With the Covid-19 pandemic, remote work has never been more mainstream.

And if you’re a remote worker who is longing to get to a tropical paradise, Hawaii’s waiting with open arms (and a free round-trip ticket).

You’ve gotta act quickly though. Here’s what you need to know:


Apply for the ‘Movers and Shakas’ program by Dec. 15 for a chance to get free round-trip airfare.

Hawaii is trying to bring “talented professionals” to the state by offering free round-trip airfare to those whose applications are chosen.

If you’re interested, the first round of applications for the new Movers and Shakas program are due Dec. 15 — and 50 people will be picked.


You have to be prepared to live & work in Hawaii for a month.

If you’re picked, you gotta be ready to move within a month of being notified.

This program isn’t designed to be a vacation; it’s a way to improve community life in Hawaii with service-minded people.

Movers and Shakas is looking for people who will stay at least 30 days in the state, and if they’re chosen, will be asked to participate in regular community service projects at organizations such as Girl Scouts of Hawaii, Hawaii Literacy, and the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii.



You’ll get discounts on lodging and workspaces.

Although participants get their flights for free, they are expected to cover their living expenses, including food and lodging. But Hawaii is giving them discounts on hotels — such as the Outrigger Waikiki — and co-working spaces for those who need them.

Details on these discounts are few, but keep tabs on the Movers and Shakas deals page to see what they’ve added.


If you don’t get picked, additional application periods may be added soon.

Hawaii is calling the first 50 people picked for Movers and Shakas “the first round,” which indicates there will be additional rounds.

No word yet on when a future application period would be. It probably all depends how this pilot project goes the first time around.


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Hawaii Will Pay Your Airfare to Live & Work There for a Month