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Diapers are freaking expensive, right?!

And if you want to avoid kissing $50-100 per month goodbye the minute your baby arrives, you have to get creative!

Best way to begin? By taking advantage of all the ways to get free diapers.

We’ll start you off with these 12 ideas:


1. Earn points toward free diapers with Huggies Diaper Rewards program.

The Huggies Diaper Rewards program rocks! You’ll get a free pack of newborn diapers when you sign up, AND you can trade your rewards points in for packages of free diapers or gift cards (to get more free diapers, of course!).

Earn points by purchasing Huggies products, taking surveys, watching videos, sharing the program on social media, or referring friends.

Find out why Huggies new rewards system kicks Pampers’ behind.


2. Sign up for a Target Baby Registry to get free diapers.

You’ll score a few free diapers in your welcome goody bag after you sign up for a Target Baby Registry. Picking up the bag is totally worth it — you’ll get $50 worth of exclusive samples and coupons.


3. Cash in your rebate app points for free Amazon gift cards, then get 20% off the retail price with Amazon Family.

Earn Amazon gift cards by using some of our favorite rebate apps: Ibotta for groceries, Paribus to catch savings after items you purchased go on sale, or take surveys with PointClub.

Then, save up all those free Amazon gift cards to use on diapers!

Before you start cashing in, join Amazon Family to save 20% on diapers. You’ll also get free 2-day shipping. Amazon Family is included in your Prime membership — just add a child profile and start saving.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.



4. Spend your credit card rewards on diapers.

Use your credit card rewards cash back check on a big ol’ stack of free diapers.

The Chase Freedom cash back rewards card gets you 1% cash back, and rotates through bonus periods for certain categories including 5% cash back at wholesale clubs!


5. Ask your Mom Group to start a diaper pass-along program.

When a child has suddenly outgrown a diaper size, one mom can pass the rest of the package on to another mom whose child is still comfortably rockin’ that size.


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6. Check the National Diaper Bank to see if you qualify for free diapers.

If you qualify as “low income” in your area, you may pick up free diapers from your local diaper bank.

This organization is set up to give diapers only to those in need, so check to see if your family makes the cut.


7. Sign up for a free diaper trial from The Honest Company.

You’ll have to pay $5.95 for shipping, but you’ll get 7 patterned diapers and 10 wipes for free!

If you choose to cancel, you must do it within 7 days of placing your trial order or you’ll be charged a monthly subscription fee.

If you do keep the subscription, invite friends and get $20 credit (for more free diapers) when they make a purchase.




8. Check the FFS (free for shipping) Diaper Swappers forum for free cloth diapers.

The FFS (free for shipping) Diaper Swappers forum has a thread solely for free (used) cloth diapers.

Sometimes families are giving away everything you could possibly need to diaper your baby, and you only have to pay the cost of shipping!

Act quickly — these popular offers get claimed almost immediately.


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9. Sign up for a free Everyday Happy trial to get 6 free diapers.

For the cost of shipping ($5.95), you’ll receive 6 diapers and 10 wipes. Just be sure to cancel your subscription after signing up, or you’ll automatically be enrolled in the $80/month program.


10. Cash in points for free cloth diapers with Nicki’s Diapers rewards program.

We love the perks of this cloth diaper site: free shipping on orders over $10, plus a free gift on every order over $49!

After creating an account, you’ll earn points for every purchase, which adds up to steep discounts. 1,000 points = $75 in freebies!



11. Win a year of diapers by entering Luvs social media contests.

Companies like Luvs have occasional sweepstakes giveaways where one lucky winner wins a whole year of diapers (over $2,000 value).

Follow your favorite brands so you don’t miss out on these random contests. Hey, somebody’s gotta win, right?


12. Take home all the hospital freebies.

After having my kids, the hospital sent me home with a bag of goodies, including whatever brand of diapers my baby had been using in the nursery.

Be sure to ask if your birthing center or hospital offers any type of goody bag for new mothers.


Bonus: Stack coupons with sales to get (almost) free diapers.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to saving money on diapers, couponing is it.

Use Huggies coupons and Pampers coupons when you see a sale and then stock up! In fact, if you download the KCL app, we will tell you when and where to get the best diaper deals.

These deals come around so often that there’s never any reason to pay full price.


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12 Easy Ways You Can Get Free Diapers