There’s a new discount airline coming to town…or at least to the Tidewater region of Virginia. PEOPLExpress is planning to launch in mid-2012 with low-cost services from Newport News/Williamsburg, Virginia to Pittsburgh, Providence, West Palm Beach and Newark.  They are also looking at flying to and from Boston and Orlando. The premise of the new carrier is fly commuter routes with larger, 158-seat airplanes, making it possible to offer the same service at a lower cost. PEOPLExpress will also price their fares to include baggage handling, seat assignment fees and other add-ons, so it’s easy for consumers to see at a glance exactly what the final price will be.

In a recent press release, PEOPLExpress president Michael Morisi indicated that the fares on PEOPLExpress will be up to 40 percent less than other carriers’ fares on the same routes.  Fares will start at $69 one way. At KCL, we’re excited about this new discount travel option. We’ll keep you informed as this new airline’s plans unfold.

If the name, PEOPLExpress sounds familiar, you’re right. The original PEOPLExpress, which was founded in the early 1980s, was the original discount airline. They paved the way for the likes of Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and dozens of other no-frills air carriers. That airline, which has no relation to the new PEOPLExpress, was acquired by Continental Airlines in the late 1980s.

Welcome PEOPLExpress: A New Way to Save 40% on Airfare