For many individuals and families, summer is nearly synonymous with travel. From kid-centric theme park getaways to visits to the grandparents to exploring nature's finest—it’s a time to look forward to all the adventure you can hold. But there are worries too, especially in planning for being gone from home for some time. For instance, what about your pets? Will they be safe and well cared for while you’re away? Can you trust your neighbor, friend, or relative—or the local kennel? Here are some great free apps that can make arranging for your pet's care and safety so much easier…and stress-free.

1. Dog Vacay

This free app, dubbed "The Air BnB for Pets," offers up thousands of vetted professional pet sitters, organized by geographic region. Each sitter comes complete with insurance and prices that undercut local kennels—by as much as half. When you book with Dog Vacay you get much more than a mere booking. You also get 24/7 phone customer service and support, photos of your pet while you’re away from home, reviews from sitters' past customers, and payment options right from your mobile device.

2. Advanced Pet Sitting

Advanced Pet Sitting is a free app that permits you to generate free quotes, read reviews from past clients and professional credentials, book services (including specialized services such as wedding pet sitting), and more. You also get regular text updates from your sitter, and each update will include photos of your pets. If you schedule a longer stay, you’ll receive a free video of your pet's adventures. Advanced Pet Sitting also offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

3. Pawsmate

Pawsmate is truly a full-service, free app that helps you organize your pet's care on the go whether you are at home or away. If you vacation "with pet," the app can help you arrange for away care no matter where in the country you are. Access a list of groomers, sitters, walkers, vets, and even scoopers (yup, those kind of scoopers!), and even store your list of favorite resources. It’s simple and free to sign up and schedule services in-app.

4. Pet Fetch

Pet Fetch is a free app that ensures your sitter will always have the information he or she needs to care for your pet while you’re gone. You can store comprehensive care information, from feeding portion sizes and food brands to photos and medical records. You can set and save alerts and reminders; track pet weight; save ID, emergency contact, and chip information; as well as schedule pet services from in-app.

5. American Red Cross Pet First Aid

Finally, this essential American Red Cross Pet First Aid app will help you think through every contingency when planning to be away from your pet. You can learn how to assemble a pet emergency care kit (for dogs and cats) for your sitter's use, compile a list of local emergency care services and shelters, and even know what to look for in a sitter's residence to ensure it’s properly "pet proofed."

Vacation Worry-Free with These Awesome, Free Pet Care Apps