JCrewFactory.com when you use Shop at Home.

3. If the shoe fits, wear it!  

J.Crew often makes “mini-me” versions of some of their non-high-heeled shoes for their CrewCuts girls’ shoe line. While the shoes look nearly identical to their grown-up counterparts, the CrewCuts versions are cheaper. If you wear a US women’s shoe size 9 or smaller, you can likely fit into CrewCuts shoes. To find your CrewCuts shoe size, measure both of your feet starting from the back of your foot to the tip of your longest toe and then use the measurement from your longer foot. The CrewCuts Shoe Size Chart (CrewCuts only makes shoes in whole sizes) is provided in the image below. J.Crew doesn’t provide a foot length measurement for its women’s shoe sizes; however, their shoes run pretty true to size and thus adhere closely to this standard US Women Shoe Size Chart from Zappos.com, which I’ve also included in the image below.

As you can see from these two shoe size charts, if you wear between a size 5 and 9 in women’s shoes, you’ll likely be able to fit into CrewCuts size K3 – K9 shoes. Pictured below are two different examples of J.Crew women’s shoes that also come in lookalike, lower-priced CrewCuts versions.

J.Crew Women’s’ Maren cross-strap sandals in fragrant orange; $110.00
CrewCuts Girls’ strappy leather sandals in neon papaya; $65.00
Savings: $45.00 (a 41% savings)

4. If you’re petite, try lower-priced CrewCuts girl’s clothing

Many pieces of CrewCuts girls’ clothing look nearly identical to J.Crew women’s pieces, but they typically have a lower price point than their “grownup” counterparts. If you’re petite, slender and small-busted, then you may be able to get J.Crew style at a lower price by fitting into some of the larger CrewCuts sizes. A women's petite size 2 or smaller will likely match a CrewCuts girls’ size 14. If you wear a women’s petite size 0, you’ll likely be able to fit into a CrewCuts girls’ size 12. Some CrewCuts girls’ clothes come in size 16, which is equivalent to a women’s petite size 4. Click here for more detailed J.Crew women’s clothing size charts and  here for more detailed CrewCuts girls’ clothing size charts.

J.Crew women’s toothpick jean in pitch black: $125.00 at (sold out)
CrewCuts Girls’ toothpick jean in black: $58.00
Savings: $67.00 (a 54% savings!)

5. A second chance at savings: get a price adjustment

Don’t you just hate it when you buy something full-price and then it goes on sale? If this happens to you at J.Crew, you may be in luck and may be able to get a one-time price adjustment. Here’s J.Crew’s official price adjustment policy: “J.Crew gladly honors a one-time price adjustment on full-price merchandise within seven days of the retail purchase or mail-order ship date if accompanied by the original receipt. Items not purchased at full price are ineligible for price adjustments.”

To learn more specifics about the policy, I chatted online with a J.Crew customer service representative through JCrew.com live chat service. Here’s what I found out:

  • J.Crew store purchases: You must go back to a J.Crew retail store location to get your price adjustment.
  • JCrew.com purchases: There are two ways you can obtain a price adjustment: (1) take your receipt for your online purchase to a J.Crew retail store or (2) contact J.Crew at 1-800-562-0258.
  • No stacking: You can’t “stack” a price adjustment with any other discount. For example, you can’t bring in your receipt to a J.Crew store and ask for a price adjustment and then also try to further reduce the item’s price with a 15% off coupon you received in your email.

6. Shop the factory store and JCrewFactory.com

Many shoppers believe that J.Crew Factory Stores and JCrewFactory.com sell old, unwanted merchandise that didn’t sell from J.Crew retail stores and JCrew.com. As of about two years ago, this is completely false. J.Crew Factory Stores and JCrewFactory.com only sell merchandise made specifically for the factory store. Much of the merchandise is based on past season styles from J.Crew. As such, the clothes are essentially knockoffs of J.Crew clothes.

For example, check out the two green floral dresses shown in the image below. To an uneducated shopper, the J.Crew Factory dress on the right looks identical to the J.Crew dress on the left. In reality, the J.Crew Factory dress is a knockoff of a J.Crew dress that was sold two seasons ago. Whereas the J.Crew dress is made from 100 percent silk duponi (a luxurious, high-end fabric), the J.Crew Factory dress is made from cheap polyester.

J.Crew silk duponi Swoop dress in punk floral: $178.00 (no longer available)
J.Crew Factory polyester printed circle neck dress in emerald pool: $74.50

  • Look for defects: If you’re going to shop at J.Crew Factory stores, carefully inspect the item for loose threads or mismatched seams and look at the quality of the fabric and craftsmanship.
  • Buy sale items: Buy from the J.Crew Factory during one of its “take 50% off everything” sales. These happen about once a month and are more common at J.Crew Factory retail stores than on JCrewFactory.com.
  • Look at the label: If you’re buying a J.Crew item from a second-hand retailer (i.e., thrift store, consignment store or eBay) be aware of the different label types (see image below for examples). Items made specifically for J.Crew Factory stores/JCrewFactory.com will have a garment label that says “J.Crew” with two dots underneath it. Items sold at J.Crew retail stores/JCrew.com will have a garment label that says “J.Crew” with no dots. A couple years ago, when J.Crew Factory stores would carry unwanted merchandise from the actual J.Crew stores, they would indicate this on the garment tag by drawing a line through the “J.Crew” brand name on the tag.


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