I really do love my couch. It is very old, which means it is a) unsightly and b) incredibly comfortable. I like to travel too, but I am always glad to come home to my couch again. Luckily, there are ways I can save up to visit the places I want to see without leaving my couch to do it. Read on to learn how you, too, can earn more frequent flyer miles without even getting off your couch!

1. Open up a travel-centric credit card

Many credit cards are now offering free round-trip airline passes just for opening a line of credit. You can find some of them while wandering through the terminal while on layover. But you can find them even quicker through doing an Internet search (from, you guessed it, your couch).

  • View this list of airline credit cards—each card will give you sufficient points to redeem a free round-trip ticket, subject to individual card terms: http://cardsfortravel.com/tag/airline/
  • Check with the airline you use most frequently to see what credit card offers they have.

2. Get airline miles for buying or selling a vehicle with DealerMiles.com

DealerMiles is an incentive program that permits each participating dealership to design its own incentive program based on airline miles. You can either use a dealer that is in the network or ask a local dealer you wish to work with to join the network. You get a voucher for your miles once the transaction with the dealership is complete.

3. Complete surveys and earn miles

There are several companies that offer frequent flyer miles as an incentive to complete surveys for their corporate partners. Two of the best known are eRewards.com and eMiles.com.

  • eRewards.com: Currently you can only participate in eRewards.com by being invited by one of the corporate partners.
  • eMiles.com: Luckily, eMiles.com is easier to get started with since you don't have to wait for an email invitation. You can earn miles by viewing ads, completing surveys, and redeeming offers sent to your inbox.

4. Use online shopping portals to rack up miles

If you need to purchase household goods or supplies anyway, why not accrue extra frequent flyer miles when you click "checkout?" Websites like EVReward.com will let you know which shopping portals give you the best deal on mileage bonus points.

  • EVRewards.com: You can type in the store you shop at to find out the best perks at a variety of shopping portals. Then you can choose your desired perk and shop through that link to get your mileage points.

5. Check your hotel loyalty programs to see if you have a mileage option

Many hotel loyalty programs give customers the option to accrue lodging or mileage points. Some also permit you to convert accrued lodging points into frequent flyer miles instead. Or if you really want to churn out frequent flyer miles for every night you stay in a hotel, you can use a site like RocketMiles.com.

  • RocketMiles.com: This hotel booking website helps you earn up to 7,000 frequent flier miles per hotel booking you make through the web portal. You can search hotels and compare mileage points before making your reservation, then dedicate the earned points to the mileage club of your choice.

6. Dine and earn frequent flyer miles with every meal

If you already belong to one or more frequent flyer miles programs, check and see if that program has a dining club as well. If so, you can earn points towards frequent flyer miles when you eat out at any establishment in the club network. You can also use websites like RewardsNetwork.com to accrue miles by dining out.

  • RewardsNetwork.com: This program allows you to sign up through the program of your choice to accrue frequent flyer miles. All you need to do is locate the dining club program associated with your frequent flyer mileage club and sign up, register your payment method, and your miles will automatically begin accruing each time you dine with one of the partner restaurants.

7. Look for affiliations between your mileage club complementary vendors

Just like you can often convert or transfer points between lodging and airline clubs, or by dining at particular restaurants, so too can you accrue mileage by booking with certain rental car companies. You can even get frequent flyer miles by signing up with a particular energy company (for instance, Gexa Energy, the company I am with, gives me frequent flyer miles with each month's bill). So before you buy, find out if your frequent flyer mileage club has affiliations with specific vendors, and put your patronage there.

How to Earn More Frequent Flyer Miles Without Getting Off Your Couch