LEGOLAND is different from Disney or Six Flags, because it’s a park that’s shamelessly geared toward small children.

In fact, if your kids are 10 or older and they enjoy thrill-rides more than anything else at an amusement park, you’d probably better skip LEGOLAND altogether.

But if you’ve got littles (2-10 year olds), this is the park for you. Not only is it a great trial run to see if your kids can hang at an amusement park, it has a lot of small-child rides and activities.

The cost, though! Depending on whether you’re at the Florida park or the California park, tickets can range from $75 -$100 for one person for one day. To make it more affordable, here are some tips to help you do LEGOLAND on your current budget.

Hint: Don’t pay for kids’ tickets! You can almost always get them free.


1. Buy a discounted Go Los Angeles or Go San Diego Card and save up to 50% on LEGOLAND California tickets.

A Go Los Angeles card will get you into way more than LEGOLAND. Like Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Six Flags and more.

The catch? You only have a set amount of days to use it. For example, Groupon offers a 3-day Go Los Angeles Card for $170 (child price). And Costco offers a 4-day Go Los Angeles Card for $189.99 (child price).

LEGOLAND is included in the Go San Diego card as well.


2. Check RetailMeNot for promo codes for free kids’ tickets.

You can often find free kids’ tickets on RetailMeNot. These deals often require you to buy an adult ticket in order to get the free kids’ ticket, and it’s typically a buy one get one free. So you can’t get three free kids’ tickets unless you buy three adult tickets.


3. Watch for Kids Stay and Play Free offers on the LEGOLAND site.

These often look like “Kids go free in October” (or January) or “Kids stay and play free in May.” If you have flexible travel dates and you can’t find a free kid’s ticket anywhere else, aim to visit in the off-season when they run these promos.


4. Use the “free kid’s pass with adult pass purchase” coupon inside the free LEGO Life Magazine.

The magazine can take 6-8 weeks to arrive, so be sure to sign up well in advance of your trip to LEGOLAND if you’re hoping to use the coupon!



5. Save up to $15 per ticket when you buy online instead of at the gate.

You have to buy at least two days in advance, but it’ll be worth the savings.

LEGOLAND Florida ticket prices are $74.99 per child and $79.99 per adult online but $88.99 and $93.99 at the gate. LEGOLAND California ticket prices are $89 per child and $95 per adult online but $103 per person at the gate.

Also, look into current special pricing on LEGOLAND’s site, because sometimes you can get deals like Buy 1 Day, Get 4 Days Free for $125. Or hotel room, water park and LEGOLAND park 2-day passes for $149 per person.

LEGOLAND California ticket specials

LEGOLAND Florida ticket specials


6. Buy an Annual Merlin Pass if you plan to visit three or more times.

A Merlin Pass gives you unlimited access to over 30 parks around the country for an entire year for $279 per person. Parks include LEGOLAND, Sea Life, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museums, and LEGOLAND Discovery Centers all over the U.S.

For example, if your family of four is planning to go to LEGOLAND three or more days in one year, you’ll recover the cost of the pass after your third visit.


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7. Get a free “1st Visit to LEGOLAND” souvenir pin at Guest Relations or at the LEGOLAND Hotel.


8. Book your LEGOLAND hotel through via Ibotta and get up to 5.5% cash back.

When you book a LEGOLAND hotel stay on through Ibotta, you’ll get a percentage of the purchase back. The percentage of savings fluctuates, but it’s usually between 4-5.5% off.


9. Or skip the California LEGOLAND hotel and stay at Sheraton Carlsbad for 33% less.

Sheraton Carlsbad isn’t LEGO-themed, but it is within walking distance to LEGOLAND California.

TIP: Book it through via Ibotta and you’ll save an extra 4-5.5%.



10. Skip eating at the California location and walk to Costco for pizza instead.

You don’t need a membership to eat at the food court, and you can feed your whole family for a fraction of the price of food in the park. Also consider bringing a picnic lunch.


11. Bring minifigures to trade with LEGOLAND employees!

Similar to pin trading at Disney, you can ask to trade full minifigures with park staff.

Save on minifigures to bring with you by shopping at thrift stores. As long as the minifigure is complete, you can trade it. It doesn’t have to look good!


12. Use the LEGOLAND California app to keep track of ride wait times.

Plan your day based on which rides have the shortest lines.


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13. Consider the Reserve ‘N’ Ride Pass if you know your kids can’t handle waiting in line.

The Reserve ‘N’ Ride Pass is only available at LEGOLAND California. It’s give and take because it’ll cost you extra to hold a spot in line, but it may be worth the money if your kids just can’t do lines.

LEGOLAND is happy to give you almost instant access with the Ultimate pass, but it’s more expensive than a day pass itself. I recommend not spending more than the Express pass unless you have an unlimited budget.

  • Express: Reduce your wait time by 25% for $25 per person.
  • Deluxe: Reduce your wait time by 50% for $55 per person.
  • Ultimate: Reduce your wait time by 90% for $100 per person.


14. Splurge on a Reserve ‘N’ Ride Pass if you’re already getting deeply discounted (or free) tickets!

If you’ve gotten free children’s tickets with your ticket purchase, or you’re using a discounted Go Los Angeles Card, you might want to splurge on a Reserve ‘N’ Ride Pass. You can buy them separately from your tickets. But, buy online! You’ll pay 10-15% more when you buy at the park


15. Don’t bother with mini golf and carnival games. They cost extra!

Chances are good you can do a climbing wall and mini golf somewhere else in your city for a bit cheaper. Focus on what LEGOLAND has to offer that’s included in the price of your entrance ticket that’s not offered anywhere else.



16. LEGOLAND Florida is overall cheaper than LEGOLAND California.

From park entrance fees to LEGOLAND hotel stays, you’ll spend roughly 15-25% less money visiting LEGOLAND Florida, assuming you don’t have to pay extra to get there.


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16 Ways to Do LEGOLAND on a Budget