You are the designated tour guide when your friends and family come to town. You  know the off-the-beaten-path things to do in your city (the kind of stuff that can't be found in guidebooks and isn't plastered all over Yelp). Well, now earn extra cash working as a tour guide in your city through the innovative travel experience site Vayable is an online marketplace for vacation activities, like tours and other events offered by local experts. The site provides two options: get paid as a tour guide for travelers visiting your area or get a tour from a local expert.

Give a Tour: Earn Money as a Tour Guide

To give tours, visit and click on "Offer an Experience."  Once redirected to a new page, click on the blue button that says "Offer an Experience."  Follow the prompts to list the experience and tour you would like to give travelers visiting your area. In theory, you can post a potential tour for any area of the world. But you will have the best luck recruiting travelers to a tour if you live in a popular tourist destination. (According to Vayable, its major U.S. destinations are: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and Hawaii.)

When brainstorming a potential tour, keep in mind that you need to offer a unique experience at a reasonable price (you set your own prices). Come up with something that uses your insider knowledge of your city and that tourists couldn't find with a traditional tour company. For example, a Vayable tour guide from San Francisco offers a $37/3 hour "Scout for Street Art" walking tour for those who want to "discover the murals, stencils, and what's-it-calledists that make up the city's street art scene." Or, there's a guide from New York City who offers a $48/3 hour “Midnight Street Food Crawl” ; a walking tour of all the city's best street food, promising a “late-night culinary party in your mouth.”

List your tours and experience on the site and make sure to include pictures and video, if possible. Vayable will review your listing and contact you for a video or in-person interview to ensure quality, safety, and best practices before going live, typically within 24 hours. If your tour is accepted, booking requests will appear in your email and Vayable dashboard.

Confirm booking requests through the site. Other travelers will be able to automatically book your tour, and you can place parameters on minimum and maximum number of people on your tour. Meet your "tourists" at an agreed upon date, time, and location . Make sure to show them an amazing time in your town. Tour participants can post a review of your tour.

Within 24 hours of giving your tour, Vayable will make a secure funds transfer into your bank account (minus its 15 percent cut). No money has to be directly exchanged between you and the tourists.

Working as a Vayable tour guide is an innovative way to make some extra cash, meet new friends, show off your local culture, and shape the way tourists view your community.

Get a Tour: Book Inexpensive, Unique Tours at

If you are visiting a new city and are looking for a unique travel experience, search the destination on Vayable for tours given by local experts. See something unique and experience a city like a local. As they say: When in Rome, hire a Roman to show you around (or something like that!) Booking a tour through Vayable is typically less expensive than main-stream, commercial tour companies. All guides on Vayable are screened through multiple verification methods.

Culture Club: Share Your City and Earn Cash as a Tour Guide