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Be the Life of the Party With Free Baby Shower Games

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Hosting a baby shower can get pretty dang expensive. Beyond buying a gift for the newborn baby and mom-to-be, hosting also requires invitations, food and drinks, decorations, and maybe even booking a venue. It can add up quickly. And when you want to do something special for your friend, it’s hard to say no to fun ideas, baby essentials, and oh-so-cute baby items. Fortunately, the good news is that you can keep the costs down by opting for a smaller guest list, a DIY approach to decorations (like this DIY baby shower wreath that doubles as a gift!), and printing your own free baby shower games.

We’ve put together a collection of games that we’ve played at various baby showers over the past few years and thought were really fun. These baby shower game printables are completely free for you to use, and we also include the answer keys!

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How to use these free baby shower games.

Each of these games includes free images that you can download and print at home or at a print store. To try to keep print costs (and paper waste) down, we included two game printables on each piece of paper. You will need to cut them out yourself prior to the party.

We also included an answer key for the games that need one. That only requires one printout for the host (that’s you!) to use on the big day. We’ll also cover any game instructions or additional supplies needed. This way you can rest easy knowing everything you’ll need and how the game works before the shower.

Bust out the mobile devices for the What’s In Your Phone? game.

What’s in your phone game printable

See who knows their baby prices with The Price is Right baby shower printable.

The Price is Right printable game

For this game, print out as many playing cards as you have guests, and print out one extra for your own answer key. Before the shower, do a little internet searching at or for item prices of these products in your local store. At the shower, you can read the products out loud and have guests guess the prices. The closest price without going over gets to add a point to their score!

To make this game more interactive, you could also purchase all of the items on the price sheet and lay them in a line on a table. Have guests walk through the line filling out their guesses. Sometimes it helps to see the items in person! And then after the shower, you can put all of the items together for a sweet gift basket of baby essentials to give to the parents-to-be.

Emoji Pictionary with children’s book titles is harder than it seems!

Emoji Pictionary Children's Books printable game

Have your guests brush up on their knowledge of classic children’s literature with this fun emoji guessing game. Each set of emojis spells out the title of a beloved children’s book. While some are easy, others are a little more difficult. Reward a point for each correct answer, and the person with the most points wins! Don’t worry, we’ve included an answer key for this one.

Match the baby to its mama with the Animal Match baby shower game.

Baby Animal Match printable game

This is a baby shower game classic. Your guests will match each adult animal’s name to the correct term for the baby animal. Who knew a baby llama was called a cria? We’ll see if any of your guests do!

Have guests predict the baby’s attributes and offer some advice to the parents.

Baby prediction & advice printable

This is less of a game and more of a nice take-home memory for the mom-to-be. You can absolutely send a prize after the baby is born to whoever makes the closest predictions. But the fun here comes in the parents reading all of the parenting advice from their closest friends and family members.

Who can name the most alphabetical baby products? Find out with this ABC shower game!

Baby Shower ABC Game printable

Have guests go down the alphabet and name as many baby-related items as they can for each letter. You can limit this to one item per letter or let guests name as many as they want and give a point each. Or go wild and give people 3x points if they can think of something for X or V!

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Promote some friendly competition with Baby Shower Family Feud.

Baby Shower Feud printable game

Ask your guests to name the most common answers for the selected categories, and whichever team gets the most correct wins. We’ve provided an answer key based on common answers in these categories, but you can adjust this however you see fit before your baby shower.

Unscramble these common baby words (if you can!).

Baby Shower Word Scramble game printable

A word scramble is a classic solo game for baby shower attendees. We’ve included an answer key for this one, and you can offer up bonus points for any words or phrases you think are the most difficult.

Search for these common baby words in a baby shower word search.

Baby Shower Word Search Printable

This fun and simple baby word search has hidden words all related to a newborn. Print one out for each of your guests, or have people partner or team up for a group ice breaker activity.

Test your baby-related knowledge in a friendly game of Baby Trivia.

Baby Trivia game for baby shower

How many bones do babies have? Which sense do babies develop first? See who knows their baby facts with this printable baby trivia game. We provide an answer key just in case you don’t know the answer to these (we didn’t at first either!).

Find out which celebrity has a baby with the most unique name.

Celebrity Baby Names game for baby showers

Match the unique baby names to the celebrity parents! Some of these babies are pretty grown now, but we love an uncommon baby name.

Guests can learn a few things about the parents-to-be with this fun game.

Guess Which Parent game for baby shower

Let the friends and family guess which of the soon-to-be parents fit each of these questions. This printable game works best if you make yourself an answer key by asking the parents these questions prior to the shower. Lastly, read off all of your answers after everyone has had time to guess.

Give a little love to the dad-to-be with this Dad Jokes printable baby shower game.

Dad Jokes baby shower game

Everyone loves a good dad joke. See if your guests can guess the punchline of these silly riddles and puns. Level up the competition by setting a timer to see who can guess them all correctly in a limited amount of time.

Send the parents home with well wishes for their baby.

Wishes for baby printable baby shower game

This is a sweet printable that allows all of the baby shower guests to share their wishes for the new baby. It can be printed out and left on a table for when people arrive, and they can work on it in between other games and activities. You can ask guests to share their advice out loud with the parents or send these cards home to read at a later time.

Play a little trivia about the guest of honor.

Who knows mommy best trivia game for baby shower

See who knows the soon-to-be mommy best with a trivia game. We’ve included an answer key that you can fill out about the guest of honor prior to the shower.

Have some timed fun with this quick Think Fast baby shower game.

Think Fast! baby shower game

Tell your guests keep the paper facedown on the table. Start a timer for five minutes and have them flip the paper over to complete as many answers as they can before the time runs out. We’ve provided an answer key, but you can absolutely add additional answers that you’d accept for points.

Match the candy name to the baby phrase.

Sweet Baby Candy Match baby shower game

Some of our favorite candies correspond with common baby phrases and words. Have your guests guess which candy name matches the baby phrase, and the person who gets the most correct wins!

Name that song!

Name That Baby Song game for baby shower

Each of these song titles has the word baby in them. We provided you with the other words in the title along with the artist. (Hint: Justin Bieber’s Baby is not included!) Award some extra points to anyone who can belt out more of the lyrics? It’s up to you, but we think yes!

Test your Disney knowledge with this Disney Parents Match Game.

Match the Disney Parents baby shower game

This one is for Disney fans! Match the Disney character to their parents to get a point. The person with the most points wins the game. For a tiebreaker, you could have guests name another parent match off the top of their heads. Then the first person to name another set of parents that isn’t on this list wins.

Play Baby Shower Scattegories to see who can come up with the most unique answers.

printable game of scattergories for a baby shower

Have guests fill in answers for each category that begin with the letters A, B, or C. Ask guests to read their answers out loud. However, any duplicate answers cancel the points, so points are only awarded for unique answers that nobody else has. The person with the most unique answers, and therefore the most points, wins!

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